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Can I Use My Own Developer With Box Dye? (Easy Steps)

Dyeing your hair is a great way to express yourself and change your look.

You can dye your hair more than once, but if you want to use the same color, it’s essential to know how long each shade of color will last before fading.

Many people believe using your developer will somehow damage their hair, which isn’t true at all.

Using your developer allows you to achieve the best possible results, as it comes with higher-strength ingredients than those found in beauty supply box dyes.

Once you’ve applied the dye to your hair, the developer changes the color of the dye; it’s sort of like the catalyst to your dye job.

So how can you achieve precisely this outcome with your developer?

Well, It’s Simple- Follow These Easy Steps

01. Prepare

You must wait until your hair has completely grown from its last dye job.

If you have any remnants of the previous bleaching or dying that you did with a store-bought product, then it’s best to wait until this grows out as well.

The more you can let your natural hair grow out, the better off you’ll be when applying the box dye itself.

02. Pick Your Dye

You should know by now which color you would like to go with, so look through your local supermarket for box dyes that suit the color you have in mind.

If you’re going from a darker shade to a lighter one, then it’s best to bleach first before dyeing over top of your bleached hair.

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03. Mix the Dye

Now it’s time to mix up all of your ingredients. To create a result, you will need approximately four boxes of dye and one developer bottle, but one package should be enough for your roots alone.

It may seem like a lot, but you need to remember that it’s better to have too much than not enough.

04. Apply the Dye

Start with your roots and comb through them gently so they are coated evenly in the product.

If you’ve accidentally got dye on your scalp or any other body parts, wipe it off immediately because this will result in uneven patches of color, which aren’t very attractive at all.

Once you’ve applied the dye onto both sides of your head, thoroughly saturate every strand before repeating.

05. Time to Wait

All you need to do is wait 30-45 minutes for your new color to develop inside a shower cap or cover with cling film.

The more time you give yourself, the darker the result will come out, so if you want something very bright, try leaving it on for only half an hour before rinsing it out.

However, if you’re going for something less vibrant, wait up to an hour instead of just 30 minutes before coming into contact with water again.

06. Rinse Out

After rinsing out your dye, apply a deep conditioner to every strand of your hair. For this dye job to come out, it’s best.

Leave the conditioner on for at least 10 minutes before rinsing it again.

07. Maintenance

To maintain the vibrancy of your new dye job, you should stick to washing it with cool or cold water from now on.

That will help minimize fading and yellow tones that appear over time after exposure to hot water for an extended period.

It’s also a good idea not to wash your hair every day if possible because this can strip away a lot of the moisture, encouraging your hair color to look dull very quickly.

The Good Stuff

01. It’s Very Affordable

This method costs less compared to most salons which can cost more!

However, be sure that the money doesn’t waste when purchasing a box because not all brands are created equal in terms of results, so always try and pick vibrant colors.

02. It’s Suitable for All Hair Types

Box dye is highly versatile and will not damage your hair, no matter what kind of locks you’ve got.

03. It’s Easy to Do

There are no complicated steps in following the above guide on how to get colorful hair without any form of professional training.

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The Bad Stuff

01. It Takes a Lot of Time

Although the actual dying process won’t take very long (approximately between 1 hour or up to 2 hours), you need to factor in the amount of time.

It would take to purchase the product itself and apply it to your head at home.

02. The Color may be Dull and Lack Vibrancy

This isn’t the case for every box dye brand out there, but some can be pretty sub-par in quality, resulting in patchy coverage and dull results.

Due to this reason, try to consult a professional stylist before you find one that works well with your hair type.

03. It can Change the Texture of Your Hair

Many mixed reviews surround this topic, as not everyone has experienced a difference in their hair.

Some people have said that using box dyes on their hair has made it greasier and limper, while others say it became heavier and hard to manage, while others swear they didn’t see any changes after dyeing!

How long does the dye last?

7-10 washes. But it differs depending on hair type, density, time left on hair, etc. And some dyes are more resistant to washing out than others, but they all wash out eventually! Soluble dyes can’t stick around forever once outside the cuticle.

Can I use my developer with box dye?

Using a developer with the same volume as the box recommends, for example, using 30 vol with a 40 vol developer. Doing it this way ensures you keep your hair as healthy as possible and the color lasts longer.

How often should I dye my hair with box dye?

As little as possible! The fewer times you do it, the longer your hair will last, which means you’ll also reduce its damage from lifting or dying too much.

How many boxes of dye should I buy for my hair?

This question depends on the length and thickness of your hair. So, it’s best to buy a box of dye at a time and apply each section after washing and drying before moving on to the next to ensure you don’t run out.


You can use your developer with box dye, but only if you have experience or are willing to take the risk!

If not, stick to your knowledge and use the developer, which comes in the box dye for the best results.

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