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I Dyed My Hair Purple, But It Looks Red- Why?

Hair dying is quite intimidating. No matter the color you choose, the process isn’t easy. There are numerous hazards during the process.

And one may be your hair turning red after dying it to purple. Do you want to know how to solve your hair color problems?

This guide highlights why your purple hair may turn red after dying it to purple. What causes and how to prevent it? This might put your minds at ease.

Purple is a standard hair color that is known to fade rapidly. So, when you decide to dye to the purple shade, know that you may like it at first, but it will start fading to red with time.

This is common for almost all dyed hairs, but proper maintenance is the key.

The Purple Dye Fades Fast

Purple hair dye fades as quickly as red hair color.

This is because the dye molecules in a purple dye cannot go deep into your hair shaft, making them prone to external influences.

How Long will the Purple Hair Fade on its Own?

The duration for the purple hair color to fade is determined by the number of times you wash it. If you frequently wash the hair, it won’t last for one week or even two.

Purple hair color dye tends to last for approximately 4 or 5 washings. However, after you’ve washed it for once, you will begin to see it fading.

If you follow a few specific dye color preservation measures, you can keep it looking good for a maximum of three months.

Purple hair will indeed fade after some time when dyed. Typically, the purple-dyed hair will fade to a light version of the purple in the beginning, but later on, it may appear to have a red tint.

This is the main reason why purple-dyed hair looks red after some time.

In color mixology, blue and red produce purple. The purple hair dye will have both blue and red pigments when it starts fading.

Besides, if you dyed your hair red, it will have red pigments and purple pigments when fading. It will look slightly purple with a pink/red tint to it.

However, a bluish tint might be visible in the faded version of a blue-based purple. What to consider before dying your hair is its natural hair color.

The purple pigment in your hair may fade to silver or grey if it is very light. Purple dye might also cause blonde hair to become green.

How do you neutralize red tones in purple hair

What to Do When My Purple Hair has Faded to Red?

If you have dyed your hair purple and are already showing signs of fading, do not feel discouraged.

There are, however, several things you may do with the hair so that it can appear more attractive:

Use a Darker Color on the Roots of Your Hair

A distinctive ombre mixed with the faded purple dye color at the hair ends and a vivid purple base are eye-catching since it’s unusual.

Why not embrace the grey?

If you originally had platinum blonde hair, which faded to grey, you can use purple dye to make it look amazing. Use a hair mask to keep it healthy.

How to Keep Purple-Dyed Hair from Fading to Red?

It’s beneficial to figure out the various ways to make your fading purple hair seem better.

However, how can one decrease the hair’s rates to a different color after dying it? We’ll be clear here.

Not everything can entirely prevent purple hair dyed from fading away, but trying is always encouraged to lessen the effect.

You can try one or more of the following suggestions. This way, you may extend the life of the dye on your hair.

Do not Use Heat Tools.

Heat tools should be used less frequently to avoid fast fading. As a result, to keep your purple color, it is recommended to take them down and experiment with other heat-free techniques.

If you must use the heat, do it sparingly and ensure you set it at low temperatures. Also, remember to apply the heat protectant!

Increase the Length of Time Between Washes

One quickest method to make your hair fade quickly is washing it daily. Because purple dye doesn’t penetrate much to the hair shaft, it will bind your outer hair layers, making it rinsed quickly with shampoo.

If your hair needs washing, try using protective styles such as high puffs, ponytails, low buns, etc.

Use Cold Water

Hot water on your hair makes the hair cuticles open up. The chemicals are rinsed away more efficiently when you wash your hair because the heat has opened the cuticles.

Because of this, hot water is unsuitable for washing your dyed hair. Instead, wash the hair with cold water, not open the hair cuticles as the hot water would.

Washing your hair using cold water may be unpleasant initially; however, you can get used to it with time.

Why does my hair look red after coloring
  • The hair can stay for a long time when cared for adequately.
  • Purple-dyed hair fades quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my purple-dyed hair fading to red?

Because the purple dye has both red and blue pigments so, when purple fades, you will find it turning to red color.

Is it advisable to use hot water for your purple-dyed hair?

No. Use cold water instead. Hot water will make it fade quickly.

Wrapping up

Purple has always been one of those hues we adore at first and despise as it fades.

With the information in this article, you’ll have all you need to keep your locks vibrantly purple for longer, rock them as it fades, and figure out how long they will last.

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