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What can You Use Instead of a Developer when Dying Your Hair?

One of the most exciting things for most people is to dye their hair in the house. It saves you money, and you choose whatever colors you want to put in your hair.

The only issue with this is figuring out what products you should use on your hair.

The one question most people have regarding the dye is whether it can be used without the developer.

Developers help the color to stick to your hair and, therefore, last longer. Here are some things you must remember when you are dying your hair.

The Volume of the Developer

As mentioned above, the developer makes the color stay in your hair. It opens up your hair shafts and ensures that whatever color you use will stick on for longer.

Dyeing your hair utilizing a developer means you can rock your dyed hair for around 3-4 weeks. Even with this, misusing the developer can fry your hair.

If you have processed your hair or dyed it before, it is recommended to use volume 20 or 10 for the dye.

Using anything above 40-volume should only be done by a professional if you do this on your own, you might end up ruining your hair to a state where it is not reversible.

How to Ensure Your Hair does not Get a Lot of Damage

One of the things you need to remember with dyes and developers is that your hair will get some damage either way.

Since it is a chemical process, you will notice breakage and more effects on your hair as the days go by.

The only way to ensure this is not so bad is your preparation for your hair and how you process it. Here are some of the things you can do.

  • One of the things you will notice about dyes in your hair is that they make it dry. Before you put in any treatment, ensure you take the time to moisturize the hair. It can be as simple as using coconut oil. Apply a generous amount to your hair and massage it the day before you dye it. To prevent it from getting everywhere, tie a satin bonnet on it when you go to bed. The oil will prevent the damaging dryness your hair might get.
  • If you want to have healthier hair before and after dyeing the hair, get treatment. Various treatments in the market are known to be very good for damaged hair. Use that before you dye the hair and a week after. It will ensure your hair does not break off badly. Another thing that might lead to your hair getting damaged is the processes you take it through before you dye it.
  • Do not use flat irons before dyeing your hair. Avoid using excessive heat, especially heat from flat irons on your hair. Heat damage makes your hair more brittle, and as such, you get even weaker hair that might not stand the dyeing process. If your hair has bad heat damage, you might want to hold off until the damage is gone.
  • Rinse with cold water after the process. One of the things you can do to reduce the damage your hair will have in the end is to finish your rinse with cold water people who have done it before have attested that they had minor damage to their hair at that home.

With the steps above, you can ensure that your hair will not have as much damage as it would in another situation. Most at-home dye boxes have these instructions n them, which shows that it works.

what can i use instead of hair developer

How to Process Your Hair Without Using a Developer

If you are set in your ways to dye your hair without a developer, worry not. There are other ways you can go about it. Some dyes are plant-based that do not need any developer in them.

They are semi-permanent dyes and will only last two weeks based on how often you wash your hair.

Here are some of the pros of these dyes:

  • They do not damage your hair.
  • They wash off fast, so you can change them often.
  • You can use them on processes hair.

Despite all these perks, they also have their downside. Learning about them will them you make a better decision.

  • They are found in darker shades, so you cannot use them if you want brighter colors.
  • They do not stay in for long, so you cannot use them if you want permanent colors.

Knowing about the effect developer has on your hair will help you be more careful. The one thing you learn as you go along is you do not have s to do it yourself. If unsure of the process, get a professional to help you. It might cost you a home, but it will be worth it in the end.

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