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Why is a Naturally Black-Haired White Person such a Rarity?

A white person with natural black hair is scarce. In this article, we will look at the reasons that cause hair to become black.

Also, we will look at why black hair grows naturally in a white person very rarely and how they can get black hair naturally or artificially.

What is the Percent of the Total Population of White People with Natural Black Hair?

A white person can naturally have black hair. But they are infrequent since white people lack Eumelanin which causes the hair to become black.

In Southern Europe, white people with natural black hair can be seen.

 For example, 31% of Italians and 3% of Dutch, and some Irish and Russians can be seen with natural black hair. But why is it so?

Let’s take a look.

Which Ethnicity has Naturally Black Hair?

As we all know, hair color and the texture of an individual depend on race and ethnic group.

Natural black hair can be generally seen in two ethnic groups. They are African and Asian.

African hair is generally black and curly, while Asian hair is straight and black or brown.

But Caucasian people can also have naturally black hair, such as people in Southern Europe in places like Italy, Germany, the Celtic group of Ireland, Wales, Russia, etc. 

Naturally Black-Haired White Person

What are the Genetics and Causes of Black Hair?

The gene that causes black hair is called the MC1R gene. This gene codes for a protein named melanocortin, one receptor.

This protein is solely responsible for the color of your hair and skin. This protein is situated on the surface of the melanocytes.

 Melanocytes are specialized cells that can produce a pigment called melanin. Melanin comes in two forms.

One is called Eumelanin, and the other is called pheomelanin. If the melanocortin one receptor is activated, it produces Eumelanin which gives black color to the hair.

 If the melanocortin one receptor is not activated, it will make pheomelanin which causes the hair color to be red, blond, or brown.

Why is Natural Black Hair in a White Person Scarce?

The black hair gene is dominant, and the Caucasian hair gene is recessive. From the above discussion, we know that if Eumelanin is produced, a person will get black hair.

But the gene should be dominant to do that. Otherwise, the melanocortin receptor protein will not activate. Then the melanocytes will produce pheomelanin, which will eventually cause blond or red hair.

So, in most white people, the gene is recessive, making pheomelanin which causes them to become dark-haired and light-skinned.

So, to have black hair, their melanocyte needs to produce Eumelanin, affecting hair and skin color.

That is why black hair in a white person is rare.

Reason for Naturally Black-Haired White

How can a White Person have Naturally Black Hair?

So, for a white person to have naturally black hair is to have black hair and light skin genes.

Now, this is very rare. Sometimes due to variation in the MC1R gene, the person can first produce Eumelanin for a particular time and pheomelanin for a specific time to have black hair and light skin simultaneously.

Also, through Admixture, a person can inherit black hair genes from one parent and light skin genes from another.

They are uncommon, so a white person with natural black hair is a rarity. 

Is there any Advantage to Having Black Hair?

Yes, there are a couple of advantages when it comes to having black hair.

As you know from the above discussions, your body must produce the pigment Eumelanin to have black hair. Eumelanin has natural protection against UV rays.

That is why black hair can protect the scalp from the sun’s rays.

What is the Artificial Method of Having Black Hair?

The artificial method of having black hair is dyeing with black hair color. In the following, you can see the step-by-step guide to dyeing your hair black- wikihow.com.

Perfect Styling and Caring are the Key

Remember, daily caring for your hair is the key, whether your hair is black, brown, red, or blonde.

Use the appropriate products on your hair and choose a style that suits you. 

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