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Can I Dye My Hair Blue Over Fading Red Hair? The Key Step!

Hair coloring has become an integral part of the modern fashion era. There is a prevalent trend going on that dye blue over fading red hair.

Redhead people are also known as ginger people. So, if you are trying to blue dye your fading red, this article is for you.

American singer, songwriter, and actor Demetria Devonne Lovato says,

By changing the hair color, people can change their whole attitude.

Demetria Devonne Lovato

I’ve been seeking specific and credible sources to help me get a clearer vision of my red hair over blue dye.

I’ve followed some of these recommendations from others and have seen some positive results (which you can see below).

Nowadays, people apply many dyeing techniques for unique looks. Many people asked over the internet if they could use hair blue over fading red hair.

Yes! You can dye your hair blue over fading red hair. Before applying this, you should consider a few things.

While not all of the conclusions below prove scientific research, many are encouraged by statistics or anecdotes.

Unexpected Result: Red hair + Blue dye = Purple hair. It is not sure that if you apply blue hair dye on red hair, you will get blue hair, and also, most likely that you will get purple hair.

Does blue hair dye cancel out red

Selecting Hair Dye:

  • Do not use permanent hair dye.
  • Use hair dye that does not change your hair texture or color internally.
  • So, use semi-permanent or temporary hair dye.

Non-permanent hair dye does not open hair follicles, the only color on the surface.

Dye Properly: Do not use blue hair the day before; fade your red hair completely. If it is still vibrant, try another day.

Complex Process: There are many more processes consequently – bleaching, dying, removing, and so on. It is very time-consuming and complex. So, do not be demotivated.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to dye hair blue over fading red hair?

Ask a stylist for a professional job that will cover the entire head of hair and make it last, not just a tiny area on the back of your head.

According to your need and choice, you should use semi-permanent or temporary hair dye. Permanent hair dye changes color internally and lasts for a long time.

Bleaching is the only way to remove hair color.

Completely dye your red hair to make it fade. It may take time and not be easy. When your red hair completely disappears, then apply the blue hair dye.

It may not be the accurate blue result because blue and red make purple. It may be hard to find your targeted shades.

You must do this job every four weeks.
To remove red pigment properly, use a clarifying shampoo. After using it, as usual, wet your hair.

Why is dying hair blue over fading red hair possible?

Blue over-fading red hair occurs when the red fades entirely, and the blue is left behind. Blue is a color that the human eye can see, but red is not. When the blue flags are present, the red is visible, leaving the hair a very distinctive shade of blue.

Do I have to bleach my hair first?

Before dying, it is better to bleach; first, It’s just what happens, even if you start young. It seems like when you photograph your hair with blue dye. Your hair looks purple, maybe even lighter, but as you age, it ends up darker.

What happens if you combine red and blue hair dye

Dyeing Over Fading Red Hair

See, everyone who dyed their hair red and it started to fade out is usually right about when you need to dye it again. (Probably, you noticed my dilapidated gray and agreed.)

But if you didn’t have any bleaching, this could be the natural color fading out, and you’d be in for a long, slow down in hair color coming back in.

You can tint your hair at home with at-home hair dyes, like Clairol, and even do this as often as you want with your targeted hair color.

I wanted to take the time to collect a ton of information. That has been useful to me and sharing it with you all. So that you can be the best you can be about your hair and take more control of it.

Final Thoughts

From the discussion, you may get the answer. It is possible to dye over fading red hair blue, but you will likely need to keep some red in the hair for some time to maintain the desired shade.

Though, It is difficult to remove red hair and achieve blue ultimately. So, it is better not to try at home, go to a salon and take help from a professional.

What you do with your hair is your decision, so please do what is best for you.

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