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Which Hairstyles Promote Healthy Hair Growth? (Long and Strong)

Nowadays, for the wrong hairstyle, lack of hair growth or hair loss is a common problem. The expert opinion is that healthy hair = longer hair.

Generally, on average, hair grows only half an inch monthly. Maintaining a hairstyle needs too many chemical products and tools, Which damage hair and prevent hair growth.

Many people are leaving hairstyling to escape this hair problem.

Do you know there are a handful of protective natural hairstyles that make your hair grow?

This hairstyle protects your hair from many hair problems, including pulling, tugging, breaking, and hair fall.

A protective hairstyle protects your hair from heat, manipulation, and environmental factor damage.

Best Protective Hairstyles for Hair Growth

There are a few collections of natural protective hairstyles for your hair growth. Before going for a new hairdo, you should consider your face types, hair types, hair length, and hair texture.

Protective styles are hair-friendly, which protect hair from summer’s extreme temperatures and the freezing of winter.

You do not have to use artificial methods, hairstyle tools, heavy clip-ins, chemical products, or accessories to apply this hairstyle.

Let’s have a quick look at them:

Cornrows Box Braids

It is one of the most popular, versatile, protective box braids hairstyles. It is easy to install for all hair types, including curly, wavy, Caucasian, and Asian.

Box braids are fun and experiment with; you can use extension color or colorless hair.

It is an entirely natural hair-friendly hairstyle with no chemical products and additional tools to apply.

You can also try “How to Apply Cornrows With Wet and Wavy Hair (A Step-By-Step Guide).”

Twisted Updo

It is a protective hairstyle twisted to the top, mainly for women it looks beautiful, elegant, and feminine.

Like cornrows, it is also a natural hairstyle because you do not need any clip-ins or pins to apply this hairstyle.

By nourishing your hair follicles, these hairstyles grow your hair faster.

Senegalese Twists

It is also known as “Rope Twists.” Natural hair is one of the most popular and versatile protective hairstyles.

By wrapping each other, two strands of hair finally create a twist. If you want, you can use hair extensions to protect your natural hair and look attractive.

Finally, present your style in various ways like a ponytail, free-flowing, or half up half down style.

Loose French Braid

These protective hairstyles are the safest. These braids are excellent, making hair grow sassy, youthful, feminine, and mesmerizing and giving you eyes off looks.

There are also many protective hairstyles for women, including Chignon Bun, Half Top Knot, Space Buns, and Low Messy Bun, promoting healthy hair growth.

Protective Hairstyles Promote Hair Growth (Male)

Protective hairstyle’s primary function is to minimize manipulation and keep your hair ends tucked away. This hairstyle helps our roots and hairline to grow appropriately.

Here are some protective hairstyles for men: 

Single Braids

To be natural, it is the best hairstyle for men. With proper care, this style can last up to two months. You can use hair-strengthening oil to keep your braids hydrated and healthy.

Be careful your hair must not be pulled from your scalp and not too tight.

Faded Twists

These twists look like box braids hairstyles. It is calm and easy to install for stylish men with curly, wavy hair. This hairstyle accelerated scalp blood flow accordingly and supported hair growth.

Its natural process helps to grow hair.

Box Braids

One of the oldest and most popular hairstyles for both men and women is box braids. It is a very time-consuming process, but after installation, you will get benefited.

Box braids are very helpful for hair growth and attractiveness. You can check out our article on box braids.

Big Afro With Curls

It is a very fantastic hairstyle; you look sexy and innocent at the same time. It is all-weather friendly; you can sleep with it and still be stylish in the morning.

This hairstyle allows cool air to your hair root and scalp and strengthens hair.

Natural Flowing Hair Down

This hairstyle makes your hair stronger and longer. It helps your hair to lay naturally and breathe properly with no experience of hair damage. This hairstyle proves that it helps your scalp and creates new hair follicles for growing hair.

Including these, there are also some awesome hairstyles for men like The Crew Cut, The Mop top, The Pompadour, The Quiff, and Skin Fade help for healthy hair growth.

Do Braiding Hairstyles Promote Hair Growth?

The answer to this most talkative question of the beauty world is “Yes,” a braiding hairstyle can promote hair growth. But it mostly depends on the application of this hairstyle.

Braiding helps to create a stable structure for hair to grow fast. Hair Transplant Doctor Graham Ramos said,

“Braid hairstyles cause the hair to be pulled slightly and the blood flow in the scalp is accelerated accordingly.”

Graham Ramos (Hair Transplant Doctor)

If you do not apply braids properly, it could threaten your hair and cause damage. Hair growth varies by different factors, but overall, braid supports hair growth.


Care For Protective Styles For Hair Growth

Without sacrificing hairstyle, a protective style keeps our hair strong and growing. It is essential to care for your protective hairstyle. Otherwise, it could be dangerous for your hair.

Here are some tips for taking care of protective hairstyles.

  • Protect it before going to sleep at night with a silk scarf.
  • Regularly wash your hair; for Wig hairstyles, skip these parts.
  • Before going to harsh temperatures, rain, snow, or wind, protect your hair.
  • Apply it properly and the proper process, especially for Box Braids.
  • To restore moisture and save your prone, use a leave-in conditioner.
  • It is better not to wear hair up always.
  • For getting touch-ups, your installed style refreshes your style every week.
  • It is better not to keep Box Braids for more than eight weeks.

Final Word

On the whole, mainly hair growth is genetic. But experts say protective hairstyles like box braids and twists promote healthy hair growth. The variety of hair for different people is not the same, so this hairstyle may not give a positive result to everyone. We hope the safest and most natural hairstyle is perfect for your hair growth.

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