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Can I Put Blonde Hair Color on Already Bleached Hair?

Are you thinking of changing the color of your already bleached hair and probably going blonde? Then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will answer this and guide how to put blonde hair color on your bleached hair.

Hair bleaching is usually done to change the color of your hair, which may include changing it to blonde.

Bleaching can make you look like a new person with shiny and lighter-colored hair.

It is especially popular among people who want to achieve the extreme fashion style or young ladies looking for something brighter.

Does Bleaching Affect the Hair?

When hair is bleached too often, it will quickly get dry and highly damaged.

The hair strands in this state are prone to breakage, especially if they are exposed to an environment where the humidity is low.

If you still think of continuing with the bleaching process without giving your hair a rest or doing any hair repair treatments, then the chances are that your dreams can be shattered in no time.

So, Can You Put Blonde Hair Color on Bleached Hair?

If you have bleached your hair and want to change the color, the great idea is to ask yourself; if it’s convenient to put blonde hair color on bleached hair.

This way, you won’t waste your time, money, and effort on something that can’t be achieved.

If you notice any damage or dryness in your hair, you should consider taking a break from bleaching for some time. Hence the need to dye it in colorful colors.

Can I put golden blonde on bleached hair

How to Apply Blonde Color on Bleached Hair?

To achieve the blonde hair color, use a shade two or three levels lighter than your original hair color.

It’s best to do a strand test first and check how it turns out before making the final decision.

Be careful when applying bleach; don’t forget to wear gloves and apply vaseline around the hairline.

For bleached hair, it’s best to use Korean blonde color instead of American blonde color because Korean is much lighter and brighter.

Use a shampoo with blue dye in it. When you rinse your hair after applying the bleach, it will help reduce brassy orange tones that may appear in your bleached hair.

Things to Know Before Dying Your Bleached Hair Blonde

  • Bleaching your hair will weaken it and make it very easy to get damaged. So, if you want to dye bleached hair blonde, use a high-quality shampoo and conditioner and a hair mask once every week. There are dry shampoos for blondes that can also help reduce the oil from your scalp, so it’s a good idea to use one.
  • It is also essential to use heat protection spray and a deep conditioner every time before using a hair straightener or curler for your bleached hair. These products can help shield hair cuticles from damage and keep dryness at bay.
  • Also, wear an old t-shirt while dyeing your hair since the color can quickly get on your clothes.

How to Care for Bleached, Dyed Hair

  • Since bleaching makes your hair very weak, you should avoid using a shower cap or exposing it to sweaty or humid conditions.
  • Be sure not to use hair dye again until the strands are correctly repaired. You can condition them regularly and re-dye them with non-chemical hair dye once they reach the desired color.
  • Deep conditioning is one of the best ways to repair and achieve healthy hair. You can either do this by putting your wet hair in mayonnaise or using a deep conditioner that you can buy from any beauty store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I dye my bleached hair without using purple shampoo first?

To answer this question, let’s first explain a few things. When you bleach your hair, it will turn yellow or orange because of the damage that the bleach makes to the cuticles of your hair, which also causes dryness. As time goes by, the damage that has been made is not immediately noticeable. However, as time passes, the damage that has been made starts to show up between your roots and ends up leaving you with a brassy orange color. To counter this problem, it’s best to use a purple shampoo before dyeing your hair.

So how does this work?

When you color your hair using a dye, the pigment will contact your hair. However, it also leaves behind some traces of dye that doesn’t attach to the cuticles. This can look like dark spots, which is why you need to apply purple shampoo before coloring your blonde hair.

Q: Can I put blonde hair color on already bleached hair?

It is best to check what your hair color is. If it is lighter than yellow, you can try coloring your bleached hair without using a purple shampoo first. Of course, you have the option of using purple shampoo no matter what color your hair is. However, if you are trying to achieve a darker shade of blonde without using a purple shampoo, there is a big chance that your hair color will turn out patchy or appear slightly orange.

Can you put color over bleached hair

It’s also essential to note that when you dye your bleached hair blonde for the first time, it will be challenging to get the shade without any yellow undertones by using just one box of dye.

So, if you are dying your hair for the first time, it is best to use two boxes of dye.

This way, when you apply it to your bleached hair in a double process, there is a higher chance that the result will look more natural and cleaner.


You can dye your bleached hair blonde without using a purple shampoo first.

However, it’s best to try this when your hair is naturally lighter than yellow or if your hair color has been lifted to 6 shades lighter after bleaching. Be sure to check the condition of your hair before dying them too.

If they are significantly damaged, it’s best to use a purple shampoo before coloring your hair blonde.

If you are uncomfortable adding products to your hair, avoid dying them after bleaching them twice.

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