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Can A 10 Years Old Girl Wear Makeup? (Detailed Guidelines)

American television personality, model, actress, and writer Tyra Banks says,

I love the confidence that makeup gives me.

Tyra Banks

Makeup is an essential tool for building up self-esteem. The history of makeup is ancient. Long ago, makeup products were very natural in ancient times, but we got better synthetic cosmetics for makeup when technology arrived.

Besides self-esteem, makeup protects skin from sun damage, increases definition, boosts confidence, and improves appearance. But the question is, what is the appropriate age for wearing makeup for a girl?

Are 10 Years Old Too Early To Wear Makeup For Girls?

Women usually start experimenting with makeup around the age of 12 to 15. The age of stars wearing makeup varies with a person’s mentality, culture, and occupation.

Sometimes, baby actors, dancers, and stage performers, girls start makeup at the first age before ten. Girls these days use a lot of social media. They have to upload too many pictures frequently. So girls start makeup at a very early age, around ten.

It is a time of social media and a time of makeup. According to a study by boardgamestips.com, more than 50% of 12 to 14-year-old girls use mascara, eyebrow pencils, and eyeliner. On the other hand, 45% of girls use concealer products, the foundation of 12 to 14.

So, ten years old is not too early to start makeup, but it is better to use simple light makeup to create a natural look for school, special occasions,s or every day.

Best Way to Makeup For A 10-Year-Old Girl

Teen girls’ skin is susceptible to makeup. The best rule for them is “less is too much” and maintaining a skincare routine properly.

There are the best ways to make up for a ten-year-old girl:

-Clean Your Face Properly

Before applying makeup, it is essential thing to clean your face correctly. If you have used any makeup before or your skin is dirt and oily, use a gentle cleanser and water to wash.

-Choose Moisturizer & SPF

To protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays, use moisturizer and SPF. After applying moisturizer, dry it properly, ensuring the skin doesn’t look flaky. Dry skin is better for a blend of foundation and concealer.

-Time For Blush

Take a light bronze blush, and use pink or salmon. Then using a brush lightly, add a slight blush onto your cheekbones.

-Eyecare Tips

For a teen, there are no necessary changes in brows; keep it natural. It is beautiful with its natural color and shape. To escape sweating and smudging problems, use waterproof mascara. If their clumped, use a clean mascara brush to remove them. Eyeliner may be bold for the traditional look, and it is to use eyeliner for special occasions.

-Use Concealer Sparingly

For the blemishes around your face or dark circle under your eyes, apply concealer. You can apply with your finger or makeup sponge on the problem area. To escape imperfections on the front, blend it properly.

-Apply Foundation

Do not use a heavy foundation; apply foundation according to your skin tone—blend foundation into your Nick headline and eyes. For laying the foundation, you can use your clean finger or makeup sponge.

Use foundation according to your skin type.

  • Cream powder foundation for oily skin.
  • Gel or cream foundation for normal skin.
  • Liquid foundation for dry skin.
  • Mousse foundation for combination skin.

It is better not to use a highlighter or contouring for a ten-year-old girl.

-Apply Light Blush

On any special occasion like a party or school annual program, use a light brush with shimmer. Apply it with a blush brush, and blend it appropriately to look natural.

-Use Eye Shadow

According to your natural skin tone, choose a color like pink, light brown, bronze, tan, or beige.

-Finish With Lipstick

It is unpleasant to see teens with complex makeup pick a light lipstick or lip gloss. Coral, pale pink, or nude is the perfect choice for a ten-year-old girl. For a step-by-step process, you can watch this video.

Tweens Vs. Teens Makeup

Girls ages 8 to 12 are called tween girls, and 12 to 18 years old girls are known as teens. According to the research of NPD Group, women (18 – 64 ages) and teens use less makeup than tween girls. Over the last 15 years tween ratio of mascara use increased from 10% to 18%, and eyeliner from 9% to 15%.

-Difference Between Tween and Teen Makeup:

Tweenage is very versatile for the neg parts of life, and massive hormonal changes happen in the body this time. For them, the most important rule is ‘less is always more and does not damage the skin tone of the product.

On the other hand, teens can use medium or heavy makeup according to their choice. But like a tween, teen skin is also very vulnerable for their age.

It is best to use medium coverage foundation, full coverage concealer, brow mascara, sheer lipstick & lip gloss, natural colored blush, and others according to face tone.

Why Do Tween & Teen Girls Wear Makeup?

Mainly young girls use makeup to look attractive and more confident. One out of five tweens uses full-face makeup daily, according to a study in 2014. Another research shows that 44% of American women use makeup before leaving home.

There is also many reasons behind using makeup:

  • Makeup helps to transform tweens & teen babyfaces into mature ones.
  • Makeup protects skin from sunrays, dust, and other harmful micro-agents.
  • In photos, natural looks are not noticeable properly, but makeup adds a brighter look.
  • Helping to get daily cleansing helps the face feel healthy.
  • Makeup is fun and challenging, and it is adventuring for young girls.

It is not the only reason for using attractive makeup; it’s also about tween skin and health.

Final Word

Makeup is a social asset that theoretically improves a young girl’s appearance. Wearing makeup is a personal choice; there is no right or wrong.

A 10 years old girl can wear makeup, which is practical in this modern time. Wearing makeup is one of the signs of young girls growing up.

As young faces are very vulnerable, ensure to use natural products that do not irritate the skin or toxic it.

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