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Can I use Pink Hair Dye On Yellow Hair?

Fashion and styling world, hair dyeing is widespread for men and women. People always want great-looking hair colors. After applying any color, sometimes people want to switch to another color.

Then they need to re-dyeing their hair. Pink hair dye on your hair is one of them. But this process is not very easy. You have to call Siddharth through many things before applying.

If you can’t change your surroundings, change your hair color.

— Brittany Murphy

Pink Hair Dye on Yellow Hair

It is not a natural hair color people accept after bleaching, using hair developer, or using other (toner, color shampoo) ways.

On the other hand, pink is also an artificial hair-drying process. You can use pink on your virgin hair, even on other colors.

If you want to put pink on your yellow hair, this article is for you. Here we will share step-by-step discussion and process with you from personal experience.

Pink hair dye on yellow hair: protection first

Firstly, you have to protect your hair because the hair dyeing process is gone with many chemical steps which impact hair health.

After dyeing with yellow, it is better not to use pink dye on it for at least two weeks. The best schedule is four to seven-week for re-dyeing with pink on yellow hair.

Then choose a shade to make sure it is as much as possible darker. It is too easy to create a darker shade than a light one.

Severely damaged hair never supports pink dye on yellow hair.

If your hair breaks, drys, or has excessive split ends, then re-dyeing is not for your hair. Use a color stripper to remove the previously unwanted color shade.

Will pink dye cover yellow

Pink Hair Dye on Yellow Hair: Prepare Your Hair

Secondly, now you have to prepare your hair for dyeing. Wash your yellow hair for one or two days and use natural oils to protect your scalp.

Before a few minutes of pink dye, brush through your hair to remove tangles and build-up.

Hair dye consists of powerful chemical ingredients, so apply vaseline around your hairline, including your face.

Then with a dry towel or clothes, wrap it around your neck. Divide your hair into four even sections and secure the sections with a hairpin.

This section helps to apply pink dye properly to your yellow hair.

Pink Hair Dye on Yellow Hair: Time to Apply

Finally, it is time to apply pink to your yellow hair. Read the instructions given in the pink dye box. If you are applying at home, manage all dyeing tools.

Prepare the mix according to their instruction. Do not use dye on the scalp; keep at least two to three centimeters from the hair root.

Dye each section properly to make sure every part is completely covered. When you have done all four sections, then cover your hair with a shower cap.

A shower cap helps to dye faster by keeping your hair at body temperature. The most important part of this final process is to keep a timer.

Only put this pink dye on your hair, given the recommended time. Keeping dye for a long time causes severe hair damage.

After passing the recommended time, rinse out the pink. After two or three washes, use conditioners and rinse them out with cool water.

The things that make your pink hair dye better:

  • Darkening it properly.
  • Toning the yellow color out completely.
  • Bleach before pink dye.
  • Use a shade lighter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does pink dye on yellow; damage hair?

Every hair dye contains many chemicals, from peroxides to ammonia. By opening hair follicles, these agents allow color dyeing agents. But this process may damage our natural condition of hair. As a result, after taking dye, dryness, split ends, and breakage hair, which cause hair damage. Pink hair dye mechanical systems are also like these. To avoid hair damage, you should use pink hair dye with the help of experts in a less effective amount and ratio.

What are the side effects of pink hair dye?

01. Hair dye, within a short time, causes unwanted breakage and damage to hair.
02. Hair dye affects on eyes because of conjunctivitis or pink eye.
03. People with dermatitis suffer an allergic reaction.
04. Experts prove that hair dye affects pregnant women and unborn babies.

How long does pink dye last in yellow hair?

Generally, dye lasts on previously dyed hair for about four to six weeks. If you re-dye your hair according to the color wheel and can completely neutralize it, the previous color will last two or three weeks more. So, pink dye on yellow hair lasts about five to seven-week with high brightness.

What color can I put over yellow hair
  • For re-dyeing, wait at least a week.
  • Take a deep conditioner.
  • To achieve a lighter color, visit a hair expert.
  • Use hand gloves.
  • Follow the instructions given with the products.
Not to DO
  • Apply dye on wet hair.
  • Shampoo for rinsing out dye.
  • Re-dye within two weeks.
  • Use of heat-based tools.

Final Thoughts

Pink hair dye on your dyed yellow hair is the craziest fun experiment. But it is not too easy to achieve. So for a better result, you should apply it with an expert. According to the color wheel, pink and yellow are not directly opposite to each other. You may need three or four re-dyeings with pink to neutralize yellow completely.

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