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What’s the Difference Between L’Oreal Casting and LOreal Excellence?

Hair color is a great way to change personality and look attractive. To color hair, many elements are used, like bleach powder, developer, and dye.

You will be surprised to know that hair dye contains over 5000 chemicals. For hair dyeing, L’Oreal is too famous in the hairstyle world.

L’oreal casting and L’Oreal excellence are both products belonging to L’OrealGroup. L’Oreal products are ammonia-free and give excellent quality hair color. 

Loreal Casting

For a quick makeover, semi-permanent creme gloss is perfect; loreal casting is one of them. It is an ammonia-free, super soft, glossy, long-lasting hair dye with over thirty shades.

The color tone doesn’t lose up to 6 weeks. It is a hair-friendly product that, in limited use, never damages hair. It is designed to change natural color to darker or brighten massively or according to color shades.

Being a semi-permanent hair color fundamentally never changes hair color or texture, so that this color will remove after time.

Loreal Excellence

It is a complete gray hair coverage solution not only but stubborn grays also. It has a Pro-Keratin complex, and the triple protection system saves hair color for eight weeks.

Its exclusive chemicals give hair a soft texture, shine, and tones. Loreal excellence is a mega package of nourished hair, multi-tonal color result, and care for the scalp & hair. 

Is Loreal castings permanent

The main differences between the L’Orealcasting and L’Oreal Excellence are below:

01. Lasting: L’Oreal excellence is longer-lasting than L’Oreal casting; it lasts up to eight weeks.

02. Ammonia: Loreal casting is ammonia-free, but excellence has ammonia. ● Color Type: L’oreal casting is semi-permanent, and L’Oreal excellence is permanent.

03. Color Treatment: L’Oreal casting has a post-color treatment. On the other hand, L’Oreal’s excellence includes pre-color treatment.

04. Application: Because of its consistency, L’Oreal’s excellence is easier to apply to the L’Oreal casting.

05. Color Range: The color range of L’Oreal castings is limited to L’Oreal excellence.

06. Physical Condition: Generally, L’Oreal excellence comes in gel versions, and casting is cream.

07. Shades: L’Oreal excellence has 42 color shades, and casting has slightly less than 30 shades.

08. Dream Blonde: L’Oreal casting is much better than excellence in achieving the user’s dream blonde color.

09. Covering Natural Hair: L’Oreal excellence is more effective than covering natural gray hair.

10. Ingredients: Loreal excellence chemical ingredients are Formula 1207240, Cetearyl Alcohol, Propylene Alcohol, Laureth-12, and Lauric Acid. On the other hand, Loreal casting contains Cetearyl Alcohol Deceth-3, Propylene Glycol, Lauric Acid, Polyquaternium-6, Glycol Distearate, Toluene, Resorcinol, Iron Oxide, and others.

If you damage your hair because of bleaching, use L’Oreal casting for post-dyeing treatment. It is a translucent gel dye solution. So for grey hair, it is a great option to gain luminous and shiny hair color. On the radar hand, L’Orealcasting is the more vibrant color.

Is L’Oreal excellence permanent?

Yes, a permanent hair dye ensures 100% grey hair coverage and long-lasting hair dye. It has Pro-Keratin, which makes long-lasting hair color firm.

What are the side effects of loreal hair color?

Loreal products have some undesirable chemicals which contain alcohol and other harsh elements responsible for dry hair. Rapid use of this element regularly damages hair, makes hair roots weak, and causes hair fall.

Does Loreal Casting & Excellence Washout?

L’oreal brands are always known for their long-lasting color and natural tone. After applying loreal casting or excellence, you could enjoy your color up to 28 shampoo washes.

Does Loreal Excellence cover grey hair

What are the Types of Hair Colors?

There are mainly four types of hair color available:

01. Semi-Permanent: Also known as gloss, it could change the tone, darkening or lightening natural hair. It lets up to eight shampoo washes.

02. Demi-Permanent: It is a less permanent hair color that lasts up to two weeks only.

03. Temporary: Temporary hair color finished by successive washes.

04. Permanent: It is a long-lasting hair color option that lasts up to eight weeks.

How to use Loreal Excellence?

Here is a brief discussion about using loreal excellence:

01. Use a pre-treatment cream to cover highlights using your finger.

02. Divide your hair into several narrow parts and apply loreal excellence

03. Leave it for a maximum of 40 minutes.

Afterward and rinse; never forget to use conditioner. It is better to buy one shade more than your targeted shade for better color.

Final Word

There is no considerable difference between these projects because L’Oreal Paris brands manufacture both. Both are permanent hair dyes and contain beat pigments.

Which one will you choose?

It is challenging, like selecting an iPhone from 12 and 12 pros Max. L’Orealcasting and L’Orealexcellence are both unique, and it’s your turn to choose one for you.

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