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How Do I Bleach Wash My Hair without Using Developer?

I have bleach-washed my hair in the past and loved the results. It is easy because I do it at home anytime I want. In all the years I have been bleaching my hair, I have always used a developer.

Regular bleaching involves a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Ammonia is the developer, and hydrogen peroxide is the bleaching agent.

When the two are mixed and applied to the hair, it oxidizes the hair’s melanin and eventually removes the original color.

This gives your hair a light color. The melamine remains, but its molecule becomes colorless. Beached hair has a yellowish shiny tint.

Steps to Bleach Bath Hair without a Developer

Bleach bath is easy and takes four steps to complete. I know them by heart because I have followed them several times.

However, if you are planning to bleach your hair without a developer, do not attempt it.

According to one hair color researcher on Quora, the bleach powder will only work when mixed with a developer.

Mixing the bleach powder with shampoo cannot bleach your hair. It puts your hair’s health at risk as it weakens and may break it.

A bleach bath is not aggressive like full-hair bleaching and is always the best way to start before going deeper into the bleaching world.

Here are steps to follow when bleaching ishes your hair.

Can I use water instead of developer

Mix the bleach powder, and the developer

Mix the bleach powder and the developer in a bowl. I usually add two tablespoons of each and then stir the mixture.

If the developer has a high level of peroxide, this means it contains a lot of peroxide. Developers are available in various volumes.

The weakest is ten, and the most powerful is forty. I would advise you to start with a volume of 10 and watch how the hair reacts.

-Add Some Shampoo

Add some shampoo to the bleaching mixture. It should be an amount enough to wash your hair.

The shampoo makes the bleach less aggressive but does not stop it from transforming your hair’s color.

For brittle, dry hair, add some little conditioner to prevent breakage.

-Apply the Mix

Start by wetting the hair with plenty of water as if you want to wash it and then dry it with a towel. Place the towel on your shoulders to prevent the beach from falling on your clothes.

Remember to put on a pair of gloves and use a brush to apply the mix. You should apply the bleach from the bottom going up using the brush and your fingers.

The roots tend to bleach faster than the rest of the hair, so touch them last with the mix and use your fingers to rub the hair gently.

-Leave it for Some Time

After applying the mix, hold the hair together using a clip and cover it with a plastic wrapper.

Have a mirror to help you see the progress and wash off the mix once you achieve the desired hair shade.

-Wash the Hair

Rinse the hair with plenty of water to remove the mix.

Do not add a conditioner if you want to dye the hair afterward. Add a deep conditioner after dyeing the hair.

How Much Time Should You Leave The Bleach On Your Hair?

The first time I bleach washed my hair, I waited for about thirty minutes before washing it off. It was a 20 volume bleach developer, and it didn’t act very fast.

My hair is black and quite dark, but I kept checking in the mirror until I achieved the color I wanted. Besides, I noticed that a higher volume mix works faster than a low volume one.

If you do not have your hair bleached, avoid waiting for over 15 minutes.

Read the labels to know how strong the bleach is, and even you do not understand it, never leave the bleaching mix for more than thirty minutes.

The Good Stuff
  • Easy to apply.
  • Safe to apply at home.
  • Stripes of dye from your hair.
  • Corrects over-toned hair.
  • Eliminates brassiness in lightened hair.
  • Less damaging.
  • Ideal for hair types.
The Bad Stuff
  • Causes irritation to the eyes and the skin.
  • It takes time to achieve the desired color in dark hair.
  • Not usable on damaged hair.
  • Leaves intermediate bleaching, which you have to tone.
Can you use shampoo as bleach developer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to use a developer during bleach wash?

Yes, you need a developer during bleach wash. You should add mix the bleach powder and developer and apply it on wet hair.

Can water replace the developer?

Water cannot replace the developer when bleaching your hair. Developers come in various strengths starting with the highest at 40, and the others are 30, 20, and the lowest is 10.

Can you use a conditioner instead of a developer?

If you are looking for something to replace the developer when bleach is washing the hair, you must accept that developer is irreplaceable. The only alternatives you have is to use dyes that do not require a developer or contain ammonia. But most of them are temporary as they deposit the color on the hair surface.

What is the best bleach do developer ratio?

The recommended ratio in a bleach wash is one part of the bleach and two parts of the developer (1:2). This results in a runny mixture, which is easy to apply to the hair and results.

Final Word

A bleach wash process is gentle to the hair and a better option if you are bleaching your hair for the first time.

However, you must follow the right steps and take proper of your hair before and after bleaching it. I always make sure to deep condition my hair after bleaching and avoid too much heat.

I have also noted that leaving the bleach for a few minutes reduces the risks of breakages.

Besides, every hair bleaching product is different, and therefore I recommend that you read the labels and follow instructions.

Remember, the aftercare you give to your hair determines how it looks all the time.

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