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Can You Use Purple Dye Over Orange Bleached Hair?

For neutralizing bleached orange hair, purple dye is one of the best options. So yes, definitely, you can use purple over bleached orange hair. Combination of these two, you will have a fantastic ocean 2/3 shaded hair color. But, before applying purple dye over orange, you should consider a few things.

How to Use Purple Dye Orange Over Bleached Hair?

I will share my personal experience that will help you achieve your targeted shade over orange. A few months ago, with the help of my hair expert, I applied orange bleach to my hair.

But unfortunately, the bleached orange shade was not pleasing to me, and I decided to change the color.

My hair expert said I might use purple dye over my bleached orange. I am sharing my experience with you about how we did a great job.

During applying the purple dye, my hair expert considers a few things, have a look at them:

01. Find Your Hair Orange Shade

There are many ways to find hair color shade, like color shade finder. If you have clear eye vision, then it’s pretty enough to find the perfect shade.

Take your hair and give a close look at it and see if it has a more orange side or yellow side.

Suppose the shade is more comparable to yellow-orange, then it is perfect to use purple hair dye. On the other hand, if the color is more orange, then you should use blue paint.

02. The Brightness of the Orange Tone

Determine how light or dark your orange hair tone is.

If it is too bright, you can use any purple hair dye. If it has darkness, then you must need a darker purple hair dye.

03. Level of purple hair dye

According to your current hair condition and hair type, you have to find the level of purple hair dye.

  • Demi-permanent Hair Dye: You can use demi-permanent hair dye for any hair for less brightness and lift. It is safe for every type of hair.
  • Semi-permanent Hair Dye: For dry & brittle hair, purple hair dye. It is less damaging and a lot gentler.
  • Permanent Hair Dye: For a natural, virgin, and strong hair, use permanent purple hair. It would be best if you were careful to apply this to escape hair loss and scalp burn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Without Purple: What Other Colors Cover Orange Hair?

Previously we have seen that purple dye cannot cover every orange hair shade, only yellow-orange.

Blue Hair Dye: According to the color wheel, blue and orange complement each other. So, blue is the perfect color to cover all shades of orange hair comprehensively.

Blonde Hair Dye: It is another alternative to cover orange hair. Suppose you want to avoid darker hair than blonde gives you high brightness.

Can I put purple dye in another color?

Pale yellow is the best option for covering up with purple hair dye. At the color wheel, both colors are opposite to the others. So, purple can completely neutralize pale yellow and give its a pure purple shade.

What is the best purple hair dye for bleached orange hair?

There is top five permanent and semi-permanent purple hair dye you should apply semi-permanent first. You will be happy to know that it never contains harsh chemicals and never damage your hair.

01. Color X-change
02. Adore
03. Puky color
04. Loreal hicolor
05. Garnier nutrisse ultra color
06. Schwarzkopf color ultime

Why will you dye purple over bleached orange hair?

Famous fashion magazine Shilpa Ahuja mentioned that.

“Purple can do anything. It can be traditional, and that’s all right. It can still be modern and look great.”

If masculine represents black, then purple represents feminine. Many women apply many colors, but everyone believes that purple is fantastic. Purple has some exclusive features, looks beautiful, timeless, freedom, and ultimate luxury, and no closet are complete without purple. So, girls use purple hair dye to stay cool and rock.

How to fix bleached orange hair?

According to hair color theory, here are some tips for fixing the orange color after bleaching.
Apply blue or purple shampoos.
01. Use shower filters and consider color glazes.
02. Apply toner with the help of a professional.

03. Hydrate your hair with coconut, argan, and olive oil regularly.
04. Use permanent hair dye and make it darker.

purple on orange bleached hair

In conclusion, you answered you could use purple dye over orange-bleached hair. Sometimes hair coloring becomes a complicated thing. But I am pretty sure you will get more plum/ berry/ burgundy toned hair over the top. So if you are happy with this fantastic color tone, you should experiment with purple dye.

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