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Do Caucasians Have Very Curly Hair? (How is it possible)

According to a survey of the Caucasian population, 15 percent have curly hair.

 Today in this article, we will take a deep look into if Caucasians can have very curly hair.

Can Caucasians Have Very Curly Hair?

The answer is yes; they can have very curly hair. But it’s a bit more complex since, among the total population, very few people naturally have very curly hair.

Also, some of them are natural, and some of them are artificial. It depends on many factors, such as genetics, climate, nutrition, etc.

So, let’s look at how a Caucasian can get curly hair in natural and artificial ways.

What Kind of Hair Texture Do Caucasians Have Naturally?

Straight or wavy formation characterizes the hair of Caucasians.

The hair follicles are round in shape, and they have the highest density of all the ethnic groups. Caucasian hair also has the fastest growth rate.

Caucasian Curly Hair

What is the Origin of Curly Textured Hair?

The curly textured hair originated from the continent of Africa. Their texture is designed according to their genetics.

Africans have curly hair due to the presence of dominant curly hair genes. This type of hair has less density than straight hair. Among all the hair types, this hair has the slowest growth rate.

Shard twists, curls, and kinks characterize this type of hair.

What is the Reason for a Low Percentage of Caucasian People with Curly Hair?

A simple way to explain this is that they don’t have the genes that code for curly hair.

We know that an individual must have the genes that code for that specific trait.

Caucasian people have the gene for straight or wavy hair.

How can Caucasian People have Very Curly Natural Hair without Admixture?

The only way a Caucasian can have very curly hair is through genetic mutation. Mutation means changing the gene.

We already know from the above discussion that Caucasians don’t have the genes that make their hair curly. Instead, they have genes that cause their hair to be straight or wavy.

So, their genes need to undergo mutation to have curly hair.

Research shows that transformation in the TCHH gene causes the hair follicle to become oval-shaped, and the hair curls upon itself.

And the hair gets coated by the protein called Keratin. That is how Caucasians can have naturally curly hair without admixture.

But the possibility of this change in a gene is implausible. That is the reason Caucasians don’t have very curly hair naturally.

How do Caucasian People Get Natural Curly Hair through Admixture?

If a Caucasian child is born with curly and straight-textured hair parents, it is likely to have curly-textured hair because the child receives two genes from each parent with four genes.

So the child contains genes of both curly and straight textured hair. The gene of the curly textured hair is dominant (dominant genes are the ones that got expressed as a trait in an individual).

And the straight hair texture is a recessive gene (recessive genes are the genes that get overridden by the dominant genes in terms of expression of the trait in an individual).

That is how, through admixture, a Caucasian child is born with curly hair.

Why Caucasian have Curly Hair

How can Caucasian People Get Curly Hair Artificially?

A Caucasian individual born with straight or wavy hair can get curly hair through some process and at a saloon.

But it will not change the hair structure but only the formation of the hair.

The following ways a Caucasian can turn straight hair into curly hair –

  • Use a moisturizing shampoo with conditioner. Then use heat style to bend the straight hairs in locks and curls. Now that you have a curly texture priming it and protecting the coils is very important. Keep washing your kinks and curls with shampoo and conditioner to moisturize and strengthen them.
  • Strengthen your curly hair by using a product called a leave-in conditioner. Which helps protect the locks from retaining their shape and style.
  • Use air drying on your wet hair. Air drying on damp hair is effective. While drying your locks, use your fingers as a comb and scrunch your locks upwards to retain the style for a long time.
  • Use a curling iron. A curling iron is adequate for immediate curls on your straight hair strands.
  • You can also try the no-heating curling method. This method involves gels and sprays that hold your curls upwards. Then use the rolling pin to lock your rings in small sections and turn them into coils, twists, and styles.
  • Use a volume-adding spray. There is a lot of hair spray that adds a lot of texture to your hair. Also, these sprays lock your hair in position so the curls can stay up for a long time.

If you are a Caucasian with naturally curly hair texture, then be surprised you are among the rare. But if you aren’t and still want curly hair, you can quickly achieve that through the abovementioned ways. 

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