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What is the Purpose of Makeup? (Importance of Makeup Nowadays)

Makeup or cosmetics is a very familiar term to us. It is significantly common in women, and with time it is also becoming famous among men.

Today in this article, we will examine what it is and its purpose.

What is Makeup?

Makeup or cosmetics are composed of mixtures of chemical compounds derived from either natural sources or synthetic ones.

They have various purposes.

They are mainly used to magnify one’s outlook. From changing one’s complexion to hiding imperfections, the purpose and benefits of it are immense.

What is the History of Makeup?

While cosmetics are very common worldwide, it dates back thousands of years.

 Thousands of years ago, it was popular among Egyptians and, later on, Sumerian women.

In Europe, the use of it started in the middle ages.

Early significant ingredients used for cosmetics are- Kohl, Castor oil, Cream made of beeswax and olive oil, Vaseline, and lanolin.

What was the Purpose of Makeup Back Then?

It is used to magnify your appearance. The first people known who used it to intensify their attractiveness were none other than the Egyptians.

According to the study, there are mainly two primary purposes of it.

They are-

Camouflage – People who are anxious and insecure tend to use it to appear less noticeable.

Seduction– People who want to look more attractive than they are. They appear good by magnifying their attractiveness to become more assertive and confident.

why is makeup important to a woman

What is the Purpose of Makeup Today?

Makeup is used today to increase the confidence and assertiveness of an individual. People nowadays want to stay young and attractive as long as they can. It can help them achieve it.

Makeup products are readily available today in the form of Cleanser, Concealer, Foundation, Eyeliner, Lipstick, Brushes and Sponges, etc.

The sole purpose of makeup is to give your skin a glow and add depth to the shape of your face. It helps to highlight the shape of your face and gives a sharp, edgy, and sexy look.

Modern makeup is all about skincare. Skincare is the priority of makeup.

What are the Benefits of Makeup?

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to makeup.

From psychological to medical benefits, some of the important ones are listed below-

  • It boosts your assertiveness.
  • You will feel more confident with your looks when you use makeup.
  • It elevates your looks.
  • It will protect your skin.
  • Cosmetics have a lot of chemicals and vitamins that protect your skin from harmful UV rays of sunlight and dust.
  • It helps by enhancing your appearance.
  • It can elevate the shape and appearance of your face and skin. It also cleans and moisturizes your skin.
  • You will have more fun every day when you wear it.
  • Applying it is really fun. You can try different styles and shades every day and have fun.
  • It makes you look better in photos.
  • In this world of social media, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you will look better in the photos you take. Looking better in photos is good to make you feel confident.
  • You can get your desired complexion using cosmetics.
  • Your skin’s complexion varies every season. But you can fix it with it.
  • It will make you look younger.
  • Anti-aging creams and other products can disguise wrinkles and age spots and make you look younger.
  • You spent time on yourself while applying it.
  • It takes a lot of time, which is helpful as you can spend time on yourself in this busy world.
  • It helps you to get daily cleansing.
  • It is great for cleanliness. It requires you to wash your face to stay clean from the dirt and oils on your face.
  • It showcases your sense of self-care.
Why do people wear makeup

What are the Demerits of Makeup?

There always comes wrong after good. Also, some bad sides come in the case of makeup too. Applying it is very time-consuming, and it can be very costly.

If good quality products are not used, skin cancer, burns, and scars can occur. Lead (Pb) poisoning is widespread in cheap products. Using cheap products can be fatal to the skin.

Many companies make products with harmful and toxic ingredients that will hurt your skin. Sometimes they also lie about the ingredients they use, and there is absolutely no way to detect that. 

Should you Use Makeup?

Yes, you should, but you must ensure you use certified products. Please do not use cheap products, and don’t spend much time on makeup; it will decrease your productivity.

 It is excellent, and it helps to elevate your confidence. Choose the right products with natural ingredients like Vitamins and Minerals.

Remember, it is a symbol of self-care. But being too obsessed with it will bring out its wrong sides and harm your appearance and lifestyle.

Use cosmetics to elevate your looks and boost your confidence responsively.

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