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Can Aphogee Cause Hair Loss? (Benefits of using Aphogee)

Hair loss is quite common in some women. It can be caused by thinning hair, lack of better care for your hair, and some hair products may also cause your hair to break.

One of the significant hair products used to stop hair loss is the Aphogee.

However, remember that customers may experience different results from this hair treatment product.

This leads us to our main question, which is; can Aphogee cause hair loss?

In this article, we will discuss what Aphogee treatment is, how it is used, its pros and cons, and frequently asked questions about Aphogee as we answer our main question.

What is Aphogee?

This is a hair product made with the formulation of activated proteins and magnesium.

The product is used as a treatment to reduce hair breakage when fused to the hair with heat.

How Does it Work?

As mentioned earlier, Aphogee is formulated with activated proteins and magnesium, which harden the hair strands to strengthen them.

This, in return, reduces the breakage of hair. Therefore, this hair product has to be infused with heat to harden the hair strands.

Another crucial point worth noting is that Aphogee takes two steps of application on the hair for effective results hence the name 2-step protein treatment.

How often can you do an ApHogee treatment on extremely damaged hair

How to Use Aphogee on the Hair

Before diving into the steps to follow when using the Aphogee, it is essential to know that the package consists of two bottles.

One for shampoo and the other one for treatment.

The steps

  • Cleanse your hair gently using the Aphogee shampoo.
  • Then rinse your hair well and dry it with a towel by gently pressing the towel to your wet hair to remove the excess water.
  • Then apply the Aphogee treatment through your hair, massage with your fingers gently, and comb to ensure each strand of your hair gets the treatment.
  • Leave the hair open.
  • Set the hair in a dryer while still not covered at medium heat.

This process should take around 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

  • Once the hair is dry, wet it and rinse off the treatment with warm water and a natural deep hair conditioner to eliminate the hardy feeling on your hair.
  • Then apply your Aphogee hair lotion, and proceed to the next hair styling step.

How Long Does it Take for Aphogee to Give Results?

This treatment takes between 40 to 45 minutes to give noticeable results.

For example, you will feel your hair quite hard than usual after using the Aphogee treatment.

Benefits of Using Aphogee on Hair

  • Helps to Stop Hair Loss: The Aphogee is a protein hair treatment that works by hardening the hair follicles that, instantly stop hair breakage. So, if your hair stops breaking, you will curb hair loss.
  • Strengthens Your Hair: If you generally feel like your hair is too thin, maybe after relaxing or bleaching it, Aphogee is an excellent treatment to add strength to your hair.
  • Restores Hair Texture: If used accordingly and with the right hair conditioner, be sure the Aphogee will help restore the original texture of your hair.
  • Easy to Use: Unlike other products that take too many steps, Aphogee takes less than 1 hour to use on hair and gives quick results within that time too.
  • Cost-Effective: You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to buy the protein treatment often since you need to use it once in a while.

Cons of Aphogee

  • This product has a strong color which can mess up the area you are working from. So, avoid applying it while on furniture that can easily stain.
  • You should not comb your hair while the Aphogee is drying to prevent hair breakage.
  • If you have a lot of hair, one bottle may not last long.

Recommendable Times to Use Aphogee on the Hair

It would help if you used the Aphogee only once between 4 to 6 weeks.

Your salon will advise you depending on the extent of damage to your hair.

Is ApHogee bad for your hair

Q: Is Aphogee recommendable for all types of hair?

A: From the materials used to formulate this hair treatment to the process of using it, Aphogee is recommendable for all types of hair. The Aphogee helps to hydrate, strengthen and restore the natural texture of the hair. So, it is a safe treatment for all kinds of hair.

Q: Why should I use Aphogee once in 4 to 6 weeks?

A: The primary goal of this product is to bond with hair to harden and strengthen it. So, it would help if you gave the Aphogee treatment enough time to bond on the hair effectively. Besides that, using it regularly may cause the hair to feel brittle and probably break.

Q: Can I mix Aphogee with other hair products?

A: You can use a deep conditioner to rinse off the Aphogee after the dryer session.

Q: Is Aphogee safe for relaxed or bleached hair?

A: The answer is an absolute yes! The Aphogee treatment is safe to use on all types of hair. You can use it to repair hair that has been damaged after relaxing or bleaching.


This depends on how you use this hair treatment. It is one of the safest treatments to treat hair loss as it strengthens the hair.

However, if you use it too often, it may cause hair loss whereby the treatment hardness the hair, causing it to become brittle and split. Failure to rinse the product well may also cause hair damage.

Thus, make sure to use it once in 4 to 6 weeks and use a deep conditioner to rinse it off.

Avoid exposing your hair to high heat and for too long, as it may interfere with the effectiveness of the Aphogee.

10 to 15 minutes at a moderate heat setting would work perfectly.

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