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Why Does My Hair Flip Out After I Straighten It?

Why does my hair keep flipping out

Some people love to style their hair in flips, but some don't like their hair flipping after styling. What is a Hair Flip? A hair flip is where the edges or the bottom part of the hair turns ...

Do Black Guys Like Curly or Straight Hair?

Do guys prefer girls with curly or straight hair

All over the world, hair has many textures and sizes. They are straight, pin/wavy, straight, curly, wavy curly, and kinky is the most common. Naturally, most black people have Kinky hair, which ...

How Long do Box Braids Last in Caucasian Hair?


Hair is a natural part of being human. There are many different types of hair. We can see mainly three hair types: Asian, Caucasian, and Afro. A 2009 Cambridge study found the genes for hair were ...

How to Wash a Synthetic Wig with Fabric Softener

Wash a Synthetic Wig with Fabric Softener

The fashion and beauty industry has seen some remarkable changes since the ’60s. Today, there is no judgment of the diverse lives that people live. It is ok whether you dye your hair neon pink or ...

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