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Why is My Hair Still Yellow After Toning it with Wella T18?

When you tone your hair, you’re converting the yellow to blue. This means that if your hair is yellow, it will become less yellow after toning with Wella T18 (or any other blue-based color).

The only reason the toner doesn’t completely convert all of the yellowness to bluish tones is that the toner particles don’t stay around long enough to convert the yellow ultimately.

Toners are semi-permanent, meaning they only last a certain amount of time. Wella T18’s lightfastness is 8-12 hours.

This means that once you’ve washed your hair and applied the toner, it will fade/wash out within a day (8-12 hours).

So, the only reason your hair is still yellow is that the toner has faded and is no longer there to convert more of your yellowing pigments.

Reasons Why is My Hair Still Yellow after Toning it with Wella T-18?

Wella t18 toner is specially formulated to correct unwanted yellow tones in blond hair. It has a violet base that neutralizes the unwanted yellow shades, thus creating the purest, most radiant silver color.

As there are many ways to take care of your blonde/bleached hair, and some people might not use the product on their hair the way it is supposed to, here are some possible reasons why your hair might not be lightened even after the application of Wella t18 Toner.

What to do if hair is still yellow after toning
Make sure that you follow the instructions on how to use this product precisely. You must read the instructions on applying this toner because if you apply it incorrectly, it will not lighten your hair in the desired way.
Another reason could be that the quality of the product is under standard and thus won’t show its results well. As Wella Professionals is an expensive brand, you might also need to pay attention to the products you buy from them so as not to take home a bad product.
Sometimes, your hair is not blond enough to be toned in the first place. Thus, you might need to bleach it before applying this product for better results and faster lightening of the strands.
The hair color could also be too dense or dark for Wella t18 Toner to work effectively.
Wella t18 Toner can also lighten your hair, but it is essential to know that this specific toner will not correct the white, orange, and yellow tones in bleached hair. You must use a different product or bleach your strands again before adding Wella t18 Toner.
If you have darker hair it is more yellow than blond, then this toner might not work, as the yellow dye that Wella t18 Toner has been made to remove can only be seen on blond hair.
If your hair was already lightened before using this product, there are high chances of its color being resistant to Wella t18 Toner.
The product might not have been used in sufficient quantity/ It’s possible that this toner wasn’t applied on the hair strands enough times or with sufficient quantity to work well. Thus, if you are trying to lighten your hair which is already blonde, then make sure that you leave this toner on your hair for enough time before washing it off.
If the roots of your hair are darker than the ends, use a shampoo that prevents brassiness from preventing this color difference from happening after lightening.
Some people have reported that their hair has turned yellow instead of lighter or white when using Wella t18 Toner. This is because the toner might not have reacted with your hair strands sufficiently for this to happen.
Why is my hair still yellow after toning

Frequently Asked Questions

I toned my hair with Wella T18, but it still has yellow undertones! Why is this?

The color of your hair will depend on many things including the dye you used previously, how much dye was applied at the time, and what other processes have been done to your hair. It can take several applications to neutralize the yellow fully, as each time you dye, it becomes harder to remove. As a result of the previous dyes, your hair has been exposed to chemical damage. This can make it more porous and easier for color molecules to attach themselves. You must consider having a balancing treatment done first to help re-enforce your hair cuticle, then undertake a few more dye jobs. Remember that some people have more resistant hair than others, so it can take longer to get your desired results.

I want to remove my color because it’s an unnatural-looking red, but nothing works! My stylist has given up on trying new things to cover the yellow underneath that she says is making the red very brassy. What can I do?

First of all, you need to do a balancing treatment on your hair. It is essential because you are trying to re-enforce the cuticle, making it easier for other dyes to adhere to the surface of the fiber, thus allowing them to release more easily later on. Your stylist can recommend a good one, and you can then go on to do your color, but it’s best to leave the toner for an hour or two before doing this as we want all the chemical processes to calm down first.

I’ve been using Wella Color Charm T18 1N with great results, but I want to try a different color. Tina Marie used a Tina T18 1G on me, and my hair looks brassy, yellow, and awful. How did this happen?

When doing the balancing treatment, there is a window of about 30 minutes when your hair changes from being porous enough for other dyes to attach themselves to the fiber, but before it starts to re-enforce the cuticle. If you use your processing time too soon, other unwanted dyes can attach themselves. By leaving your color for a while before doing the balancing treatment, any previous dye not correctly removed will have had enough time to detach itself from the fiber and be disposed of via your washing and rinsing processes. This means that when you go to put on your new color, it will be able to attach itself solidly and not interfere with your new dye at all.

A couple has told me of professionals that my hair is porous and damaged, so I cannot take any more hair color products. Is this true?

Very often, hair that seems to be porous is actually in good condition when it comes to the cuticle. For example, you can have split ends or frizzy hair, but underneath the surface is very strong and healthy. This means that your hair appears to be brilliant at absorbing color, but in fact, it’s just bouncing it off! If you want to achieve good lasting hair color, then you need to consider strengtheners or treatments. This will help to reinforce the cuticle so that when color molecules attach themselves, they are more likely to stay put.

Do I have to use Wella Color Charm T18 1N if my hair is still yellow after toning it from previous colors?

If your hair is still very yellow after a Wella Color Charm T18 1N toner treatment, you may need to consider doing more treatments. Please note that this product will not do anything to alleviate previously dyed brassy or warm tones in the hair. This means that if you have used another color before this, especially a warmer tone, you may still have yellow undertones coming through.

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