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Is Bigen Hair Dye Safe For Natural Hair?

Bigen hair dye is a high-quality product that is designed to produce color in your hair.

This kind of hair product is used by people who want to change their old style into the new one or enhance their looks and feel more beautiful.

Bigen hair dye is formulated with unique ingredients that can make your hair look different and give you better shine, frizz protection, and thickness from the roots to ends with no damage.

Does Bigen Hair Dye Damage Your Hair?

Bigen hair dye does not damage your hair because it uses natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and proteins.

These ingredients are very effective in nourishing your hair fibers. You should know its usage is not recommended if you have thinning hair.

It will only add volume to your hair without any side effects.

If you experience a burning sensation while using this product for a prolonged period, you must stop using it until you recover completely.

Can Men Use Bigen Hair Dye?

Yes. Men can use the bigen hair dye to add highlights to their dark brown or black hair. They can use after shampooing but before the towel drying process.

The result may be a little messy if they apply it wet, and hence they should wait until it dries up entirely on their own.

Some users claim that the results are excellent when compared to other dyes.

Can I use bigen on natural hair

How Does Bigen Hair Dye Compare with Other Semi-permanent Colors?

The comparison between the two is the duration they last on your hair. Bigen hair dye lasts between 4 to 6 weeks, while semi-permanent colors last for 2 to 3 weeks.

Since the bigen paint works as an additive instead of a substitute, it does not get washed out as a permanent color.

As it is a natural ingredient, there are fewer chances of damaging the scalp, whereas permanent colors come with many chemicals. (https:/bigen-usa.com/pages/faq)

What Makes Bigen Hair Dye Unique?

Bigen product is among the top hair products, and it does not contain ammonia or metallic ingredients like other products.

In addition, bigen hair dye contains only good quality ingredients such as sodium perborate, Magnesium Stearate, fragrance, and Tartaric Acid. Dermatologists have tested it, and they recommend its use.

So, you do not need to worry about its safety for the skin since it’s a natural product.

Pros of Using the Bigen Hair Dye

01. Easy to Use

Bigen hair dye is easy to use since it takes a few minutes to apply and wash off. All you have to do is take it in hand, mix it well with your hands, and then use it to your hair strands.

After applying, you have to let it sit for a short time to absorb the color. Then rinse it thoroughly with water using your fingers.

Unlike other permanent colors, you need to put them under running water to remove all the dirt and debris.

But with this type of product, you have to wipe away the remaining residue with a towel to clean it after use.

02. Contains no Ammonia

The dye does not contain ammonia; thus, it has minor damage to your hair compared to other permanent colors that can damage your hair if not properly used.

Ammonia commonly causes hair damage to the user and can also have burning effects on the scalp.

03. Gives Your Hair a Smooth, Rich, and Natural Look

Bigen hair dye makes your hair look smooth and healthy since it gives it a natural shine.

In addition, it gives your hair a new attractive appearance as the color does not fade too fast.

04. Has no Harsh Odors

The product does not have very sensitive odors when being applied as it is created with high-quality ingredients, which make our products free of any offensive odor.

It also comes in various scents according to your convenience.

05. Gentle on the Skin

Bigen hair dye is so gentle on the skin since it does not produce any chemical or harmful fumes during the application making it suitable even for people who suffer from allergies.

Does bigen hair dye damage hair

Cons of Ysing the Bigen Hair Dye

01. Irritation

Bigen hair dye can have irritation effects on those who have sensitive skin. In addition, it can irritate the scalp making some people have rashes.

To avoid these side effects, you should always read the instructions before applying and follow them as prescribed by the manufacturer.

02. It can Cause Blindness

Bigen hair dye can lead to blindness if used on eyebrows and eyelashes since it causes severe eye problems.

If you are not sure whether your eyes can be affected, consult your doctor first before applying the product.

03. Respiratory Problems

It can cause severe breathing problems if inhaled by someone having respiratory issues such as asthma.

Make sure you are not allergic to the product before attempting to use it.

04. Staining clothes

When performing certain activities like swimming or doing sports, you may end up staining your clothes with the remnants of the product.

Therefore, it is best to wear apparel made from synthetic materials when using the product.


Bigen hair dye is one of those products that people use on any hair. It does not contain harsh chemicals, so it will leave your hair healthy and beautiful.

The product has a lot of benefits if used carefully. It is also a good choice if you are looking for something different in color and texture.

This product is highly recommended because it gives a fantastic look to your hair without having too many problems like other types of dyes do.

It is better to use than different permanent hair colors because it offers an easy application process that takes just minutes.

You should avoid touching your eyes and your nose to prevent some of the side effects that may be a result of using the product.

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