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What are the Side Effects of Using Loreal Hair Color?

Hair is one of the elegant looks of a woman. Most people have fancied the pretty shades of dyed hair.

L’Oreal is one of the most used hair colors that can turn hair into many shades and make it look shiny and lustrous.

It has been numerously used to change the beauty look in most women.

There are side effects that no one will tell you about the L’Oreal hair color. The side effects can be severe if left unchecked.

The best way to avoid the harsh side effects on your hair is by conducting a patch test before using the product.

In this article, I will take you through all the side effects of using L’Oreal hair color.


Allergic Reaction

Using L’Oreal hair color can cause serious adverse allergic reactions on the skin.

Most people who get allergic reactions from hair color are those with eczema and psoriasis.

The hair color can cause skin irritations, itching, swelling, and redness, which can be uncomfortable.

It is also known to cause irritations to sensitive areas like the face and neck.

This happens if they come in contact with the hair color chemicals. The more you use the product, the more you will get adverse effects.

Therefore, it does not mean you are safe if using the product for the first time did not cause any allergic reaction.

You can still get the effects with time after several repeat use of the hair color. The hair color can also cause rashes on the scalp or the hair.

To check if you can get an allergic reaction, you must conduct a patch test on one of your sensitive body areas.

Is Loreal box dye bad for your hair

Damaged Hair

Prolonged usage of the L’Oreal hair color can also cause damage to the hair.

The hair color is only suitable for a short time, but after that, you will start seeing side effects of the numerous use of the hair color.

The hair color makes hair brittle and can lead to hair loss. It is because it weakens the roots of the hair, making them look brittle and weak.

To avoid this side effect, it is good to work with a professional salon that will guide in the hair application process.

Your hair will likely remain lustrous long before you discover the side effects.

Damaged hair will only require a haircut to remove the damaged strands and let it grow naturally and strong again.



Conjunctivitis is an eye condition that makes the eyes red and itchy. Wrong use of the L’Oreal hair color can cause conjunctivitis in your eyes.

When the product comes into contact with the eyes, it can cause inflammation, and they may become uncomfortable.

In case the hair color gets into the eyes, it is good to rinse them as fast as possible with running water.

If the itching and irritation persist, it is wise to consult a doctor.

When using the hair product, it is advisable to use eye goggles to prevent it from getting into your eyes.



Some chemicals are sued to make the L’Oreal hair color known to cause cancer.

The hair product is made from numerous chemicals which can put you at risk of developing skin cancer.

For that reason, prolonged use of the product can raise the chance of skin cancer problems.

it is wise to consult a salon professional before applying the hair color.


Respiratory Conditions

Some compounds in the hair color, like ammonia, have a pungent smell.

The smell can irritate your lungs when inhaled. Most people with asthma are advised not to use the product as it cause adverse effects.

It can lead to shortness of breath and cause serious problems.

To avoid that, you must wear a mask when using the product to avoid inhaling the product.

You can also use the product in a ventilated room to allow sufficient air.


Changes Melanin Pigment

The L’Oreal hair color contains hydrogen peroxide, a bleaching agent that can change your melanin pigment.

This can also change the color of your skin, especially on your hands and face.

Therefore, you must use the product while using gloves on your hands to avoid bleaching.

Does Loreal hair color make cancer

Other side effects of using the L’Oreal hair color


Maintenance and upkeep

Hair that has hair color will require regular hair maintenance. Lack of upkeep can lead to hair damage.

It is more likely to lose its luster and shine. Hair color maintenance is costly and can drain your pockets.


Unwanted effects

It is possible to get the wrong shade when the hair color is misused.

A hair shade you did not want can make your hair look bad.

That is why it is necessary to work with a salon professional always when using L’Oreal hair color.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can L’Oreal hair color make you sick?

Yes. L’Oreal hair color can make you sick. It can make you short of breath after inhaling the smell of ammonia in the hair product. This can also lead to an asthma attack. It also puts you at risk of getting skin cancer if you use the product continuously.

What can I do to avoid all the side effects of L’Oreal Hair color?

To avoid any harsh side effects of using the hair color, you will need to work with a salon professional. They have all the knowledge regarding hair color. For that reason, they can guide you and ensure you do not get harsh side effects.

Final Thoughts

Hair color side effects can damage your hair to the point of cutting it off. Also, hair color is expensive and requires regular hair upkeep and maintenance.

If you are not prepared, it can leave your pockets dry. You should ensure that you use goggles and a face mask when using L’Oreal hair color.

You should also conduct a test on one strand of your hair to see what kind of results you can get.

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