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Does Aussie Shampoo Make Your Hair Fall Out? Is Aussie safe?

Recently people have been claiming that using Aussie shampoo is causing hair fallout. People are discussing this specific topic on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and more.

Some people say that it’s a lie that the Aussie shampoo doesn’t make your hair fall out. Again some people are claiming it to be.

There is a substantial ongoing debate taking place on social media. So, let’s take a deep dive down to whether it makes your hair fall out or not and if it’s good for you or not.

Why Hair Fallout?

Hair fallout is the condition in which hair falls off your scalp.

Due to certain conditions, the hair follicles and roots become weak, which then snaps, causing hair fallout.

What Shampoo Makes Your Hair Fall Out?

Shampoos containing sulfur, Silicone, and Benzyl Alcohol can cause hair to fall out. Sulfur is present in many shampoos.

It’s a drying agent, and it washes out the natural oil from the scalp and hair. Silicone stays on your hair and weighs them down.

Benzyl Alcohol is a drying agent. All these that are present in shampoo can cause hair to fall out.

Is Aussie good for curls

What are the Products of Aussie Shampoos for Different Hair?

Aussies make a lot of products for different hair types.

However, since we are only focusing on shampoo so, let’s take a look at all the shampoos from Aussie for different hair types and problems-

For Damaged Hair- They have Mega Shampoo, Gentle Clean Shampoo, Nourish & Repair Giftset, Repair Miracle Shampoo, and SOS kiss of Life Shampoo.

For Colour Hair- They have only the Colour Mate Shampoo.

For Dry Hair- they have Miracle Moist Shampoo, Miracle Shine Shampoo, Beach Waves Shampoo, and SOS Save My Length Shampoo.

For Fine Hair- they have Aussome Volume Shampoo.

For Frizzy Hair- they have Calm The Frizz Shampoo and Scent – Sational Smooth Shampoo.

Do Aussie Shampoo Cause Hair Fallout?

As we knew earlier in this article, there is considerable debate about whether it causes hair to fall out.

This question is complicated because many users say it doesn’t, while others claim it does.

So, let’s take a look at it.

Aussie is a very respected brand. It is very budget-friendly, and over the years, it received many good reviews, and customers are happy with it.

But you must understand that Aussies started making products solely focused on straight hair. It is made in Australia and is based on Australian hair, which is straight.

Moreover, the ingredients they use are found in Australia, and they are suitable for their hair types.

But recently, they have started making products for curly hair, which is entirely different from straight hair.

Curly hair dries quicker than straight hair. Not all the ingredients are suitable for curly hair. That is why curly hair tends to fall out due to the effect of Aussie shampoo.

Aussie’s New Line-Up for Curly Hair

Aussie is a brand that specializes in straight hair care. But recently, they launched their “Miracle Curls” lineup for curly hair too.

The products include –

Miracle Curls Shampoo – This shampoo’s ingredients are coconut and jojoba seed oil, moisturizing the hair and removing all the dirt.

Miracle Curls Conditioner – It claims to keep hair moisturized and soft.

Miracle Curls Co-Wash – This product claims to be sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo.

3- Minute Miracle Curls Deep Conditioner – This claims to be a silicone-free conditioner. It is a deep conditioner.

Miracle Curls Mouse is a sulfate- Free product focused on styling the curls and adding volume to them.

Miracle Curls Leave-in Detangling Milk – It claims to be a sulfate-free curl detangler product.

Is Aussie conditioner safe

Why Does Aussie Shampoo Make Your Hair Fall Out?

Now Aussie uses many good natural ingredients for curly hair, such as coconut oil, castor oil, and jojoba seed oil.

They are great for hair. They can strengthen the hair and moisturize it and also keep the curls. But some products are not so well, such as alcohol.

Now alcohol is of different types, and some alcohol is perfect for your hair. Such as “Stearyl alcohol” and “Cetyl alcohol.”

They add strength and moisture to your hair. But “Benzyl alcohol” is terrible for curly hair. There are four types of curls.

They are type 1, type 2, type 3, and type 4.” Benzyl alcohol” is short-chain alcohol, and it is helpful to the type 1 & 2 curls because it has a faster drying effect.

But in the case of type 4 alcohol, it causes frizz.

Don’t Fall for the Product’s Name

Aussie claims that its product is sulfate and silicone-free. But in reality, they are not. Sulfate and silicon are harmful to any hair, whether straight or curly.

Now the question is why?

Sulfate is present in the Aussie Miracle Curls Co-Wash even though Aussie claims not to. Sulfate is present in this product in the form of sodium lauryl sulfate.

Sulfate is a potent drying agent. They build up on your hair and cause it to break down due to excessive dryness.

Also, sulfate washes out all the natural oils from the hair and scalp. Silicon is another product that tends to build upon your hair.

Silicones are water-insoluble.

That’s the reason why it is nearly impossible to wash out silicone from your hair. The silicon forms a layer on your hair and adds extra weight to your hair that can cause breakage and hair to fall.

It also ruins the style of the hair. The Miracle Curls Shampoo from Aussie contains silicon. 

That is how Aussie shampoo and other products can damage your hair and cause fallout.

In a Nutshell

So, should you avoid Aussie products? The answer is NO. Aussie is an excellent reputable brand that specializes in hair care. A lot of customers are satisfied with it.

Yes, their product is wrong for curly hair, but many curly women gave them positive feedback.

For example, the 3-Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner from Aussie can help wash out the build-up of silicon and sulfate.

Choose your Aussie product wisely according to your hair type. But yes, if you have strong curls, it’s better to explore other options.

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