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How Can I Convince My Mom to Let Me Dye My Hair?

It’s simply a dye, and it will wash out eventually. Is there a problem? Not quite. Talking your mom into coloring your hair isn’t relatively easy.

This is because your mom wants you to maintain that natural and good look of your hair.

However, before bringing up the issue, you must research hair dyes to know the kind of dyes available, how they work, and all that.

This way, you will have enough reasons to back up your suggestion.

Research About the Hair Dye

First of all, research the dye you want to use. Ensure you search for the brand, reviews, and all things to help you determine the quality of the dye.

Most hair conditioners and shampoo manufacturers sell hair dyes. It’s possible that using a particular brand your mom uses may aid you in convincing her.

If you’re looking for a non-toxic, biodegradable dye that does not involve animal testing, you can try the dyes without animal testing.

Know the Side Effects of that Particular Dye on Your Hair

Almost all hair dyes are made using hydrogen peroxide. This substance isn’t good for your hair, mainly because it makes your hair brittle and dry.

It is not possible that only using the product once may cause huge damage. However, it is always ideal to be careful.

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Do not Get Yourself in Trouble.

The thing is that you do not wish to get in trouble at your school. If you are not permitted to dye your hair a specific color at school, don’t try it.

Besides, your mom may not allow that too. Ensure you are old enough to try out the dye. And if the package says not under 16 years while you are 13, do not use it.

Raise the Concern Properly

You can bring up the topic at dinner. Ask your mom what she thinks about hair dyes.

After that, tell her you have been thinking about the same for some time now and would want to try it out. Make sure you tell your mom why you want to do that suddenly.

Facts may help you win your mom over and convince her why dying the hair isn’t that bad.

Tell Your Mom that the Dye isn’t Permanent

Tell your mom the truth. Tell her the hair color you are planning to buy is just temporary and can fade with time.

It’ll come out as time goes by with frequent washing.

You may tell her that you have discovered a great and temporary hair dye, and you believe it will do right for your hair without causing considerable damage.

This will alleviate concerns since she believes it’s only for a short time.

Tell Your Mom you are Even Ready to Pay it for Yourself

Make your mom understand that you are responsible and that there are some things you can do for yourself. Tell her you have thought that for a long time and are prepared financial-wise.

This will make her see you as a responsible person even when you dye your hair; you know the consequences of doing so won’t be dire.

Tell your Mom you are Prepared If Anything Doesn’t Go Well.

If your mom is against you dying the hair because she is afraid that the dye may damage your hair, tell her that you will learn your lesson from that instead of not trying at all.

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Describe Your Reasons to Dye the Hair

Do not just announce that you wish to do hair coloring; instead, explain why you want to do it. People love dying their hair since they want control over how they look when it’s done.

Some individuals enjoy changing their appearance since it makes them feel self-assured. Know your reasons.

If your mom is concerned that you may accidentally mess up your hair by dying it, assure her that everything will go well, and in case of anything, you have other alternatives.

  • It assists you in standing out.
  • Defines personality.
  • Dying hair can make it lose its natural color.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to tell my mom if she asks for good reasons why I want to dye my hair?

Tell your mom you want to have control of your hair. You want to know how you look after dying it. Some people enjoy changing their appearance because it makes them feel more self-assured.

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