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Point of A Hairstyle that Almost Covers One Eyes?

The iconic hairstyle with almost one eye cover-up is known as “Peek A Boo.” Movie star Veronica Lake popularized this hairstyle during WW2 in the 1940s.

She also was very popular for her hairstyle, and many women followed her. It is an everyday hairstyle that is popular with both men and women.

This style is explosive, exciting, and pro-style. It is a common tendency for people to keep their hair from their eyes so that they can look clearly. But the main feature of the Peek-a-boo style is to cover up one eye.

If coving up one eye with hair is annoying, why do people apply peek-a-boo?

Let’s find out, ‘why do we apply a peek-a-boo hairstyle which almost covers one eye?’

The Point Of Having a Hairstyle That Covers One Eye

The main point for applying any hairstyle is to look sexy, carefree, modern, mysterious, and flattering.

The Points of Having Peek-a-Boo

Smart Looks: This is the main point of having this hairstyle. It is unique, attractive, and sexy. It gives them an extra vibe among the people around them.

Enhances Beauty: This hairstyle can boost natural beauty and makes them beautiful. During interviews, dating, and other informal parties, this hairstyle is best for the young generation.

Follow The Celebrity: Fans always want to be their favorite actor. Hollywood celebrities Debby Ryan, Hayley Williams, and Selena Gomez have this hairstyle.

Camouflage: This hairstyle is a built-in camouflage. In-camera, Movie, and other digital devices, this hairstyle gives people extra exclusive looks.

Hair Texture: These improve natural hair texture, are easy to maintain, and prevent hair splits. Being a natural texture, it only takes a few minutes to set it up completely.

Impress Others: Impressing to opposite sex becomes too easy by applying this hairstyle. Every hairstyle has some exclusive features, but this one is the best.

Fun & Experiment: Young generation is very fast-furious, trendy, and stylish. I always want something exceptional and different.

Low Maintenance: Young men are very busy and don’t have the proper time to look great. But this hairstyle can satisfy both needs for low maintenance and care to save money.

Look Younger: It is a very progressive hairstyle. After applying this to hair, people’s looks change significantly, and they look younger.

It covers one eye, widespread in modeling worlds and fiction to show themselves seductive and sexy.

By applying this, people can switch characters amazingly, like shy. Sometimes it’s called Magical Eye to create more prosaically.

Why do you think people use their hair to cover their eyes

Do Having One Eye Covered Effects on the Eye?

It may not directly affect the eye but must be in the brain. Scientists experimented with a cat. They covered cat eyes with foil for two years.

The result was horrible; when they removed the foil, they found that the cat’s eye was fully functional 100%, but the cat couldn’t see anything for a long time, covering one eye-brain affected and ignoring the eye signals lost vision power.

An executive member of Optometrists Association Australia, Andrew Hogan, says

If a young [person] has a fringe covering one eye all the time, that eye won’t see a lot of detail.


Tips for Protecting Eye

Being covered up for a long time, one eye Amblyopia occurs. According to eye specialists, the visual development period for people is seven years old, but it could also be affected later.

If your eye didn’t get the sunlight directly for an extended period of time, then your short-sightedness problem occurred.

If your eye didn’t get the sunlight directly for an extended time, then your short-sightedness problem occurred.

Do not cover up one look for a long time; use a hairband and free your vision. During coloring your hair, use it carefully if you do not teach with the eye.

Eye exposure is toxic for hair dyes and loss of sight. Regularly take care of your hair and clean them properly.

Do not use any chemicals; products choose natural ones.

Popular One Eye Covering Hairstyles

Nowadays, the one-eye-covering hairstyle is known as peek-a-boo or Emo bang. For many people, generally in the young generation, it creates an attractive personality because the hairstyle is nonverbal.

There are many types of this hairstyle.

Let’s Have a Look at Them

  • Peek-a-boo.
  • Anime Girl or Boy.
  • Lazy Eye.
  • Emo Bangs.
  • Sketch Hair.
  • Tomoko’s hair.
  • Busch Hair.

These are the most popular hairstyles that cover one eye.

Is it Really Attractive?

At popular question-answering platform girlsAskGuys.com, a user named king_patato (nickname) asks, “Do you find hair covering one eye attractive?

6 girls and 22 guys responded to this question.

Guys’ Opinion: Most guys give positive answers, but they didn’t mention that it annoys the blind in one eye. Daddyellfe’s username said that this has its mystical appeal.

Girl Opinion: An anonymous girl said that it is too impractical for him because, at the same time, she looks pretty and partially blind. JulieXO and LeeKenz didn’t support it; they said they were not fans of this style.

hair covering one eye girl

What is the Psychology Behind that?

The human brain is versatile for the same object; everybody has individual perceptions and views. To figure out the psychology to almost cover one eye is very hard.

This hairstyle people said that it helps to limit their hair vision for different annoying moving things. Another strong psychology is that this hairstyle is overrated to young celebrities on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and others.

Many Hollywood celebrities and music bands, star-like BTS, also promote this hairstyle. People use it to express their attitudes.

So, their fans and followers love to apply this hairstyle. For cooling looks, everybody promotes this hairstyle by promoting themselves. If you randomly pick a magazine, you will find a top picture with one eye almost covered.

Final Word

In a word, eye covering hair style’ is called by many names. For women, it is known as Peek-a-boo, and Emo for guys. It is a challenging hairstyle to cover up one eye and could damage eyesight.

However, these limited people almost cover up their eyes only to look sexy and exceptional. There are also many points that we have discussed at the top of this article.

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