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How Can I Tell If A Hairstyle Suits Me Or Not? How I Decide?

Choosing a proper hairstyle plays a significant role in our looks and personality.

A good haircut makes an average person most attractive, but a bad haircut can make beautiful people unforgettable. According to a study, 88% of women reported that their hair controls their confidence.

American former first lady, political and candidate of American presidential election Hillary Clinton once said about hairstyle,

If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle.

Hillary Clinton

But choosing an appropriate hairstyle is too difficult because it depends on the shape of the face, hair color, and hair type.

A few years ago, I also suffered from this problem, but now I can easily find my best hairstyle using some tricks and online tools.

Let’s have a look at them.

How Do I Decide Any Hairstyle Suits Me Or Not?

Before applying any new hairstyle, I always try to ensure three things.

  • According to my face shape.
  • Am I comfortable with it or not?
  • After consulting with a hairstylist.

Hairstyle According To Face Shape Suits Women’s

There are generally six types of familiar faces men and women both have.

People’s face shapes are:

  1. Oval Shape.
  2. Long Shape.
  3. Square Shape.
  4. Round Shape.
  5. Diamond Shape.
  6. Heart-shaped.

There are many online tools for determining your face types. I am using faceshapeapp.com to assess my face.

Open the link and create an account, then upload your face picture. This app automatically will find your correct face shape and will also give you hairstyle suggestions.

How do I know what hairstyle is best for my face

01. Oval Shape

If you have a natural oval shape, then you are lucky. This face shape is fantastic, and it is known as a romantic shape because any hairstyle shit in this face.

It is better to apply Boy Cut; for medium hair, you can use Short Messy Curls, and for long hair, Short Layers are the best choice.

02. Long Shape

For looking lean, there are also many hairstyle styles possible in long face shapes. According to hairstyle experts, the best choice for long faces is Curls or Wavy hairstyles.

By looking your long face short and highlighting your eye, this style looks beautiful.

03. Square Shape

A sharp jawline is very odd to look attractive. So you have to be very concerned about choosing any hairstyle that can cover up your jawline.

Volume Curls or Rounded Bob for short hair and Long Curls for long hair are the best choices for square-shaped faces.

04. Round Shape

This is one of the most familiar faces of women; it has also had much versatility for hairstyle. The best look for this shape is to contour the cheeks.

Angular hairstyles like Layers Cut for short hair, Side-swept Long Bangs for medium hair, and Long Layer for long hair are best for round shapes.

Diamond Shape

Diamond faces are so versatile. You can choose a Short Crop to highlight your cheekbones and look fabulous.

You can also try Side Swept Bangs to create a softened angel with a face. To draw attention to your face, you can also try Pulled Back Style and Face Framing Layers.


Many popular romantic hairstyles have heart-shaped faces because they naturally have well-structured bones and eyes.

It is better to point your eyes and cheekbones and look sexy and attractive.

If you want a short hairstyle, apply the Side-swept Short Bangs style, Long Waves, and Shoulder Length. Bob is also beautiful for heart-shaped.

Hairstyle According To Face Shape Suits Men’s

Firstly, like women, find your face shape from faceshapeapp.com. Now enjoy a hairstyle that suits you. You can also use the “Find Your Face Shape” mobile app.

Oval Shape: Like women, oval-shaped men’s faces are ideal for installing any hairstyle. You can use every hairstyle, like Side Parted Short, Pushed Back Long, UnderCut, and Fringe Up, except Bangs.

Oblong Shape: For elliptic face types, all short and medium hairstyle suits properly. Your style must have the same length of hair on both sides and the top, which offsets the size of the face.

Square Shape: The massive prominent bone structure of the square face tight and short hairstyle (Faux Hawk, Slicked Back Side Part, and Crew Aka Buzz Cut ) suits this face type of man. You should not part down in the middle and apply a little volume up in the top to look more attractive and intelligent.

Round Shape: You can apply a square-shaped style with a round-shaped face. You Should try an off-center part and keep both sides shorter. You can also use Fringe Up, Undercut, Quiff, and Faux Hawk hairstyles.

Diamond Shape: Minimize your wide cheekbones with the layered and high-volume hairstyle. The best hairstyle for this shape is Long Hair Pushed Back, Quiff, Side Fringe, and Faux Hawk. Swept Bangs are also the best choice for Diamond shape faces.

Heart-shaped: For men, the heart shape resembles a Triangular face shape. Like others, it has many varieties. The hairstyle that reduces your forehead width is best. Side Parted, Fringe Up, and Side Fringe could be the best choice.

Suppose you are still not sure which hairstyle is best for you. There are 250 thousand of hair salons all over the United States. There are also many alternative ways to find the best one.

Ensure With Mobile Apps or Web Applications

To not suffer from a bad haircut. These mobile apps could be your best friend before going to the salon. This app has a ton of features for choosing appropriate hairstyles.

According to your face shape, this app will suggest your best hairstyle and virtual trail.

You have to upload your complete face picture or take one with a live camera, and the artificial intelligence analyzer will find the best one for you.

There are also many question-based web applications. Thehairstyletyler.com also has a web application. You can also use this one by just giving their question.

Using this app, I can determine the best hairstyle for myself, not your time.

Please do not take the suggestion seriously because every human has a different choice still, it’s in your hand to find the best one.

Tips and Tricks For Choosing the Right Hairstyle

Most of the time, people who want to hairstyle like the icon may be a Hollywood celebrity, soccer or basketball player, viral person on social media, or a neighbor next door. Still, most of the results were not accurate.

By following the given tips & tricks, you can’t find the answer to the most crucial question, “How Can I Tell If A Hairstyle Suits Me Or Not?

  • Experiment with some trending and new hairstyles.
  • According to the shape of my face.
  • Feel comfortable and accessible.
  • Based on my hair type and texture.
  • Considering my lifestyle and workplace.
  • Public comments and expressions.
  • Side Effect after applying.

Overall, it is impossible to get the 100% best hairstyle using the given tools, tips & tricks, but quite likely to find the best one. I have benefited from these things for a long time.

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