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What Volume Developer To Use When Bleaching Your Hair?

The direct meaning of “Hair Bleaching” is “Hair Coloring or Dyeing.” According to the dictionary.

Hair bleaching is a chemical process that involves stripping the pigment (color) from hair strands, resulting in lighter hair color.

On the other hand, the developer uses hydrogen peroxide to lift our hair cuticle layer. Depending on the ratio of hydrogen peroxide, developers; are classified into five-volume types.

Volume Developer Types

As I mentioned before, the volume of developers depends on the ratio of hydrogen peroxide.

Let us have a look at them.

  • 1.5% peroxide = 5 volume.
  • 3% peroxide = 10 volume.
  • 6% peroxide = 20 volume.
  • 9% peroxide = 30 volume.
  • 12% peroxide = 40 volume.

5 volume is the light intensity developer, and 40 volume developers are the more robust for hair bleaching. Every volume developer has a different level of power to lift bleaching.

We will create a handy guide for you on the best way to use a developer for hair bleaching.

Right Developer for Hair Bleaching

There are many hair developers in the market. Choosing the right developer for the best color, saving money, and long hair for scalp damage.

There are many processes for selecting the right developer.

Chose developer by:

  • Degree of Bleaching.
  • Color Types.
  • Hair Type.
  • Hair Quality.

Let us explain this process to choose the right hair developer for you.

What volume should I use to bleach my hair

Choice Developer by the Degree Of Bleaching

The expert opinion is that for every 3% density of Hydrogen peroxide, 1 degree or level of color changed.

-No Lift and 5 Volume Developer

When you only won’t change the color but only brightness, then no lift or 5 is the best developer for you. It can only change 1 level, which keeps the same lightness level. It is a temporary bleaching process that activates for coloring fragile baby hairs.

-10 Volume Developer

It has almost the same bleaching process as five volumes. It is fast lifting and safe to use on your hair, root, and scalp when you want to add a darker shade without changing the level—for many toners and glazes used as default developers.

-20 Volume Developer

It is the most used developer in the beauty parlor and salon. When you need 2 – 4 levels of lift, it is the best choice for you. It also gives a good result for 100% white hair but is not used for toner or glaze booster.

-30 Volume Developer

It is more robust than 20 volume developers with 9% hydrogen peroxide. When you need a higher lift up to 6 levels, mix 30 volumes with bleach. Its strong lifting ability could cause frizz, dandruff, breakage, and dry hair problems. So please do not use it alone at home without experts.

-40 Volume Developer

For getting up to 8 levels of lift, you can use it with permanent hair color, giving a pro platinum blonde hair bleaching. It is more potent than 30 volume developers, so handle it properly with a hair specialist to protect your hair.

Because of the famous hand painting strategy from the past few years, 50-volumes and above developers invented. This developer only uses professionals for particular purposes.

Choice Developer by the Color Type

This method applies by considering what color you will mix with the developer.

According to the color type, you have to use lower to higher-volume developers.

  • Temporary Color: For bleaching 5 to 20 volumes, developers mixed with quick colors. You can also avoid developers for temporary color.
  • Permanent Color: 20 – 30 volume developer mixed with a bleaching agent.
  • Lightener Color: You need a solid volume developer ( 30 to 50 vol.) for the lighter color.

Choice Developer by the Hair Type

Hair bleaching has a significant dependency on your hair type. The final color varies by the different textures of your hair.

Before choosing a developer for bleaching, you should consider these rules.

  • Fine Hair: This hair easily achieves darker or brighter shades. Use 5 to 10 light-volume developers for this hair.
  • Normal Hair: Use mid-level volume developer (10 vol. To 2o vol.) for this common hair type.
  • Thick Hair: It is difficult to bleach this type of hair. So use a higher volume developer (30 vol. To 50 vol) for bleaching.

Hair Bleaching: Benefits of Hair Developer

There are different types of hair developers use for bleaching. Because of improper use, hair developers sometimes harm hair, but there are many practical benefits.

  • Its an active hair dye element during bleaching.
  • By opening the hair cuticle layers, the developer removes natural color.
  • Work as a booster of bleaching color and lift them.
  • Open hair cuticles to allow bleaching color to get in.
  • Increase the time of the final result.

How to Use Hair Developers Safely?

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful bleaching agent. So it is essential to use it properly not only for a good result but also for hair protection. Here are some tips for the safe use of hair volume developers.

  • Avoid applying it on the hair root and scalp.
  • Apply on unwashed, dry hair.
  • Deep condition your hair before and after applying it.
  • Please do not put it more than 20 minutes after finishing.
  • Apply on when the hair biome is dirty and oily.
  • Hardly follow recommended developer mixing rules.

On a final note, when bleaching hair, developers play a vital role. You should follow this lesson next time you bleach your hair. Strong hair volume developers are susceptible and dangerous; use them properly.

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