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How can I make Homemade Temporary Hair Color for Kids?

Temporary coloring is a solution that will allow you to see if you can get used to a new shade of hair. Try on the look to see if you are ready to “wear” it for a long time.

And you can continue to dye your hair for a couple of days or a week, each time changing the color to a new one so as not to repeat.

In addition, this is an excellent opportunity to surprise everyone, say, at parties.

As your kid’s age, they get more interested in coloring their hair. But as a parent, you may not want your child to use permanent hair color.

However, with creativity, you can color their hair temporarily with the color they want. Guess what?

Here is a pretty way that you can use to make a homemade temporary hair color for your kids.

Please follow the procedure below to prepare the hair color using Kool-Aid.

Step 1: Preparing Yourself to Make the Temporary Hair Color

Remember, you will need around 25 to 30 minutes to prepare and roughly 15 minutes or more for processing. Below is how you can get prepared.

-Choosing the Color You want to Apply to your Child’s Hair

The first thing to do is to choose the color you want. Kool-Aid is available in different colors, so you must select the color you want for your kids’ hair color before doing anything. Your kid’s natural hair color can influence the color of the final result.

-Getting All the Necessary Things

The things you will need here are;

  • 2 Kool-Aid packets.
  • One old towel or used cloth.
  • 2 cup water.
  • One hair tie or clip.
  • One comb.
  • One-pot/pan.
  • One cup bowl or container.
  • Gloves.
  • Blow-dry.
  • Dye brush.
  • A spoon.
  • Hair conditioner.
Can a 12 year old use temporary hair dye

Step 2: Making the Hair Color

Follow the below procedure to prepare the hair color;

-Boiling Water

Pour two cups of water and boil it using your pot or container.

-Wearing the Gloves to Your Hands

Then you have to wear gloves on your hands to prevent the hair color from soaking into your skin. Here a pair of disposable latex or rubber kitchen gloves will do the job well.

-Emptying the Kool-Aid into the Bowl

Depending on the hair size, if it is short hair, you can use one packet, but if the hair size is longer, you can use two or more packets. If you are unsure how many packets the hair will take, you can start with one packet and follow up with another one until you get the color saturation you want on the hair.

-Stir in Hot Water

Here you will have to use hot water to dissolve the powder. You will start by putting 15 to 30 ml of hot water in the bowl. Then mix the water with the powder. Make sure you stir well until the powder dissolves by using a spoon. Remember you should not add a lot of water to the power.

-Adding Hair Conditioner

Here you must add hair conditioner to the mixture to form a paste. Around 59 ml of conditioner will be enough, but you can add more until a consistent creamy paste is formed.

How can I temporarily color my child's hair

Step 3: Application

You must follow the final stage to apply the hair color to your kid’s hair.

-Cover Your Child’s Shoulder or Workspace with an Old Cloth or Towel

Since the color can stain your kid’s cloth, you must cover their shoulder with an old towel to avoid getting stained. You can also use clips to keep the towel in place. Remember, you can use more than one towel to prevent the moisture from getting through.

-Divide the Hair into Section

You can divide the hair into 3 to 6 sections using hair ties or clips. Remember, the hair must be clean before doing this. Dividing the hair into sections will help you to apply the hair color evenly.

-Painting the Kool-Aid Paste

Now it’s time to apply the Kool-Aid paste to your kid’s hair sections, from the roots to the tips. Here you can use the dye brush or your gloved hands to apply the hair color. Make sure you complete one section before applying to another section until you finish.

-Wrap your Kid Hair with a Saran Wrap

Here you have to wrap the hair to make sure the hair color can spread and stain well to the hair before it dries.

-Waiting for the Result

Wait for at least 15 minutes or more before removing the wrap. Here you will be given the hair color to saturate well on the hair. You can also wait hours if you need a deeply saturated hair color.

-Rinse your Kid’s Hair

You must remove the saran wrap and rinse your kid’s hair using cold running water. Ensure you rinse it from the roots to the tips until all the hair color paste is removed. Do this until the water runs clear. Remember not to use shampoo during rinsing. It might fade the color.

-Blow-dry the Hair

To see the final result then, you have to blow-dry the hair to remove all the moisture. When you dry your kid’s hair completely, you will see the rocking hair color.

Final Word

The above are the steps you can use in your home to prepare a temporary hair color for Kids. Remember, all the steps involved are crucial, and skipping one may lead to a poor result.

It would be best to follow the steps to get a perfect desirable outcome. Remember, this is a temporary hair color.

So you can use homemade ingredients like baking powder, shampoo, and many others when you want to remove the color.

Hopefully, this article has been informative to you, and you can take the next step of preparing the temporary hair color for your kids.

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