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Advantage & Disadvantages of Using 50 Volume Developers

I struggled with lightening my hair until I learned about the 50-volume developer.

I had used all the different levels of volume developer, but I didn’t even get the results I got after using the 50-volume developer.

The 50-volume developer is designed to give a more desired look to the hair. Here Is my experience and what I learned about the 50-volume developer.

Volume Developer Levels

Hair lighting depends on the type of hair volume the developer used. Different levels refer to different oxidizing potentials. There are different volume developer levels.

They include;

  • 10 with 3% hydrogen peroxide that is only used to brighten the hair and has a little bleaching effect.
  • 20 with 6% hydrogen peroxide lightens the hair to 2 to 3 shades.
  • 30 with 9% hydrogen peroxide lightens the hair up to 3 shades.
  • 40 with 12% hydrogen peroxide lightens hair up to 4 shades.
  • 50 with 15% hydrogen peroxide lightens hair up to 5 shades.

Each volume developer level has a different function on your hair. Some lighten hair, and some can do more damage than expected.

These volume developers work well when mixed with hair dye to enable them to penetrate through the hair.

Hair Levels

Different hair levels also determine the type of volume developer use and how light hair can turn. Hair level is measured on a scale of 1 to 10.

Level 1 is black hair, while level 10 is light blonde hair. I determined my hair level, and that is how I achieved the target level that I wanted.

Is it possible to lighten black hair with 50-volume developer creme

Advantages of 50 Volume Developer

After using the 50-volume developer, I decided to write down the benefits of using the product on my hair. There are many advantages, but here are just a few.

They include;

-Hydrogen Peroxide Ratio

The 50-volume developer has a high percentage of hydrogen peroxide. The high percentage of hydrogen peroxide increases the potential for hair lightening. Being the highest volume developer level, the 50-volume developer also has the highest ratio of hydrogen peroxide, making it the best hair-lightening agent.

-High Lighting Potential

The 50-volume developer can lift hair to five levels lighter than its current color. It is also possible to light hair up to 8 levels depending on the type of hair level. It is also suitable for black hair since it can light it up to 6 levels. It can also be used on light hair to achieve high lighting.

-Fast Lighting Time

I used it on my hair, and it took a short time to lighten it. Compared to the other different volume developer levels, the 50-volume developer is the best because it jabbers. I achieved my target hair color quickly, and I didn’t have to use it severally to attain the desired results.

-Stabilized Chemical Formula

The 50-volume developer chemical state is stable enough to lighten different hair levels. Its chemicals are mixed in a way that they attain desired results faster and easier.

-Creamy and Liquid Consistency

The 50-volume developer is made through a mixture of creamy and liquid to give an excellent hair lightening.

Disadvantages of Using 50 Volume Developers

It can be harmful and can damage hair if used recklessly. Its high percentage of hydrogen peroxide can make hair cuticles light, making them weak.

It can also lighten hair too much hence achieving an undesired result. I preferred using it with the help of a specialist who guided me through it.

Were it not for my hair specialist, I would not have opted for the 50-volume developer.

Does 50 Developer lighten hair

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of hair level is best for using the 50-volume developer?

Any hair level can use the 50-volume developer. It all depends on the desired final results. Different hair levels achieve different results. Black hair can get lighter up to 6 to 8 levels, while light hair can use the 50 hair developer to achieve a lighter hair level than the current one.

Can I mix the 50 hair developer with hair dye?

Yes. Using the 50-volume developer with hair dye is okay. It helps in penetrating through the hair to help achieve the desired result. Using the volume developer alone cannot give great results. It should be mixed with dye to make it look liquid, and that makes it attain a specific hair shade level.

Can I get specialist help when using the 50-volume developer?

The 50-volume developer is harmful and can damage hair. Therefore, specialist help is needed to assist in the hair lighting process. Although most hair specialists refuse to use it, I can testify that I used it with the help of my hair consultant and was happy with the results. The hair consultant helped me identify my hair levels before lighting, making it easy to choose the desired hair level that I wanted to attain after the process. No need for ignorance; hence I recommend specialist advice first before trying.

What percentage of hydrogen peroxide is in the 50-volume developer?

Different volume developer levels depend on the hydrogen peroxide ratio. The 50-volume developer can be prepared by adding 3 times hydrogen peroxide in every level to make it 15%. It has the highest percentage meaning that it has more hydrogen peroxide that can lighten hair faster and makes it easy to open the hair cuticles and make the hair 5 shades lighter.

Final Word

The 50 hair developer is special because it can give faster results quickly. Although harmful, it has great potential to lighten hair 5 shades lighter than any other volume developer level.

Everything has an advantage and a disadvantage. For that reason, using a 50-volume developer can also cause damage to the hair, making it weak.

That is why a hair specialist should be consulted before use.

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