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How much Do Beauty Salons Charge to Dye Hair?

The cost of dyeing your hair at a salon varies a lot. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to paying a higher or lower amount.

The price also varies from one stylist to another based on how they charge for their business.

The other thing that makes the price of beauty salons vary is the varying retail price of the hair products that they use.

Read on until the end to see how much beauty salons charge to dye your hair.

Factors that affect the cost of dying your hair

Here is a list of factors that may affect the cost of dying your hair at a salon.

  • Location of the salon.
  • Experience level of the stylist.
  • Technique used.
  • Type of dye used.
  • Condition or length of your hair.

How Much Does the Salon Charge for Hair Dye?

The mid-range or average salon can charge from $50 and above for just a single hair color. The higher-end salons may charge from $100+ and above.

Finally, you can get the services starting at a lower price of $25 and above for the small salons.

Here the price above is for a single color application that is done all over your hair. They will apply the dye once here and ensure the shades are darker than your natural hair color.

However, the hair color can vary based on your requirement. For example, if you want a double color, it will cost more than the single one.

Some will also want some somber effect on their hair. It requires more artistry than just hair color application. The price of this will also be higher and vary from one salon to the other.

Is Dying your hair at a salon better

Below are the average hair dye cost for different services

  • Single process color – $25 – $100+
  • Double process color – $100 – $200+
  • Somber effects – $125 and above
  • Color correction – $100/hr. and above
  • Tip color – $25 or above
  • Additional color – $20 – $50 and above

Other unintended costs that you might incur.

DIY Disasters: When the stylist applies the dye to your hair, it might spill into your clothes by mistake. The color stain on your cloth, once it’s dry, will be hard to remove; thus, it might spoil your favorite cloth.

Damaging Your Hair: The whole process can lead to your hair being damaged. Most of the hair dyes used contain harsh chemicals that can cause serious problems to your hair. When the hair dye contains harsh chemicals might damage your hair protein structure. Due to this reason, you might incur further costs later in seeking medication.

Condition of Your Hair: The condition of your hair may lead to incurring other charges. For example, having oil hair requires other hair touches before coloring. Also, if you have dirt hair, the stylist may be forced to clean your hair before dyeing your hair; this service may cost you extra money.

  • It takes a long period before it can start fading.
  • It gives your hair different looks.
  • You can complement your hair with the color you want.
  • If you have weak hair with hair dye, you can increase the strength of your hair.
  • Transform your appearance.
  • Boost your self-esteem.
  • It can damage your hair.
  • It is an expensive method.
How Much Does It Cost to Dye Your Hair

Frequent Asked Questions

Can I get a refund when I do not like the hair dye?

It will depend on the salon’s policy. However, most salons do not offer a refund when you don’t like the color after the application. What they can do for you is to retouch until your hair has the color that you want.

Between coloring my hair at home and at the salon, which one is more costly?

Doing hair coloring at the salon may cost more than you could have done it at home yourself. However, remember that you can get professional services worth your money with a professional stylist.

Can the hair color damage your hair?

It depends on the products used. If dyes that are free from harsh chemicals are used, then they will not damage your hair. However, dye with harsh chemicals can damage your hair with time. If they have harsh chemicals, they will damage your hair cuticles. Thus you should check if the product is free from harsh chemicals before using it.

Does the hair dye I apply from the salon a permanent one?

It depends. There are different dye colors. Some are permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary, so you can inquire before you apply the dye.

What exactly can it cost to dye your color at a salon?

Though there is no specific price, it can start as low as $25.

Final Word

The cost of dyeing your hair at a salon varies depending on many factors, as you have seen above. The service price can vary based on the location, the cost of the dye kit, and many other factors.

It would be the best idea to search for the cost of service at a different salon before choosing the one that can dye your hair.

Remember that you should choose the one offering the best services at an affordable price.

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