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How Long Does Temporary Hair Color Wax Really Last?

My hair color wax lasted for about four days. It is temporary and needs some retouching to keep the hair long good.

On the second day, I noticed that the color looked far, much better, not chalky, and it actually shined. On the fourth day, my hair was dry and looking pale, so I washed and got my black color back.

My advice is to use as little hair color wax as possible to avoid flakiness and crunchiness in your hair.

Hair color wax is the latest trend, and I discovered it on YouTube and Instagram. I loved how it turned natural hair into something exciting for a few days.

It’s magical how it transforms dull hair into a mesmerizing color while leaving some streaks of the original color.

This means you don’t need to bleach your hair to look great for an event. Apart from the different colors, including brown and orange, you can try out the gray hair color.

I must admit that my hair is already turning gray, and trying the temporary silver color felt terrific. I felt safe because I knew I would return to my original color (not that gray hair is bad).

People would turn to look at me because the silver hair stood out. It was actually the best I have achieved with temporary color wax.

So How Long with Hair Color Wax Last?

Hair color wax lasts a few days because it sits on the hair surface and doesn’t go deep. If you don’t like the color, you wash your hair.

The longest you can stay with this color is one week. According to cosmopolitan.com, the color is not meant to last long.

Within those days, avoid adding more wax as it will become harder to clean it up. Too much wax builds up on the hair and the scalp and gives them a chalky look.

When washing off the color, use a clarifying but gentle shampoo or a pre-poo conditioner to loosen the wax.

From there, follow your regular cleaning, condition, and styling steps.

Does hair wax wash out easily

How to Apply Temporary Hair Color Wax?

Always check the instructions on your color wax. Each product comes with special instructions to get the right formula.

However, for all color wax products, you must clean your hair first and condition it.

Wear a Pair of Gloves

Put on a pair of gloves to protect your nails because you will use your hands to spread the wax color on your hair.

Also, wear an old shirt that you don’t care much about because you will definitely end up with some stains.

Divide the Hair into Small Sections

Depending on the density of your hair, divide it into several sections to allow you to use a nickel per section.

But you can always add more if you feel it’s not enough.

Give the hair about 15 minutes to transform into your desired shade; add more color wax if it doesn’t.

Make Two Strand Twists

Once you are done with a section, divide it into parts and twist the hair.

Cover your head with a satin bonnet when done with the color application, and leave it to dry. If you want maximum results, leave overnight.

By morning your hair will have a vibrant color.

This makes sense because; I always find the color looks better on the second day than on the first.

The Good Stuff
  • Less damaging to the hair.
  • Works for all hair textures.
  • It allows you to try different colors.
  • Super easy to apply.
The Bad Stuff
  • It may look greasy.
  • No brushing.
  • Requires extra wash.
How Long Does Temporary Hair Color Wax Really Last

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my hair wax color wash out easily?

Washing out hair wax color is not difficult. Use some warm water and gentle shampoo to help melt and wash off the solid particles of wax once the hair is clean and in deep condition to prevent dryness and possible breakage.

Can color hair wax stick to my hair permanently?

No, hair wax color is temporary but looks as good as permanent colors for a few days. It is easy to apply at home to give your hair a pop color for the season. It is non-sticky and always easy to wash off.

Can hair wax color damage my hair?

No, using hair wax color is not harmful and will not affect your hair. However, you should not let the color stay on your hair for over a week. It tends to dry out, which is not suitable for the hair. Also, give your hair some time before applying another color. If you overuse the hair color wax, it may alter your hair’s pH balance and original color.

How often can issue hair wax color?

Generally, between two and four weeks break is enough before you apply the next hair wax color. This allows your hair to grow and relax before another is used. You can give it a longer break, especially if your hair is naturally brittle and tends to dry out fast.

Final Word

If you want to try out the latest color without risking a permanent change, hair wax color is the best option.

I have tried it myself, and with so many bright colors available, you will be spoilt for choice.

I was excited to change my hair’s color to orange without using a bleacher. Some people didn’t like it, but I loved it and was happy because I knew it would only last a few days.

I am cool with temporary hair colors because I like my original hair color.

This is something you can do at home, and the only cost involved is the price of the hair color wax.

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