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Can a T10 Wella Charm Toner take the Orange/Yellow out of My Blond Hair?

Whitening products are used to lighten the tone of blonde hair. Using toner could take your blond hair from brassy orange to ash grey/silver.

Wella’s Charm Toner is designed to be applied after coloring, before conditioning, and at the time closest to when you apply shampoo. Use the toner every time you shampoo.

Wella touts that the Charm Toner is made for blonde hair and is to be used immediately after coloring to remove the brassiness of your hair.

Wella also claims that repeated use will help hold down the yellow in blondes, helping keep them looking bright.

Brassiness can occur with blonde hair when it is exposed to humidity. The yellow in blondes can also become more visible in the presence of chlorine, saltwater, or perspiration.

Wella has this toner available in multiple forms: shampoo form or traditional liquid toner.

Wella suggests using their Welloxon Perfect 6% if your hair is brassy and you desire a blonde shade.

Wella also recommends that your hair be platinum or white blonde to use this product. If you have any remaining yellow tones in your hair, the toner won’t work its magic.

This is especially noticeable if your ends are not platinum.

To test for brassy hair, wet a strand of hair and wait for it to dry.

Once the strand is completely dry, look at it in natural light on a white surface. If you can see brassiness, use this toner on your whole head.

Do not wash your hair with shampoo before applying the toner. It will leave hair feeling like straw and make blonde hair look dull.

To use as a toner, take one tablespoon each of Wella Brilliance Shampoo and Charm Toner. Massage the mixture into hair from root to tip.

Allow it to sit for two minutes before rinsing it with cold water. The cold water will help seal the cuticle, locking in shine and coloration.

Wella recommends that you use their Brilliance Conditioner after using this toner. This will not only help the color of your hair stay, but it also will keep hair from drying out.

How does Wella T10 tone hair

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it turn yellow/orange out of my blond hair?

To answer this question, we must know what toner is and how it works.
Toners are meant to add color (specifically blue) back into the hair that has been stripped by frequent highlighting or bleaching.

The reason you can’t just use a regular shampoo and expect miracles is that shampoo only removes the buildup from the surface of your hair. By clarifying the hair, you are removing buildup from the scalp and hair shafts but not necessarily adding anything back into it.

Toners deposit color onto your strands, using a blue-black pigment to counteract orange/yellow tones in blond or light brown hair. If you have brassy blonde hair, this might not be enough to take the brass out of your hair.

Why is my blonde hair getting brassy-orange, and what can I do to get rid of it?

There are a couple of reasons blonde hair can become brassy-orange. The first thing is the water in your shower if it has high levels of iron or sulfur.

The second reason is probably what you’re seeing now since this is why toners exist.

Repeated bleaching and highlighting will remove some of the natural pigment in your hair (specifically, the yellow and orange), leaving behind a more ashy color that is reflected more on the surface of your hair.

When you combine this with brassiness from rust in water or repeated treatments, you end up with brassy-orange hair.

Does shampooing my hair more than once a week cause it to get brassy/yellow?

Shampooing your hair can cause it to become brassy or yellow, usually seen in people who only shampoo their hair once a week.

The reason it affects the color of your blonde hair is that when you wash your hair, you are removing buildup from your scalp and hair shafts.

Some of this buildup is dust and dirt, but some are also your natural sebum oils, which capture the pigment in your hair, resulting in blonde hair that looks more golden instead of yellow.

If you strip away all these oils with shampoo every week, the surface of your hair starts to look more yellow than it naturally would.

Does clarify shampoo remove the buildup that causes my hair to look brassy?

Clarifying shampoos are made specifically to remove nearly all of the dirt and oil on your scalp, but it does nothing to remove buildup from your hair shafts.

That’s where toners come in. Clarifying shampoos can do a good job of getting rid of the top layer of dirt and oil, but this won’t do anything to remove buildup from your scalp or hair shafts.

Can I use a toner on my super blonde extensions?

Toners are designed for light-colored natural hair that has yellow/orange undertones so that it will work.

Just don’t expect it to be quite as intense as if you were dying your hair.

Can tone my hair with shampoo damage my hair?

No, toners don’t work by depositing color into the hair.

Because toners are used on blond or light brown hair that has been stripped of some of its natural pigment, using a toner will add back some of that pigment, leaving your hair with a subtle blue or purple color.

Because it doesn’t change the color of the hair itself, using a toner won’t cause any damage to your hair at all.

How many times should you tone your hair?

You should aim to tone your hair as many times as it takes to achieve the color you want.

If your hair is only slightly brassy, toning once should be enough. If it’s very yellow or orange, you may need to tone it multiple times.

Is T10 Wella Charm in purple shampoo good for dark brunettes too?

Normally toners are meant for light-colored hair with yellow and orange undertones, so it’s not made for brunettes.

But because the purple shampoo contains blue tones, you could theoretically use it as a toner if you wanted to dilute out some of the gold in your hair.

Can you use Wella T10 toner to take the orange
The Good Stuff
  • It soothes dry skin.
  • It contains an anti-inflammatory agent that reduces the pain of a blowout.
  • It cools down irritation.
The Bad Stuff
  • It does not have enough foam to clean the skin well.
  • The bottle was too small and would run out quickly once opened.

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