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How Do I Get My Hair Texture to be Like the Caucasians?

Though every ethnicity has their own unique grade of hair and texture, it is not uncommon for one ethnicity to desire the look of another.

Because the African American has kinky hair that’s sometimes naturally curly, the individual may want to try something different.

This is especially the case if the person wants the look of caucasion straight hair texture.

Therefore, as you may want to branch out more, this article will discuss topics like, how do I get my hair texture to be like the Caucasians?

With this in mind, you should know that there are multiple ways to address this transformation from kinky curly to Caucasian straight hair.

Or, from Asian hair texture to Caucasian hair texture. Whatever the case or circumstances, there are different methods to make these changes and transformations.

And, you can start by choosing a specific method to do just that.

To address this topic, this transformation in texture will address the methods of changing from the African American curly look to the Caucasian straight look.

Method- 1: Use a Hot Comb to Straighten Curly Hair

In the past, one of the first methods that many african americans used to straighten their hair was the hot comb.

And, it is still used today in more than one form, the manual hot comb and the electric hot comb.

Therefore, you can use this comb at a certain hot temperature to straighten each strain of hair.

Method-2: Use a Flat Iron to Straighten Curly hair

As time passed, the options for straightening black hair began to increase. For instance, many beauticians started to switch over from their hot combs to their flat irons.

The flat irons were an upgrade since this beauty tool was much easier to use by beauticians and their client alike.

In fact, the ease in use made it much easier to straighten the hair quickly and safely without burning the hair.

The flat iron can also be used to curl the hair. Therefore, it can also achieve the straight Caucasian look with locks of flowing curls, too.

Method-3: Use a Permanent (Chemical) to Straighten Curly hair

Today, many African-Americans can achieve the straight Caucasian look with the use of chemical products called perms.

These perms are designed to be used by the professional beauticians in their salons.

The main goal for the beautician is to use the chemicals safely without burning the hair or the scalp.

You should also know that there are both pros and cons to straightening your hair. So, you need to know what they are before you begin one of these processes.

  • Each of these methods are relatively easy to use.
  • After straightening the hair, you can also experiment with more hair styles.
  • Each can be Used on short and long hair.
  • Straight hair is difficult to keep, especially when it gets wet. Once the hair gets wet, the hair turns back to its original kinky and curly texture.
  • Straightening the hair can cause more damage to the hair instead of the natural look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best method to use for straightening black hair?

A. You can use one of 3 methods (i.e. hot comb, flat iron, perm). The choice is up to you, your needs and your preferences.

Q.Will straightening the hair cause any damage?

A. Yes, whenever the hair is straightened with a hot comb, you can easily burn the hair if the temperature of the comb is too hot.

Q. Why would an Asian woman desire the Caucasion hair texture?

A. The texture of causaian hair can differ greatly since it can be straight, wavy or curly. Therefore, they are most likely looking for a variety of textures.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in wearing the Caucasian look, you can pick and choose several different methods, as discussed above.

You can choose the hot comb or flat iron to straighten the hair or you use a chemical product to perm your hair.

You can also experiment with other Caucasian styles by using a curling iron on short or long hair to achieve the look that you like.

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