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Why Does My Hair Flip Out After I Straighten It?

Some people love to style their hair in flips, but some don’t like their hair flipping after styling.

What is a Hair Flip?

A hair flip is where the edges or the bottom part of the hair turns outwards after straightening. Naturally, we expect the hair to lay down after blow-drying or flat ironing it.

But sometimes, you may find the ends turning outwards when you comb it.

So the big question is, what causes the hair to flip?

Is there a remedy to this problem?

This article will discuss all these crucial ways to stop hair from flipping when straightening.

What Causes the Hair to Flip When You Straighten it?

01. How do You Straighten the Hair?

The first and primary reason why your hair flips is due to how you straighten it. In most cases, this is caused by how the hair contours around the neck down the shoulder.

For example, when straightening the hair when it touches the neck or the shoulder, you will try to move it away from your shoulders or neck to avoid an injury or too much heat.

Also, in some cases, you may do so since it is the only way to reach the edges of the hair (if the hair is too long).

How to Solve the Problem: In such a case, try straightening the hair in a single stroke from the follicles down to the edges for that defined result.

The Hair Cut

How you cut your hair edges will also cause the ends to flip. It is advisable to cut hair at the ends to allow healthy hair to grow and remove split ends.

However, if the process is not skillfully done, you will affect when straightening it.

What Causes it?

If the hair is left with thick layers, then the chances of it flipping when styling is relatively high.

How to Solve It: This is where a professional barber or hairdresser comes in. You need someone who has excellent experience cutting the ends of the hair to ensure it entirely tucks in.

How do I stop my hair from flipping out

Dry Hair

This is the most common reason hair flips at the end when straightening. Hair, just like the body, needs to be hydrated to ensure it grows thick and healthy.

Failure to hydrate your hair will cause it to weaken and frizzle, and every time you comb, it will always curl upwards.

Therefore, make sure to moisturize your hair regularly for a healthy feel and look. For those with bleached or relaxed hair, make sure to treat it once in a while and use hydrating hair products.

The Hair Products You Use

The hair products that you use affect your hair. Some products have high levels of chemicals that may absorb the hairs natural oils causing it to be too brittle at the ends.

Some hair products like perm may also damage your hair layers, turning it upwards when you comb or straighten it.

How to Solve It: To curb this use, buy hair products that do not have harmful chemicals and make sure the products you use are recommendable for your hair.

Change of Your Shampoo

Shampoos are made with different ingredients, which the hair will adapt to over time.

For example, if you have been using naturally made shampoo and later changed to shampoos with harsh chemicals.

The hair will be affected, which may result in curling at the ends.

However, knowing such a cause may take a while, but as you monitor the other causes, check out the time the hair started flipping to gauge if the shampoo change caused it or not.

If it is the shampoo, then it would be advisable to go back to using your previous shampoo type.

The Season

To some people, some seasons come with their drawbacks, such as damage to the hair.

Some people may have the issue of hair flipping during the cold seasons as the cold and dry air during this season causes the hair to lose moisture, resulting in brittle edges that may result in flipping.

Therefore, you need to be extra careful in moisturizing your hair during these seasons to prevent this.

Note that some people may also experience this use during the hot seasons. Thus, it is advisable that you monitor your hair and how it changes during the different weather climates to take care of it.

If cold causes the hair to flip, learn how to keep your hair protected from freezing, and the same case goes for hot seasons.

Why won't my hair stay straight after I straighten it

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does hair flipping mean?

This is where the hair combs upward every time you comb it with a straightener. Some people may refer to their hair as flipping up when they comb, and others do not like it.

Q: Can I straighten my flipped hair with a tong?

Yes, a tongue is effective in straightening flipped hair. However, make sure to use a hair protector device when straightening the ends.

Q: Can I permanently prevent my hair from flipping when straightening it?

Yes, you can prevent this problem from reoccurring again by first understanding the cause of it. For example, if the shampoo change causes flipping, you may as well return to your usual shampoo. If it occurs due to trimming the hair with thick layers, hire a professional to do it for you.


These are some major causes of hair flip when straightening and well-known solutions to prevent the problem.

Also, ensure the straightener you use has a heat protector, as exposing your hair to too high heat may cause damage.

Seeking help from a professional hairdresser is an excellent choice since they best know what could cause the problems your hair goes through.

Source: stylecaster.com

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