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How to Have a Good Skin Care Regime (Teen girls)

You cannot compare the beauty of teens to any other age because the skin of youth is naturally beautiful, smooth, and radiant.

At this age, you need to be clean and tidy regularly.

Girls and boys face mental and physical significant changes in their teenage. Due to this, various problems occur on the skin. Such as acne, the skin becomes oily.

It is better to get skin healing because of age. With a bit of care, you can get the desired results.

It would be best if you gave natural ingredients priority in skincare at this age. Extra awareness is needed when using synthetic products.

So let’s find out how to deal with skin problems during adolescence:

The Habit of Putting Hands in the Face

In acne, pimples are primarily for hormonal imbalance, but exposure to dust or germs can lead to infections.

So you have to give up the habit of repeatedly touching your face. The risk of skin infection is highest from the dirt on the hands.

It can treat acne with an anti-bacterial lotion, medicated soap, or various natural ingredients.

Ways to avoid acne-

-Mint Leaf Juice

Make ice cubes with mint leaf juice. Rub this ice cube for pimples and acne for 10-15 minutes. It will reduce the rash and acne infection, removing the burning sensation of the skin.

-Don’t Use Heavy Moisturizers

  • For those with oily skin, it is better not to use any rich moisturizer.
  • It would help if you chose a light moisturizer to retain the necessary moisture in the skin.
  • You must wash your face well and use moisturizer before bed, day and night.
  • It would be best if you use sunscreen lotion when going out. It would be best if an umbrella accompanied you.

-Homemade Packs

It is better to use fewer chemical cosmetics in skincare during adolescence.

  • Homemade face wash, hands, and face should be cleaned once a week with a scrubber.
  • One day a week, shampoo with lukewarm water and soak your hands and feet for 15 minutes.
  • Then gently rub with a soft brush to remove dead skin on hands and feet.
  • Then wipe well with a dry towel or towel and apply moisturizer.

Acne can affect people of all ages. However, the problem of acne is more during adolescence.

What is the reason for this?

It is somewhat due to hormones. At this time, most of the inflammatory mediators come out from the glands of our skin.

When the mouth is not kept clean or does not follow the rules of cleanliness, the sebaceous glands become blocked, and acne develops.

So you have to follow some rules:

  • Wash your face with alkaline soap and mild-warm water at least twice daily to prevent skin oil production.
  • Experts say that fatty foods (such as pizza, french fries, chocolate, or soft drinks) do not play a direct role in the formation of acne, but they do exacerbate the problem and make it last longer. So it is better to avoid these foods.
  • Many girls get acne a few days before menstruation which is known as premenstrual acne. Seven out of 10 girls have this problem due to hormonal changes. Drink plenty of water at this time.
  • You must come from outside and wash your face well.

Clean Face After Returning Home

Blackheads are one of the significant problems in adolescence. And some blackheads alone are enough to ruin the beauty of your beautiful skin.

When we go out, our skin and face get covered with dust due to excess pollution. So every time you don’t wash your face well, oil and dirt accumulate, and the pores and skin pores close.

A type of oil comes out from the oil glands under our skin.

When exposed to oxygen in the air, oil, the aggregate of various dead cells, and these closed capillaries turn black and form blackheads.

So after returning from home, you must wash your face thoroughly.

Reduce Excessive Use of Makeup or Cosmetics

During adolescence, the skin becomes very sensitive. So it would help if you refrained from using extra cosmetics. Excessive use of cosmetics can damage the skin from the inside.

Conscious about Select Cosmetics

Many times different types of skin problems are seen. Cosmetics have to be used to get rid of these problems. So it would help if you refrained from buying cosmetics by looking at advertisements or buying cosmetics without knowing them well.

Sleep Late at Night

Adolescent boys and girls are more likely to wake up at night. Excessive night waking can damage the skin. They resulted in acne, blackheads, and ink under the eyes. So never wake up at night. Always try to sleep at the right time and get up at the right time.

Drink More Water

The role of water is much more to keep the body healthy. Similarly, water is essential to keep the skin healthy and vibrant. So you have to drink water in quantity.

Do not Allow Oil to Accumulate on the Skin.

Acne or blackheads mainly affect the skin due to the accumulation of oil on the skin. So always keep the tissue with you. When the skin is oily, it would be best to clean it with tissue.

How to Have a Good Skin Care Regime (Teen girls)

Select Best Skincare Products

To take care of the skin, you need to choose a good moisturizer according to the quality of the skin. It will cause fewer problems on your skin.

-Some Best Skincare Products

For moisturizer, you can select the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Gel Cream. This cream is for dry skin care. Also, you would like WELEDA Skin Food Ultra-Rich Cream. It’s perfect for sensitive and dry skin. You can also select Skin & Lab Bariederm Intensive Cream. It’s calming, wildly shooting, and contains fila seeds, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid.

Here are some moisturizer recommendations for oily and combination skin. The first is CeraVe’s PM Moisturizer. Which has ceramides and niacinamide. There’s also Garnier’s SkinActive Three-in-Face Moisturizer with Green Tea. There are no silicones, parabens, or mineral oils. So you can apply these products to your skincare.

What not to Do

  • Do not be scrubbed your skin too much, as it can make the skin rough.
  • Do not use excessive face wash. It can lead to loss of skin moisture and increase the risk of blackheads.

Final Words

Then you know how you can keep your skin healthy and beautiful. So follow these ways without thinking. It is essential to determine which product is appropriate for you according to your age.

At this age, a few skin imperfections do not look that way. Excessive makeup will make you look ugly. You can use BB or CC cream, face powder, kajal, liner, blush, colored lip balm, or lip gloss.

Foundation, Shadow Keep these for later ages.

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