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Is it Okay to Wear Makeup Everyday? What You Can Do About It?

In today’s world, makeup is a very familiar term to us. It is a necessity for some women and men, with many benefits. It expresses a sense of self-care, and it enhances the outlook of an individual.

But is it okay to wear it every day?

 In this article, we will look at the consequences of wearing makeup every day and help you decide whether you want to do it every day.

Also, in the end, we will show you some tips and tricks that can let you wear makeup every day without any side effects.

What Happens to Your Skin When You Wear Makeup Every Day.

01. You’ll Get Skin Breakout

It’s not rocket science to understand that wearing makeup daily can cause your skin to break out.

You may not have realized that there is a chance that some products will cause pimples, especially if you are vulnerable to acne.

These products contain many chemicals that can cause acne/pimples on your face if you wear makeup daily.

Also, it will prolong the breakout of the skin. Not only does makeup cause a breakout in the skin, but also it extends the process of healing it.

02. You will Have a Greater Chance of Develop Wrinkles

Wrinkles are a common skincare concern. Nobody wants to have wrinkles on their face, but you cannot avoid them if you use makeup every day.

You can have a lot of makeup products that reduce wrinkles. But some things make the possibility of getting wrinkles even more frequent.

According to research, not washing makeup before bed is the easiest way of getting wrinkles.

It is because the makeup collects all the specks of dirt and pollutants that stay deep in the pores and break down the skin’s elastin protein. That is how makeup can cause wrinkles.

03. Your Skin will not be able to Renew Itself

Our skin is capable of renewing itself. But it won’t be renewed if we don’t allow it to.

 According to studies, our skin renews itself in a cycle of 28 days. But if you apply makeup every day, then you will interfere with its natural cycle of renewing.

The cells of the skin break, and it again makes those cells. So the process should not be interrupted.

 They will not be able to regulate their temperature control, oil control, and hydration properly.

04. Wearing the Wrong Makeup can Cause an Allergic Reaction

If you wear makeup daily, you will want to experiment with different products. But all of our skin types are not the same. Some people have oily skin; some have dry skin.

Some people have both of them at the same time. Whatever your skin type is, it is crucial to choose the right product for you.

 If you wear it daily and it does not fit your skin type, you will get an allergic reaction. You can also get permanent skin scars through it.

Even using the right product daily can be fatal to your skin.

05. Wearing Makeup While Working out will Restrict your Skin from Breathing

If you are a fitness freak, don’t wear makeup to the gym. During a workout, if you apply makeup, it will damage your skin.

 It forms a barrier on your skin and covers your pores, which congest your skin and prevent the skin from releasing sweat from the pores.

Then your pore will not be able to maintain temperature and excrete out toxic substances from your body. Thus, it will cause blackheads and skin irritation. 

06. If You don’t Wash up Before Going to Bed, it will Damage Your Skin

Makeup can be good for your outlook. But it can never be good for you if you wear it while sleeping.

Not washing up before going to bed is a terrible idea. Sleeping with your makeup on can cause severe acne not only that, it invites free radicals that can cause havoc on your skin through the night.

These free radicals break down the collagen on your skin and create fine lines on the skin. When you take it off later in the morning, you will be welcomed with wrinkles.

07. Makeup Doesn’t Protect You from the Sunlight

We think that makeup can protect the skin from the UV rays of sunlight. But in reality, it doesn’t.

Sunlight does a lot of damage to your skin, such as aging, wrinkles, and skin cancer. So, wearing sunscreen is critical. But makeup doesn’t allow wearing sunscreen.

That’s why your chances of getting protection from the sun become highly unlikely. 

Dermatologist Leslie Baumann said, “Makeup does not provide enough coverage.”

08. There is a Higher Chance of Getting Skin Cancer

What is the worst thing that can happen to your skin?

It’s cancer. There is considerable debate on this topic, whether it can give you cancer or not. It depends on the product.

Many brands make cheap products containing carcinogenic substances such as Lead, Silica, Arsenic, and tar.

These products are very harmful to the skin and can cause skin cancer which can be fatal.

09. You might Damage Your Eye

The skin around the eye is fragile, sensitive, and delicate. You need to understand that the makeup products and the ingredients used are very irritant to the eye.

 If any products such as eyeliner, powder, or mascara get in your eye, it will cause severe irritation in your eye.

 It can also lead to infection, and you may become permanently blind.

What can You Do to Avoid the Side Effects of Makeup?

  • Don’t wear makeup during a workout. It will clog your pores, and your skin won’t be able to breathe correctly.
  • Check your makeup product’s expiry date. Using expired makeup products can be very detrimental to your skin.
  • Buy a product that is suitable for your skin. Everyone has different skin types. Choose the right product according to your skin.
  • Moisturize your skin properly. Makeup can harm dry skin. It can cause eczema. 
  • Don’t forget to apply sunscreen. Makeup doesn’t provide enough layers or cover to your skin to be protected from the sun.
  • Keep your makeup tools clean. Any bacteria or viruses living on your tools can cause an infection on your skin, leading to severe problems.
  • Permanently remove your makeup while going to bed. If you don’t wash up your makeup before bedtime, you will be welcomed with wrinkles the following day.

Should you wear makeup every day?

The answer is NO. You should not wear makeup every day unless necessary.

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