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How to Apply Micro Loop Hair Extensions Yourself Easily

Discretion and long-lasting are amongst the reasons why most women are now purchasing micro loop hair extensions.

And apart from the fact that you can easily sleep while wearing them, they also seamlessly blend with different hair depending on the color chosen.

Even better, micro loop/ring hair extensions have become popular because they don’t rely on glue or tape to be attached to the weft of your hair extension to the scalp.

Hence resulting in a secure, non-damaging, and highly natural enduring look. The micro loops’ small size allows them to be hooked to areas that they previously could not be reached.

Of course, you are excited to start using micro loop hair extensions. And being that they are easy to apply or remove, that doesn’t mean everyone without little skills can apply them.

Fortunately, we’re making you an expert in using, adjusting, and maintaining micro hair extensions.

So, if you want to have a longer and fuller look that would last over several months, then you must follow the basic guidelines we have outlined below.

Best of luck!

Preparing for The Hair Extension

Preparation is the first step to applying for the micro loop hair extensions.

But how do you prepare?

Simple, consider the type of extension you would love to have.

Keep in mind that there are different types of extensions with different colors, textures, and lengths, among other distinguishing factors.

So you must check the availability of the specific micro loop hair extension you need.

Also, check if the ring is 100% genuine. Plus, you must decide on the length and color of the extension that would best suit your hair.

The extension ranges from black, dark black, dark brown, medium, and platinum blonde. So, choose the type of extension you want.

It would help if you also prepared different tools and equipment to apply for the micro loop extensions. Therefore, browse through the best hair accessories and tools like:

  • Brushes.
  • Combs and clips.
  • Micro rings and beads.
  • Special pliers for fixing hair extensions.

So, you must ensure you shop with confidence and research for high-quality accessories.

After you have ordered every tool and accessory you’ll need, you can now start the process of applying for micro hair extensions.

Applying Micro Hair Extensions

The steps below would guarantee an effectively applied extension. But, you should not worry if you make mistakes; you’ll be an expert with time.

01. Firstly off, ensure you have clean and dry hair– so, apply shampoo, condition your hair to straighten and untangle the root of your hair.

02. Pin the section covering your crown: ensure you vertically divide your Natural hair and clip the sections over your head.

03. With a comp, horizontally part of your back braids for a few inches above your neckline. You should then fasten the remaining hair and clip them out of the way. Still, comb through to remove any tangles.

04. Then, place your hair extension ring or loop on the end of the micro pliers and use the section hanging down at the back of your extension. Then feed the strand of your natural hair through the clear ring or loop (you can provide about 15 of your natural strand).

05. Pull the tab down end the ring to ultimately draw the hair through the loop while gripping the microbead towards your scalp. Move the attached loop section to one inch into the scalp so that the bonded stresses flawlessly flow.

06. Use the micro pliers to clamp or flatten the rings in the middle of the loop, ensuring it closes. However, you must avoid pressing the ring very hard as that may damage your hair.

07. You can pin the remaining hair tresses upward and repeat the previous proportioning or parting until your desired crown.

08. Unpin the side sections to remove any knots with a comb and sparingly apply the bundles. You may not need any side additions of the rinds if your natural hair is more than six inches. So, let go of your crown portion to falls over your micro hair extensions, thus hiding the attachment rings.

09. Comb your hair to blend the rooted and supplemental rocks.

10. Finally, it would help if you trimmed any disorderly strands to ensure a balanced and attractive look.

How to Adjust the Micro Bead Hair Extensions

If you’re wondering how you can increase the lifetime of your extension, then it’s simple. Ensure you monthly adjust to ensure you keep your hair flowing. So:

01. Ensure you always part your back locks over your first airy hair.

02. Once you have done that, pin your braids over your head, get hold of the extension under the clamp head, and press the micro pliers on the outer sides of the rings to turn it into an open circle.

03. Slide the ring and strip higher above your shaft and only stop when it’s a half-inch from your scalp.

04. You then must press and added strands inside the ring or loop/bead until the strand aligns with its top edge.

05. Finally, pleat the ring in the middle and firmly hold both ends with a micro plier to make it secure. Repeat the process after every month until you decide to change your hairstyle.

How to Maintain and Care for Your Micro Hair Extensions?

No matter the quality and how well your extensions are attached, you must ensure you maintain them if you want them to last longer.

Here are some the tips to help you maintain and care for your micro hair extensions:

Brush your Extension- Combing or brushing your hair is one of the most significant ways of ensuring a long-lasting extension.

Regularly brushing will help eliminate tangling and matting, which will lead to faster wearing of your hair. So, choose the best types of brushes that suit your pocket and brush your lock more often to remove knots and boost your shine.

Avoid Using Silicone- Based oil shampoos or conditioners close to the clamped beads. This would help prevent slippage. Therefore, you should treat your hair using your preferred thermal protection products or heat protectants before using dryers, curling, and flat irons. They would help prevent and guard you against heat damage that usually occurs after a long and frequent hot styling.

Avoid Swimming- You should avoid using hair extensions on pool water or any chlorinated water as they would damage your natural hair. Still, ensure you keep your hair off the water when either swimming or bathing.

Tie your Hair at the Back While Sleeping- Tying your hair back in a loose braid would help prevent tangles in case of any movement when you’re sleeping.

Be Keen to Avoid Damaging the Joints of The Extensions- you should avoid tying your hair back tightly on a ponytail. It’s not even safe for your natural hair as it may cause breakage and weaken the extensions’ joints. Also, using anti-dandruff shampoos and hot oils or head treatment products may cause potential damage to your extensions’ joints.

Removing the Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Just like when adjusting the micro loop extensions:

  • You have to remove the back layer while opening the first ring with micro pliers.
  • Then remove any added cells or segments on the extensions.
  • Then remove any added sections or parts on the wings.
  • Repeat the same process for every piece until you only remain with your rooted hair.

It’s advisable that you keep every bead and everything your remove with the extension.

This may help if you return the extension to your supplier; some suppliers would ask for them. So, package and packed into the return package.

It would be best to keep in mind that always ensure you start with the latest or fresh set of beads when you temporarily remove the extensions.

Its guarantees you long-lasting and adequately attached hair strands that won’t easily fall off.

Commonly Ask Questions

Q. Can I wash my hair extension? After how long?

This is one of the topics and questions that have received different opinions from several fashionistas or hairstylists. Despite what you have heard, the reality is that you should at least once, especially after extended wear. That should be about once after every 30 days. That if you wear your extensions every day.

Though your extensions have no scalp, there is nothing that would make them oily. But, you can wash your natural hair more often due to the accumulation of the oils from the root of the hair, making it greasy. But if you apply a lot of oily products, they may get greasy too. So consider a cleaning after some time.

Q. After how long should I replace my micro loop hair extensions?

The lifetime of your hair extension would depend on how you maintain them. However, most micro loop extensions would last for about 3-4 months. But you’ll have to check and reposition during maintenance.

Final Word

Getting micro loop hair extensions to fulfill your desired look can sometimes be very exciting. However, you must know how to apply and maintain them if they last longer or serve you well.

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