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Is it Bad to Wash Hair with Dawn Dish Soap Instead of Shampoo?

Using Dawn dish soap in your hair might be new to you, but people started using it as an alternative to shampoo a long time ago.

You might come here watching youtube beauty vloggers making videos on washing their hair with Dawn dish soap. Also, they are taking so much optimism about it in their videos and recommending it to others. But how can you trust them?

Is it okay to wash your hair with Dawn dish soap? In this article, we will admit these questions and give you a proper look at them.

What is Dawn Dish Soap, and how does it Differ from Regular Soap?

Soap is made out of mixing fats and oils with an alkaline substance. Soap works on soft water.

It solubilizes all the specks of dirt and grease, washes them away, and is designed for body wash use. It is a potent drying agent, which is not suitable for hair.

Dawn dish soap, on the other hand, is not anything like soap. It comprises surfactants, viscous substances, cleaning agents, and pH adjusters.

Some of its ingredients are common with shampoos, like surfactants such as SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE and SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE.

That’s why people using it on hair got good results, as it’s not as harsh as soap.

Why Do People Use Dawn Dish Soap to Wash their Hair?

Dawn dish soap is designed in such a way that it removes all the oils and grease. If you pay close attention, you will figure out that most people who benefit from it have straight hair.

As stated earlier that it is a strong cleaning agent, and it is very suitable for straight hair. Also, it uses ingredients that are not harsh as soap, and has similarities with shampoo.

But why is it beneficial for straight and wavy hair?

To answer that, you need to know that our scalp produces natural oils. In straight hair, the oil travels down the hair apex quickly.

That is why straight hair and wavy hair get very oily and greasy. The primary haircare recommendation for straight and wavy hair is not to get it oily and greasy.

Straight and wavy hair should be kept dry most of the time.

As we know by now, Dawn dish soap has cleaning agents such as PEI-14 PEG-24/PPG-16 COPOLYMER, SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE, SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE, C10-16 ALKYLDIME-THYLAMINE OXIDE, and C9-11 PARETH-8, which cleans out all the excess oils and grease from the hair, which is suitable for those types of hair.

Not only that, but it also has viscosity adjusters such as GLYCERIN, SODIUM CHLORIDE, and PPG-26; pH adjusters such as SODIUM HYDROXIDE; opacifier such as STYRENE; water softeners such as TETRASODIUM GLUTAMATE DIACETATE.

Due to all these ingredients, it is beneficial to people with straight and wavy hair. It also contains antibacterial agents that protect the scalp from harmful microorganisms.

Can you use dish soap instead of shampoo

Why for People with Natural (Type 4 curly) Hair is it not Beneficial?

Since it is already stated above, our scalp produces natural oils. It is important to note that the scalp should retain those natural oils.

The oils are produced in the sebum, which then has to travel down to the apex of the hair. The oils cannot reach the apex since type 4 curly hair has tight curls and locks.

That’s why curly hair is the driest of all hair types. The primary hair care for curly hair is to keep it moisturized.

You already know from the above discussions that Dawn dish soap is designed to remove oil and grease.

So, when people with curly hair use it, it washes away all the natural oil from the scalp and makes it even drier, making everything worse for people with curly hair.

It negatively affects the natural growth of the hair. Also, when hair gets very dry, and there is no natural oil in the scalp, the hair becomes weak and snaps, which causes hair to fall.

How to Use Dawn Dish Soap for Washing Curly Hair?

The only way a curly-haired person can use dawn dish soap as an alternative to shampoo is to keep moisturizing their hair.

You need to understand that it is a potent oil-removing agent.

So, if you use it, you should know that you just removed all your natural oil from your scalp. Your curly hair is already dry, and you just made it drier.

It is recommended if you use it as a shampoo, then follow it up with a leave-in conditioner. The leave-in conditioner contains a lot of oils and vitamins that will keep your scalp moisturized.

It is also recommended to use some oil in your hair, such as olive oil.

Olive oil is beneficial for hair. It retains the natural oil in your scalp. If you don’t like olive oil, then you can also use Almond oil or coconut oil.

If you follow these procedures, you will benefit from the Dawn dish soap.

How should You Use Dawn Dish Soap as Shampoo?

Dawn dish soap is still not an alternative to shampoo. But if you want to use it, then you might follow the following procedures-

  • Use the right amount of it to use it. If you want to wash out your hair color, use it extensively, but use a drop only if you don’t want to.
  • Mix it with equal amounts of water to avoid any adverse reaction to your scalp.
  • Leave it on for not more than 10-15 minutes on your hair.
  • Wash out properly after you are done. Make sure there are no residues left on your hair.
  • Follow it up with a deep conditioner for at least 5 minutes.
  • Dry your hair with an air dryer.
What does washing your hair with Dawn dish soap do

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Dawn dish soap safe for my hair?

YES! It is entirely safe for your hair. Dawn dish soap doesn’t use any toxic substances. It is not harsh or alkaline like soap. It uses a lot of surfactants, viscosity adjusters, pH adjusters, opacifiers, water softeners, and antibacterial agents that are harmless and scalp-friendly.

Q. Will Dawn dish soap remove my hair color?

YES! Dawn dish soap is a potent cleaning agent. It cleans out hair dye/color along with natural oils and grease. It is highly recommended to use small amounts of it to keep your hair color intact.

Q. What are the benefits of Dawn dish soap?

Due to its robust cleaning mechanism, it can clean out dandruff, unwanted oils, and grease from your hair. It also acts as a mild bleach to lighten your hair color.

In a nutshell

If you have natural (type 4 curly) hair, it’s better not to use dawn dish soap as an alternative to shampoo. I personally don’t recommend it to anyone. But if you benefit from it, then good for you.

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