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Can I Put Blue Dye over Purple Hair? (Detailed Guide)

If you are into hair dyeing, you have probably tried it, or you are thinking of trying the color purple. Not only is it bold, beautiful, and attractive, but it also comes in various shades that suit different skin types.

However, once you have explored this color and have decided to try a different one, you may be wondering what to do next.

Blue is one of the best colors for this job, especially for those who love fantasy colors. It can completely cover over your purple hair without you bleaching your locks or performing any prep work.

So, to answer the question, yes, you can put blue dye over purple hair. But the most important question to ask is how to do it.

Read on to learn how to dye blue over purple.

What Color Fades Purple?

If you want to change your purple hair, this is one of the questions you must ask.

Well, color selection is an essential aspect since choosing the wrong color tone can damage your hair structure. and appearance.

Now, several colors can go over purple. However, the suitable one will depend on the purple shade you have. For instance, if you have light purple, an orange dye can cancel it out perfectly.

On the other hand, yellow is suitable for those with darker purple as it neutralizes the effect.

You can choose from fantasy colors like blue, red, or violet. Or you can also opt to return to traditional colors such as mahogany brown or chestnut.

Whatever color you choose, bear in mind these tips;

  • Light colors like green or light blonde will force you to bleach your hair first. And you can only apply it to healthy hair.
  • If using a darker color, you must fade the purple before applying your new color.

We must also mention that the color you’ll end up with depends on the intensity of the purple color. That’s why we recommend fading the purple first before applying a new color. Otherwise, you won’t be certain of the results you will get.

You don’t want to end up with a scenario where your new hair is much darker or lighter than you intended.

Not only will that be a waste of time, but you’ll also cause unnecessary wear and tear on your hair.

Can you dye over purple hair

How to Fade Purple before Applying Blue Dye?

The first step to dyeing your purple hair blue is to fade the purple color. Now, remember the dye you used when coloring your purple hair.

This is essential since dyes have different pigments. Those with strong and intense pigments are more resistant and, thus, difficult to fade.

Some dyes may need as many as thirty washes, while others only require four.

But here are some tips you can follow;

  • Use a shampoo with ceramides to fade softly to medium purple.
  • Try a dishwashing product for fading medium purple or dyes that persists after 20 washes. However, since this liquid is corrosive, prepare for dryness.
  • Use baking soda to fade out intense purple. Make sure to add some shampoo to it for a good wash.

How to Put Blue Dye Over Purple Hair

Blue is a bold color for daring individuals. It’s suitable for those who don’t mind the attention and stares from other people.

Now, if you have decided to switch from purple to blue, you have to follow a basic coloring procedure (wikihow.com/Dye-Hair-Blue), which is;

  • Lift and remove the purple color using a dye remover and developer. Or a shampoo and conditioner if you don’t want to bleach.
  • But if bleaching, use a bleaching product with warm water and developer with some shampoo.
  • Once you have removed the purple, apply your blue dye.

But we should mention that sometimes things may not be that simple. Some factors to consider include the following;

Your Hair’s Current State- doing another dyeing procedure to exhaust hair will ultimately damage it.

How You’ll Remove Purple- using a bleaching bath, for instance, turns your hair pink and can make it porous, which can cause damage.

How to Care for Purple Hair

Purple is among the fantasy colors like blue and red. As such, it is generally a long-lasting dye. But, without proper care, it will not last that long.

Here are some tips for caring for your purple hair;

  • Avoid frequent washing as it will strip the color out.
  • Opt for a shampoo without sulfates to maintain the color.
  • Always wash and rinse using cool water to preserve the color.
  • Avoid chlorine from swimming pools.
  • Use hair masks and other care products.
  • Confidence and self-esteem booster.
  • Highlights your natural beauty.
  • Expresses who you indeed are.
  • It takes a long to wash out.
  • You’ll attract too much attention.
  • It can be expensive, as it has to be done by a professional. Otherwise, you risk damaging your hair.
  • Needs a high-quality shampoo and conditioner.
What color cancels out purple hair

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Put Brown Dye on Purple Hair?

It will turn purple-brown since brown can’t cancel purple altogether.

Does Toner Damage Purple Hair?

No. But your hair must be healthy first before using the toner.

How Long Does a Permanent Purple Hair Dye Last?

Eventually, the color will fade, even after using color-safe products. The exact time it’ll take depends on various factors. But what is important to remember is that you’ll have to re-dye to maintain the purple color.

Can I Dye Over Purple Hair?

Yes. But the dyeing procedure depends on which color you want next. Note that permanent purple doesn’t fade quickly. Therefore, if you want to apply brown, for instance, you’ll have to wait until your hair grows long enough, then cut off the purple part. But you can also use another permanent dye color for quick results.


You can dye blue over purple hair or any other fantasy color, for that matter. However, remember to fade out the purple first to get desirable results from your new color.

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