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Is it Normal for Hair to Fall During a Scalp Massage?

A scalp massage should not cause hair loss. Apart from the estimated 100 hair strands that every person loses every day, excessive hair shedding during a massage means there is a problem (Healthline.com).

When it happened to me, I initially thought the vigorous rubbing was causing it and tried to be gentle.

I realized things were getting out of hand when someone sympathized with me, thinking I was a cancer patient.

I was at a friend’s wedding, and my natural hair just couldn’t be styled. I had to wear a wig.

The sight of hair clumps from your head is frightening. I can confidently tell you it is not normal for hair to fall off in large amounts during a scalp massage.

However, there are ways to prevent hair loss during a scalp massage.

The Right Way to Massage Your Hair and Avoid Hair Loss

01. Using oil:

The scalp can be massaged with some oil or without. You can choose how you want to do it. But oiling nourishes and conditions both the scalp and the hair.

02. Massaging:

Use your fingertips to massage the scalp. Apply some gentle and slow movements without pulling the hairs. If you are unsure how to do it with fingers or have long nails, use a wide-tooth wooden comb. After massaging the scalp, stroke your hair’s length and ensure you are not rough, as it can traumatize the hair roots and cause hair loss.

03. Massage the neck and back head:

People who spend hours in front of a computer suffer from stiff muscles at the back of their head and around the neck. This can hinder smooth of blood in the scalp and affect your hair’s health. Use your palm base or finger pads to massage this area. It will ease the stiffness and make you feel better.

04. Choosing The Oil:

People with incredibly soft and thin hair will likely experience hair loss even during a scalp massage. However, you can minimize this using oils like coconut, jojoba, sunflower, and evening primrose. Coarse hairs require richer oils like avocado, sesame, and olive.

05. Relax When Massaging Your Scalp:

Set aside time to massage your scalp. Avoid massaging it while working on another task. It will ruin your time to relax and miss out on the benefits of this massage. When you sit and listen to the massage, you enhance blood flow on the scalp, which translates to healthy hair.

  • Increases blood circulation on the scalp, which relieves tightness caused by stress.
  • Promotes proper hair growth.
  • Removes dead skin allowing new hair growth.
  • Strengthens hair roots and hair shafts.
  • Prevent scalp flakiness.
  • Relaxes the head and neck muscles.
  • It may cause damaged hair to fall out faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my hair fall when massaging it with oil?

If you notice a few hair strands falling off when massaging oil on the scalp, it is normal to see some hair sticking on your hands. Unless it falls off in large amounts, you have no reason to worry about it. Remember, you have to lose about 100 hairpieces in a day.

Can a scalp massage reduce hair loss?

A scalp massage expands blood vessels in your scalp. When more blood circulates in your head, your hair gets plenty of nutrients while removing waste that may block your hair follicles. By doing so, a scalp massage reduces hair loss.

How can I massage the scalp to promote hair growth?

You can use your fingertips to massage the scalp or a wide-toothed comb. It is easy, just be gentle and massage all areas. Do it for up to five minutes at least twice a day.

How often should I massage my scalp to encourage hair growth?

You can massage your scalp twice daily with or without oil to promote hair growth. However, you can do it more often if you feel stressed at any time of the day.

Final Thoughts

It is usual for a few strands to fall off during a scalp massage. If your hair is delicate, be as gentle as possible and increase the intensity gradually. The massage will promote growth and prevent premature hair loss.

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