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How Do You Remove Hair Gels from your Hair? (5 Easy Method)

In 1929, an English company invented the first hair gel. Then it has become trendy among the young generation till now.

Boys use hair gel to keep their hair straight and to style it as they like. If you use hair gel for any occasion or program, you must remove the hair gel after coming back home.

Otherwise, you might face permanent hair damage problems. There are many ways to remove hair gel.

People use cream, coconut oil, and grease to remove hair gel. Regularly I use many methods for removing gel. I usually use natural ways and good brand remover to remove the gel.

So let’s see what methods I apply to remove my hair gel:

Removing Hair Gel

Hair gels elements a variety of chemical ingredients, including alcohol.

Hair can become dry and broken due to an extended stay. There is also an uncomfortable oil stickiness. So always try to remove hair gel within 24 hours.

So you should clean the hair gel thoroughly. It is possible to remove the gel without shampooing or combing to remove the hair gel.

Remove Hair Gel Without Washing

Removing hair gel with water is a good way.

But sometimes I don’t have enough time. Washing with water becomes tough for me. In that case, I remove the gel without water.

Now the question may come how to remove the gel without water? So let’s –

  • To remove the gel without water, you have to use your finger and comb.
  • First, you have to loosen the hair with your fingers. First, you have to reduce the hair with your fingers.
  • Besides fingers, you can also use the comb with your fingers. This way, the gels stick to the hair follicles after the storm.
  • Then you have to shake your head, and the rest of the gels will fall.

It is how I remove hair gel for lack of time. So you can also apply this way.

how to wash gel out of natural hair

Applying Shampoo

Shampoo is a very efficient and effective tool for removing hair gel. Most of the time, I use shampoo to remove hair gel.

After coming back from outside, you have to untangle the hair. Then use shampoo according to your usual amount.

Vinegar, Honey, and Coconut Oil

After using hair gel, your hair becomes sticky.

Vinegar is a great natural hair gel remover. As a result of using vinegar, hair becomes neat and clean. So I sometimes use vinegar to remove hair gel.

How to apply:

  • In a covered container, mix one tablespoon of honey in a vinegar-water solution and shake it.
  • Add a few drops of coconut oil. Now wash your hair with the mixer. Wait a while and wash your hair with cold water.

Argan Oil

Argan oil also works as a hair gel remover. There is no comparison of this oil to eliminate the roughness of the hair.

Massage the whole head with some oil on the palm. After keeping it for a while, you should rewash it.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is another excellent natural solution of hair gel remover. Take two spoonfuls of shea butter and one spoonful of coconut oil.

Now make a foam with a hand mixture. Now you have to mix a little olive oil with this foam and apply it to your hair.

This sea butter is very beneficial for rough hair. The gel will smooth out the hair as well.

how to get sticky gel out of hair

Lemon Hair Spray

This pack helps to bring back the damaged hair and hair gel remover.

How to make a spray with lemon and water:

  • Take a big size lemon or orange and take out the juice from it.
  • Mix an equal amount of water. Now your mixture is ready for use.
  • When the mixture is half, it needs to be cooled. Now you have to fill a spray bottle. Directly spray your hair and wait until dry.
  • Now you have to wash your hair excellently with water.

Final Word

I think my tips and trick benefited you. I shared how to remove hair gel naturally and how to remove it with cream.

Although you must be careful because it is a natural ingredient, it often damages the hair. So you have to choose based on the type of your hair.

Never forget after using hair gel, do not keep it for a long time. You can remove it using my shared process.

So good luck!

Source: bustle.com

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