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Can I Put Purple Over my Blue/Green Hair? (What Happens)

Beauty is a term that may differ in different parts of the world. Hair coloring can be a great way to make your hair look more attractive. It’s also a good idea to use the right color for hair.

Purple hair color has been shown to affect hair health positively and is especially beneficial if looking at a long-term treatment for hair care.

If you previously dyed your hair blue or green and you want purple over these colors. I am going to share my personal experience in this article with you.

Can I Put Purple Over My Blue/Green Hair?

The answer is Yes! When you apply the right amount of purple hair dye, it will help you look more beautiful. But you have to know that you may not get the result the first time because there are rules.

According to the hair color wheel, only the opposite color can cancel another contrasting color altogether.

  • Blue is opposite to Orange.
  • Green is opposite to Red.
  • Yellow is opposite to Purple.

This chart shows that blue hair color can be neutral by orange hair color, and yellow can be neutral by purple hair color.

So, if you want to use purple hair color over blue or green, it will give better results, and you will not remove the previous blue/green hair color.

What color hair dye will cover green

How to Apply Purple Over Blue/Green Hair?

Last year I dyed my “virgin hair” (the hair never colored or natural hair color called virgin hair), black, thick, caucasian hair with a blue-green shade.

I have a friend that is wearing purple streaks in her hair, and it looks beautiful. I have also followed social media many girls are getting more attention and popularity with purple hair.

To follow the viral trend, I also want to purple over my blue-green hair color.

Then, I visited my regular salon and met my hair specialist. Firstly, he bleached my whole hair and applied for a hair developer.

He uses a strong 40-volume developer and a mid-level 30-volume developer on the root—finally, my dyed purple hair over the previous color shade.

The final result was so fantastic it was three shades (green-purple-blue) like the ocean.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color will cover green hair?

As we previously discussed from the color wheel, red is the color to remove the green color ( also, red is erased by green).

To choose the perfect red color, you have to consider things like the level of lightness and darkness of your green hair color.

From my experience, I think I’m more of a green person, but what do you guys think?

I could change the green and put purple over it and be purple and green, lol. That might work.

Try different hair dye colors to see which works better for you and gives you perfect looks.

Is purple hair dye a good choice over blue/green hair?

Various beauty trends come and go, but there are some that you will still see throughout your whole life.

In these places, people usually don’t care about such things, but in our modern times and with the advancement of technology, people think about how they look.

Those who dye their hair green or blue may find it challenging to get their hair lightened when it is time to change.

But, if the person chooses to dye her hair purple, she may have to go through the disappointment of dyeing her hair purple to green to blue, or vice versa.

Does purple cover green hair

How to apply purple over other colors?

Here are the ways to apply purple hair color over other colors:

  • Do not try at home; visit your hair salon and professionals.
  • Remove the previous color or neutralize it using proper methods and tools. Box hair dye is also an excellent alternative to this.
  • According to the hair color theory principle, use some dye on the top and apply purple according to your needs.

I have tired of being purple in the blue section. I know some people like to have a separate area for blue hair, but I think we have the same issues. Purple hair color is sometimes appointed to contrast with another hairstyle.

Final Thoughts

Finally, from the above discussion from my personal experience, it is pretty clear that you can put purple over your blue/green hair.

Purple, blue and green are primary colors mixed; they will most likely give secondary colors like blue-violet. It may take a few more steps to achieve your targeted result, but it is not impossible.

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