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How Long should I Leave Wella T18 Toner on Thick Hair?

Hair toner is a solution that can remove undesirable or brassy tones, so you to gain nourishment for your hair.

Toner is used to get a brighter, healthier, and more natural-looking tone.

If your hair is a natural blonde, then the toner has orange and red pigment shades in it. In short, it’s just like a conditioner.

Whether dyeing your hair at home or seeking something more professional, Wella T18 toner can help you turn brassy tresses into the gorgeous ash-blonde locks you have always dreamed of.

However, how long should you leave Wella T18 toner on thick hair?

The answer to this is well-known to most people. In this guide, you will know the recommended time to leave Wella T18 toner on your thick hair.

How Long Should Wella T18 Stay On Your thick hair?

It is good to leave Wella T18 Toner on the hair for about 30 minutes.

Wella t18 toner mixes in the ratio 1:2, one part for toning color and two parts for 20 volume developer. Besides, you should apply the toner to completely dry hair.

Ensure you leave the toner on for approximately 20-30 minutes for thick hair. This toner removes “brass” from blonde hair for a gleaming finish.

Before applying the toner, you should lighten your hair to get the best results.

Follow the Instructions on the Wella t18 Toner Package

The first step in deciding how long to leave Wella T18 on your hair is to look at the instructions on the package.

However, it’s crucial to remember that these instructions will not guarantee everyone the desired outcomes.

They are simplified and should be altered to match the user. If you look at the toner’s instructions, you’ll see that they recommend leaving it on for up to 30 minutes.

There is an “up to” portion, which suggests leaving the toner on your hair for 30 minutes.

Besides, you should check your hair regularly to ensure you’re achieving the correct toning.

So, based on instructions, we may infer that 30 minutes is the most significant amount of time to leave Wella T18 on your hair. But, if you leave it for more than 30 minutes, the hair may be over-toned.

How long should I leave Wella T18 toner in my dark thick hair

What Affects the Time of Leaving the Wella t18 Toner on Your Hair?

Many things impact the time you should leave Wella T18 on your hair, one of them being the degree of brassiness in your hair health.

How warm or brassy is your hair?

If you weren’t aware, Wella T18 toner should be used only after your hair bleaches to level 9.

Because of disparities in hair types and bleach outcomes, your hair at level 9 may appear different regarding warmth and brassiness.

That is why 30 minutes of toner processing will not suit everyone.

If your hair is excessively brassy, leave the toner on for around 30 minutes. This way, the toner will have enough time to sink into your hair shaft and deposit the color ultimately.

Your Hair Condition

After bleaching the hair to 9, it becomes very porous, dry, or crunchy. If so, don’t go for a long toning session.

Although bleach is considerably more damaging than Wella T18 toner, it contains ammonia, which raises the hair’s pH and lifts the cuticle.

Using any product that lifts the cuticle layer of your hair may be harmful.

Overbleaching or damaging hair can also cause the toner to distribute unevenly due to its porous nature. This can result in an uneven and unsightly appearance.

If your hair isn’t in the most excellent condition after bleaching, you will have to use the toner with as less time as little as possible for about 10-15 minutes.

You should also avoid using harsh chemicals, which can cause your hair to be brittle and fall out.

If you find yourself in this scenario, we strongly advise checking your hair regularly to ensure that your naturally black hair isn’t irreparably.

The Good Stuff
  • It does not affect the roots of your hair.
  • It gives a new hair look.
The Bad Stuff
  • Not advisable for frequent use.
How long should I leave Wella toner on

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you put Wella T18 toner on wet or dry hair?

Wella t18 toner works well on dry hair.

How long should you leave t18 toner to light hair?

You should leave it for 15 to 20 minutes.

Is the toner applied to the roots or ends first?

It is always good to apply the toner to the root first.

Should I apply conditioning before using Wella t18 toner?

Apply the toner before conditioning your hair.

Final Word

Toner is used after bleaching or hair dyeing to remove undesirable tones.


Because you can only use it to get an even color in your hair.

However, if you don’t apply toner correctly, things may go horribly wrong. The length of time you leave Wella T18 in your hair is crucial.

The recommended time to leave t18 toner on your hair is 30 minutes maximum.

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