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How Light will a 50 Volume Developer Lighten Your Hair?

One of the most vital developers with 15% hydrogen peroxide is known as a 50-volume developer. During bleaching, developers work as activators by opening cuticles of the hair.

Depending on the ratio of hydrogen peroxide lighting power of developers is different.

Volume Developer Lighten

According to the percentage of hydrogen peroxide, volume developers are many types of products. Every volume developer has a different purpose and process.

Let’s have a look at them:

  • The 5 to 10-volume developer does not change the color but lightens hair color by opening cuticles.
  • 20 volume developers lighten hair color 2 to 3 levels.
  • 30-volume developers allow for lightening up to 3 shades.
  • 40-volume developers give hair four levels lighter.

Let’s see how to light a 5o volume developer lightens your hair.

50 volume creme developer can help lighten hair even without bleach

50 Volume Developers Lighten

Like others, it also works as an activator of color by operating the hair cuticle. 50 volume developers formulation of hydrogen peroxide formulation is 15% which has a high lifting ability of color.

This ratio of hydrogen peroxide increases the potentiality of a massive change of light. Hair lightens scales from 1 to 10 levels. Level 1 is black hair, and 10 is very light blonde.

According to experts, a 50-volume developer can lift five levels lighter than your present color.

So, you should use it if you need a medium to extra deep blonde. For higher light, you can use it with bleach powder.

Why Is It Special?

  • Maximum lifting ability (5 to 8 level).
  • Faster lighting time.
  • One-step brightening results.
  • Stabilized chemical formula.
  • Both creamy & liquid consistency.

Cream 50 Volume Developers Lighten with Bleach

Hair developers come in two forms: liquid or cream. The combination of 50-volume developers and bleach gives you excellent lightening of the hair.

To avoid hair fall one day before, take a deep conditioner on the hair—mix developer with bleaching powder into a 1:2 ratio.

If you need more hair highlighting, use a 1:3 percentage, and a more liquid mixture is easy to apply. The hair light also varies with the hair type.

Lighten Black Hair: For lighting black hair, a 50-volume developer is an efficient option. On black or dark hair types, it can lighten up to 6 level shades.

Lighten Brown Hair: Generally, 10 and 20 low-medium level developers recommend lightening brown hair. But for achieving targeted high-level lightning for brown hair, a 50-volume developer is the best option.

How To Use For Maximum Lightened Hair?

These products are for expert use. It is better not to use at home because there are chemical ingredients with hydrogen peroxide—Cetearyl alcohol, stearic acid & phosphoric acid.

During application, make sure it must not touch the scalp. Use a foil or tipping cap to protect your scalp from effective chemicals.

It is better to use a cream developer with toner for maximum results if you use it with bleaching powder than to find which ratio is safe for your hair.

15 – 20 minutes is enough to keep it, but you can put it in an extra 5 minutes according to the need for lightning. Every month you should take nourishing hair treatment to get a highlighting color.

Does 50 volume developer lighten you hair

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a 50-volume developer used for?

A. The 50-volume developer works as a permanent color tone and can lift hair color to four to five levels. Only for professional use because it consists of powerful, effective chemical products.

Q. When should you use a 50-volume developer?

A. When you need permanent color tint and higher-level lift, you should use a 50-volume developer. Its stabilized formula gives maximum lightened hair and is long-lasting. Do not use conditioner before applying it if you do not know the ratio well.

Q. Have you used a 50-volume developer in your hair?

A. For bleaching my hair, I have used it several times to get a faster and higher lift. I always apply with a professional beautician. My beautician took the solution for at most 30 minutes, and I always got better results.

Q. Which developer is more potent at 40 or 50 volumes?

A. Increasing 3% hydrogen peroxide more than ten times raised the volume developer level. 3% hydrogen peroxide is 10 volume developer, and when it’s 6%, it’s 20 volume developer. Similarly, 40 volume developers are 9 % hydrogen peroxide, and 50 volume developers are 12% hydrogen peroxide. Experts say that the ratio of hydrogen peroxide is more effective and more potent. So, 50 is more substantial than 40-volume developers.

Final Word

In the final analysis, lighting hair is tremendous fun and intelligent thing. There is no debate that a 50-volume developer gives the maximum light than any other developer.

But it is very effective and harmful to hair. It is excellent to start with a low or medium developer.

However, you must apply 50 volume developers, then use it with the expert.

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