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Why Does My Hair Look Better When I Don’t Brush It!

A new beauty trend is not brushing hair. Over-brushing damages hair. By not brushing your hair, your hair might be healthy, strong and also you look very attractive.

Over-brushing a lot of it is actually hair broken by brushing and healthy cells that have been stripped off the scalp.

If you don’t brush your hair you look younger and so fun. Another thing is that your face looks slimmer.

Brushing is not compulsory for a healthy scalp.

Why Peoples Do Brush Hair

Actually, hair brushing is not important. We brush hair- As if the blood circulation in our scalp increases. As a result of blood circulation, our brain becomes fertile.

So we can keep the blood circulation in the head in a different way without brushing.

  • You can put hair oil on your hands for messaging. It helps keep your head cool.
  • You are shampooing while you can do this. When you are going to wash your hair you massage properly your hair. So its balances your blood circulation. Or with dry hair for a few minutes every day. As a result, massage stimulates and tones the follicles and makes blood flow to the scalp.
what happens if you dont brush your hair for a week

Without Hair Brushing you Apart from Others

In the movie, we usually see the heroine’s head full of hair. Head filling hair is now popular with people of all ages. Full hair will set you apart from others.

Now we live curly hair era. Curly hair is amazing as well as beautiful. So if you want curly hair you should stop brushing your hair. You can just apply shampoo and apply conditioner

After washing you can use fingers to gently untangle your hair. If you follow these tips so your hair will puffy, frizzy hair into beautiful spring coils.

Risk of Breakages

Researches say that “When brushing your hair you risk breakages and can even affect the tiny scales of the hair cuticle.”

So without brushing you can get breakless and healthy hair. Healthy hair always looks attractive and people love healthy hair.

Stop Hair Fall

There have been a lot of debates stop hair brushing is actually good or bad. But definitely, you will benefit when you stop brushing. 

Nowadays hair fall is a common problem.

When you brush your hair regularly, your loose hair will fall out that’s why its reduce hair. If you do not comb your hair, the tendency of hair fall decreases.

Dense Hair

Not combing hair is one of the reasons for thick hair. The amount of hair then looks much higher due to the hair being messy. For brushing hair it to lie down so when you stop brushing it feels extremely more volume.

Helps to Grow Hair

Not brushing hair help to grow hair. If you brush your hair regularly, your hair will be damaged, hair fall increases, becomes rough. So as a result of not brushing the hair, the hair problems stop. And the condition of hair growth is healthy hair.

Why Does My Hair Look Better When I Don't Brush It!

Side Effects of Combing Brush Regularly

Regularly combing hair is not good for hair scalp. Curly and kinky hair is naturally not straight, it better not brush them every day.

  • Regularly brush occur mechanical damage of healthy-long hair.
  • Combing curly hair is just a waste of time, painful and harmful.
  • Pressure on the hair root and damage hair.
  • It is highly professional, looks odd for young.
  • Sometimes damage hair end.
  • Not good for 2-4 types of hair.

Tips for Looking Good without a Brush Hair

Actually when I do not brush regularly then I got exceptional looks and irregular looks make me better. Here, some tips to look attractive without brush hair.

  • Apply a protective hairstyle like short bobs or bangs.
  • Use hair gel and shape properly.
  • Use hair color or highlighter and hair jewelry.
  • Move it towards dreadlock.

Final Word

To conclude, it is reverse phycology that looking better without a brush. When brush regularly my hair looks neat and clean but it does not look attractive and sexy.

Without brushing I got an extraordinary look and vibe which looks me better. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair it looks better without a brush.

But it is better to brush frequently to not get red from many hair problems.

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