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How to Apply Cornrows With Wet and Wavy Hair (A Step-By-Step Guide)

Hairstyle is essential for men and women to represent themselves in public places and the virtual world. Students to Hollywood stars try to present themselves with an iconic hairstyle.

The hairstyle of Soccer, Handball, and Baseball players has become an integral part. In 2011 most popular hairstyle was a box-type bridge.

“I don’t know if my hairstyles reflect that, but I am someone who enjoys change.”

Cobi Jones (Former American Soccer Player)

Box Braids Hairstyle

For a long time, over three thousand years, box braids were a popular hairstyle for Afro hair people all over Africa content. Braids are not only a style but also a culture and history of Africa.

There are many types of braids hairstyles: Classic 3-Strand braids, Lattice braids, Fishtail braids, Plait braids, French/Dutch braids, Ladder braids, Rope Lace braids, and Box braids.

Box braids are the most iconic among them because this hairstyle now most uses by Afro hair and Caucasian hair. A survey by The Trend Spotter showed that the hairstyle that was most traded in 2021 was Box Braids.

Types of Box Braids Hairstyle

Box braids have much variety; here are Eaight new and popular Box braids:-

  1. Colored Box Braids.
  2. High Ponytail Box Braids.
  3. Different Length Box Braids.
  4. Bob Box Braids.
  5. Goddess Box Braids.
  6. Poetic Justice Box Braids.
  7. Crochet Crochet.
  8. Cornrow Box Braids etc.

Cornrows Hairstyles

Cornrows hairstyle is one type of popular box-type hairstyle. After installing this hairstyle, your head looks like a row of corn. So the name is cornrows.

Box type hairstyle is a very antique from 3000 BC Nile river valley Namibia and other countries. In this century, this hairstyle conquered the whole world.

This design was most famous for Afro hair, but after the 90s, this design became popular in western countries with Wet and Wavy hair.

There are many boxer hairstyles, but control is the most known and popular.

How to Apply Cornrow With Your Wet and Wavy Hair?

There are some hairstyles with extremely lovely, but achievement is not so easy. Cornrow braids are one of them, but it is a fun and practical way to wear a natural hairstyle.

It is an iconic African heritage hairstyle.

We will see how to apply Cornrow step by step to your wet and wavy hair.

Step 1- Detangle and Wash Your Hair

Using your regular shampoo wash your hair correctly. After that, when it becomes damp, detangle your hair with a leave-in conditioner and brush. Then apply oil or butter to moisture.

Step 2- Part Your Hair in Row

Your hair is in a row from the front to the back. Firstly you can select two, three, or more parts. Most of the time, people like to divide hair into two parts.

Now you have to divide every section 1-3 more rows. Using tooth clips or baby pins to secure your hair row’s voice looks like now cornrow. Try to make every row similar in size and amount of hair.

Step 3- Make the First Braids

Select your first row; it is always better to choose the middle row first. Now divide the row into three-part, then start braiding by using your finger to select three parts of the left and right legs and swap their position over the middle part.

Every piece will replace the center every time. Hold it by one hand and select the next three-part.

Now repeat the above step.

Step 4- Add More Hair and Continue Braiding:

Continue your cornrow by adding a braid to the section of your hair till the end of the head. If you face a breakage problem, you can spray bottle water or leave-in conditioner mixture. For your wet and wavy hair, you might need to detangle it as your braid. Please do not get temper or frustrated because every section will take fifteen-minute to one hour.

Step 5- Secure With Hairband:

When you have successfully finished your first cornrows on your scalp, you should secure them with a hairband. You not only have a hairband, but also you can use an elastic hair band, small barrette, or rubber band. After reaching the neck, there will be no more hair to add to your every stitch.

Step 6 – Finished Your Cornrows

Now, you should continue the same braiding technique for every part you divide your head. Finally, you will get a simple and basic hairstyle of the Box braiding cornrow. You should feel now they represent freedom and versatility.

Practice makes a man perfect, so for better style, training, and practice until tired. For great results, you should watch this video from YouTube, “How to Cornrow for Beginners.”


In conclusion, applying cornrows to wet and wavy hair is a fantastic way to achieve a stylish and low-maintenance hairstyle. By following the step-by-step guide provided, you can quickly master the technique and achieve the desired result.

It is important to keep in mind that the key to a successful cornrow hairstyle is to start with clean, detangled hair and to be patient when braiding.

With practice and patience, you will be able to create a variety of cornrow styles that are both beautiful and functional. Whether you’re looking to protect your hair or switch up your look, cornrows are a great option for all hair types and textures.

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