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Can I Add a 40 Vol Developer to a Revlon Box Dye?

Volume developers work as activators of dye by opening hair cuticles. More hydrogen peroxide makes strong development and gives more lift.

40 vol developer is a strong developer with 12% hydrogen peroxide and gives up to 8-level lift. When the developer opens the hair’s cuticle, the hair dye starts the job.

Oxidative hair dyes give permanent color, and non-oxidative dyes are responsible for temporary color.

Revlon box dye is the most popular hair dye compared to other competitors. It has a ton of shade for every type of hair.

40 vol Developer to a Revlon Box Dye

“Yes,” you can add a 40-vol developer to a Revlon box dye. In this situation, developers act as activators for Revlon box dye and give better results.

But there is some factor that, when used, can use 40 vol developer with box dye.

Let’s have a look at them:

01. Permanent Color

If you have used any color before, you now want higher light or your previous color damage. You can use a 40-vol developer with Revlon permanent box dye for lifting to 8 levels.

For fixing wrong highlights, the mixture of 40 vol and Revlon box dye is a great solution. The result comes with permanent, high-definition, and long-lasting.

This permanent color is safe because it is ammonia-free. Revlon box dye and high-level volume are hazardous solutions. Apply carefully with the expert.

02. Natural Hair Color

If you have virgin hair ( never used any developer and dye), you can safely use Revlon box dye with volume developer.

For achieving up to 4-level lifts, use 10, 20, or 30-volume developers with hair dye. But If you want more light and permanent hair color, use Revlon box dye with a 40-volume developer.

03. Depending on the Shades

Revlon hair dye is available in multiple shades. The 40-volume developers increase the lasting and brightness of the shadows.

So, if you want many more shades with the highest lift and extended period, add a 40-vol developer with Revlon dye.

Can you add 40 developer to box dye

How to Add 40 Vol Developer with Revlon Box Dye

Generally, Revlon dye comes with a default low-level vol developer like 20 vol. For getting permanent color, fixing the damage, higher lift people add vol developers.

The 40-vol developer is powerful and only used for the expert.

Let’s see how to add vol developer with Revlon box dye and apply it.

Firstly, collect a basic hair dye kit like a thin hair comb, color brush, disposable gloves, and moisturizing cream.

Never use metal equipment for mixing the solution because it oxidizes the dye and makes color temporary. Use hand gloves to keep a two-inch distance from the hair root.

Secondly, before 48 hours of applying hair dye, perform an allergy test to escape any health repercussions. So before using hair dye, perform a patch test.

Thirdly, mix developer and dye with the proper ratio. The amount of 40 vol developer and Revlon box dye varies depending on hair color, types, and previous color.

The final result depends on the ratio of developers. Too many developer-open hair cuticles give more lift, but the color didn’t last long.

On the other hand, fewer developers did not open hair cuticles enough and have less color. The ratio of 40 vol developer and Revlon box dye is 1:1 for better results.

Now, separate your hair into 3 or 4 significant sections and secure them with pins or clips.

Take one area, divide them into a few subsections, and then apply the mixture with a color brush. After finishing one section, serially complete the other sections.

The ideal processing time is 30 minutes; you put it up to 40 minutes for the high lift.

Finally, wash your hair with low-PH shampoo to close the open hair cuticle again.

What happens if you add developer to box dye

Frequently Asked Questions

What volume developer is Revlon?

By default, Revlon hair dye contains 20 vol developer (6% hydrogen peroxide). Additionally, people sometimes use a 40 vol developer with Revlon hair dye for more lift and brightness.

Can I use Revlon box dye without a developer?

You can use Revlon box dye without any volume developer, but the result will not be permanent and will lighten. Box dye alone is a weak solution but very safe for hair and scalp, and you can apply it alone at home.

What happens when you mix Revlon box dye with a 40-vol developer?

Mixing Revlon box dye and 40 vol developer gives a fantastic new hair shade. It is long-lasting, has a higher lift, has more brightness, and is more attractive.

Final Thought

Based on the texture and power of Revlon dye to gain higher lift with a permanent better result. I can use a 40-vol developer with Revlon hair dye.

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