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Can I Apply a T18 Toner to Tone my Dark Brassy Copper Hair?

Toning hair is a process of gradually lightening or darkening the color of the hair. Anyone who frequently bleaches or colors their hair knows what toning is.

As the secret component in any effective lighting treatment, this incredible substance keeps away orange and brassy yellow tones.

Instead, it paves the way for a shiny, beautiful, smooth-looking hair color.

The t18 hair toner can be used on hair after being subjected to solid chemical bleaching and lightening to remove brassy tones.

The toner works particularly effectively on light hair since it does not permanently change the hair color but gives it a new style.

Strangely, few people know toning hair as the key to obtaining attractive and vibrant hues.

This implies that it can help you obtain actual silver hair, platinum blonde hair, or any of a variety of pastel hair shades.

Toner from the T18 type can help you achieve the ashy blonde hair you’ve always desired, but only if you use it correctly.

Can I apply a t18 toner to tone my dark brassy copper hair? This is one of the most common queries people ask. To know the answer, keep reading to find out.

Can I Apply T18 Toner to Brassy Copper Hair?

Absolutely yes. The t18 toner is an ideal toner that helps neutralize the unwanted brassy tones to create an excellent blonde/light brown hair color. The key is to figure out which color toner to use. You will need a purple toner if your poor bleach job has turned more yellow. However, if your hair changes to orange, you will require a blue toner.

Can you tone copper hair with t 18

 Use T18 Toner for Color Clarity

 Want to remove the brassiness in your newly bleached hair?

Using a t18 hair toner is the only option, and it will assist in transforming your hair in no time. However, there are several various sorts of hair tone color variants available to you to select from.

But the t18 toner stands out. It aids in the following;

Neutralizing the Brassy Tones

If you want to eliminate brassy hair, your best bet is to use a t18 toner with light ash tones.

Depending on how well your hair takes to these cool hues, you may want to include a small quantity of a warmer and a more golden blonde toner.

Obtaining the Lightest Outcomes

For ambitious people who only desire white or light blonde hair, toning it with an icy white t18 toner is necessary.

Then use a purple shampoo afterward to boost the ash-based foundation and prevent yellowing.

Going Pastel

Baby shades of each color are a fad that will never go away.

To get the right pastel shade, you must go white blonde color toner.

Whether you are looking for a subtle, neutral, or intense tone, the t18 hair toner should provide you with the perfect balance for no more than 20 minutes.

The Time to Leave T18 on the Hair

You may leave the T18 Hair toner on the hair for approximately 30 minutes.

The ratio of one part toning color and two parts 20 volume developer is used by the toner. Allow the toner on your dry hair for about 30 minutes while frequently checking for the color result.

To get blonde hair that looks natural, you need this toner. Before applying the toner, lighten your hair to achieve optimum outcomes.

For lighter hair, leave the toner on for 8-10 minutes, but for darker hair, leave it on for up to 20-30.

What happens if you use T18 Toner to Tone my Dark Brassy Copper Hair

 Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I leave t18 toner on my brassy hair?

It depends on how brassy your hair is. If your hair is more brassy, leave it for at least 30 minutes to open up the hair shaft.

Do you use shampoo to wash out the t18 toner?

You should clean your hair right after applying the toner. After rinsing the toner, you’ll need to apply a conditioner and a hair shampoo. You must wash your hair as you usually always wash it and use dye-friendly products.

How frequently can you tone your hair without causing damage?

Toner isn’t that bad, but it does contribute to hair damage since it has a developer in it. Thus, please don’t use it frequently.

What is the best level for my hair before using T18?

Avoid toning your hair when it’s still orange while using t18 because t18 is highly recommended on light hair around level 9 or 10.

The Good Stuff
  • T18 enhances the tone of your hair.
  • Eliminates discoloration.
  • Strengthen the hair.
  • Adds shine and volume to the hair.
The Bad Stuff
  • It is not suitable for frequent use.

Final Word

Using t18 toner on your hair is the only way to get that perfect hair you have yearned for. The toner is the best for dark brassy copper hair as it will lighten it, giving it a shiny look.

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