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How to Convince your Parents to Let You Wear makeup?

Everyone’s misconception is that makeup is very harmful to the skin. For which my parents used to prevent me from wearing make-up.

I gave a lot of information to convince my parents. Experts are reassuring that the use of makeup often does not cause skin damage. 

Why I needed make-up and what would be the benefit if I did, then they gave me permission.

What I did to convince my parents?

1. Help Parents Work

If you want to make your parents happy, you have no choice but to help them. I used to help them at work for their happiness.

For which they would not say anything even if they did my wrong thing. And this is the perfect time to make any deposit.

2. Select Perfect Time for a Chat

I chose the perfect time to talk about makeup. I didn’t talk about make-up at the beginning. First I tried to understand their mind and I didn’t talk if they were in the mood off.

I waited until they were in a good mood. I got permission very easily because I talked when they were able to talk a long time.

How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Wear Makeup

3. Maintain Maturity

I had already arranged how to talk or what to say. I tried not to behave like kids. It is good to hear negative words in a very gentle way.

When I told Dad about makeup, I tried to speak in a very sweet and low voice.  It was important for me to get permission for make-up, so I did as much as I could.

4. Presented my Skin Problem

Hormonal changes in teenagers cause many skin problems. I had a variety of other problems on my skin, including acne and blackheads.

I felt bad when I met people and I felt very uneasy.  Makeup is not always to attract others. I explained my problems to my parents in a very nice way.

I told them I wanted to do makeup until my problem was solved. Because I knew they would never agree after I started applying makeup!

5. Makeup Helps to Boost Self-Confidence

Researchers say that “Makeup is self-confidence applied directly to the face.” Self-confidence at my age is very important.

Cannot take any decision without Confidence.

If I lost my confidence so I can’t win. So I think this makeup is an important thing for me. When I explained it nicely, they were extremely happy.

6. Makeup Sets me Apart from Others

Ordinary people think that girls wear make-up just to impress boys.

But is that really so?

There are different types of make-up depending on the age. Many people make mistakes in choosing makeup.

  • I think makeup will set me apart from everyone else.
  • Makeup is like a dress, hairstyle because makeup will set my personality apart.
  • How is my personality, who am I? These will take me further into the future, be it corporate life or anything else.

7. Reassured Parents

There are many types of harmful makeup available in the market. I can’t buy them by looking at advertisements or low prices.

Not harmful for my skin, and I will use makeup that suits my age.

I was relieved that:

  • I will always try to keep a natural look on my face.
  • My make-up will never put you in a shameful situation.
  • I will never put make-up on my skin for a long time.
  • I will take extra care along with the make-up.

8. Wait for Response

Parents love to give advice. So I listened to them patiently. Even if they don’t agree with anything, we have to remain silent. I did the same thing.

why won't my parents let me wear makeup

9. Accept Suggestion

If mom has a good idea about makeup, Then it must be accepted with interest. I listened to her carefully.

I also asked some questions to my mother. She was more than happy and also give me tips.

10. Deserve a Bit of Time Myself

The time when I will spend apply makeup of my skin is a time in the day where I can think about myself. I can think about my future.

Final Word

It’s really frustrating that you want to do makeup but your parents don’t give you permission. But everyone should respect their decision.

Although makeup has its disadvantages, it has some advantages. For this everyone loves to do makeup. If you want to convince your parents, you have to explain everything in this way.

I have been doing makeup since I was very young. Because I didn’t bother to convince my parents. Just have to apply the strategies.

Then you can  too get permission successfully. Just mind it “Self confidence is a super power. Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts happening.”

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