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Do Black Guys Like Curly or Straight Hair?

All over the world, hair has many textures and sizes. They are straight, pin/wavy, straight, curly, wavy curly, and kinky is the most common.

Naturally, most black people have Kinky hair, which is tightly curly or wavy. Most black guys like curly hairstyles.

There is some geological, cultural, historical, and scientific logic behind their belief.

American actress, singer, and television host Tracee Ellis Ross once said,

“I love my hair because it’s a reflection of my soul. It’s dense; it’s kinky, it’s soft, it’s textured, it’s difficult, it’s easy, and it’s fun. That’s why I love my hair.”

Tracee Ellis Ross

Guys with naturally curly hair are lucky because only 11% of people worldwide have them.

Which is Better, Curly Hair or Straight Hair?

Most black guys love curly hair. Stylecaster.com runs a campaign named “The Great Debate: Curly or Straight?”

They found that 58% of participants believe curly hair is sexier than straight hair.

Benefits of Kinky-Curly Hair Type

  • Looks healthy and confident.
  • Densest and more comprehensive hair look.
  • Protecting from sunlight and keeping the head’s scalp cool.
  • More protection from UV rays for being long, to density.
  • The best rock-and-roll style makes guys happy.
  • Easy to install iconic braiding hairstyles.
  • It is the center of attraction doesn’t matter if you are in-crowd.
  • Curly hair is considered heavenly in greed culture.
  • Easy to install any hairstyle always coll.

Curly hair is fantastic, don’t worry about the weather coming too hot or extremely cold; your hair and hairstyle don’t spoil.

Why is Curly Hair So Attractive to men

Why is Curly Hair So Attractive?

According to a report by DevaCurl, over 65% of the world’s population has wavy or curly hair. If you have naturally curly hair, you will wonder how curly hair people look most attractive to the opposite gender.

Hollywood celebrities Brody Jenner, Selena Gomez, Mika, Taylor Swift, Zac Posen, Rita Ora, Ariana Grande, and Sara Jessica Parker have naturally curly hair.

This information proved that the attractiveness of curly hair is unique. Many people believe that curly hair is a symbol of freedom in their culture and society.

The photogenic tangle of curly hair looks much better on television, in film, and in movies. Curly hair hides all kinds of damage like chemical damage, heat damage, breakage, dandruff, split end, and others, so on.

Experts have tried to find the reason behind curly hair’s attractiveness; it is spontaneous and unpredictable.

People with curly hair at a time look sexy and gentlemanly. The hairstyle variety of curly hair is a ton; you can easily install any hairstyle, including braids.

People with curly hair have a variety of looks on different days. For a different season, it is easy to take care of curly hair and style them with your choice.

Curly hair is enjoyable.

Why Do White Men Like Girls with Curly Hair?

A popular video on DevaCurl’s Youtube channel published Valentine’s Day 16 titled “Happy Valentine’s 2016 – Guys Who Love Curly Hair” guys give their opinion on why they love curly hair girls.

A white guy said that he loves wavy curls and morning curls. Another one said that girls with curly hair look very sexy, fantastic, and unique.

Women with curly hair are remarkable. White guys have a wildness about curly hair girls.

These girls look more oozed with confidence and personality than others. The versatility of curly hair is infinite.

Men have a natural tendency to run their fingers through a woman’s hair, and when the girls have curly hair, it is not easy to get fingers through it, but definitely, it is enormous fun to them.

Curly hair does not need higher maintenance, so girls can share their hair quickly straight hair girls do not.

Curly hair girls have many more options for a hairstyle like braids, Cornrow Braids, Long Side Braids, Waterfall Braids, Sock Bun, Messy Twists, The Fro Hawk, and The Scarf Pineapple for the variety of hairstyles white guys like them more.

Curly Hairstyles for Black Men

Black men with curly hair have a ton of hairstyles available for them.

The Main Challenge

A curly hairstyle is maintained to look good every day.

Most black men think the effort and maintenance are too for them, but there are many low-maintaining hairstyles for them.

Black Man Curly Hairstyle

  • Two Ponytails.
  • Short Natural Curls.
  • Super Short Afro.
  • Curly Mohawk Fade.
  • Long Curly Twists.
  • Long Top Short Sides.
  • Long Kinky Curls and others.
Why is straight Hair So Attractive to men

What are the Advantages of Having Curly Hair?

There was a time when people dreamed of having straight hair, but now the time has changed. Now people accept that curly hair is fantastic.

It is not an unrealistic thing. There are many reasons behind that. Curl hair is lovely if you can treat it in the right way.

The great advantage of curly hair is unlike other hair, curly hair keeps the hairstyle longer and better. Curl hair naturally looks voluminous, though, if you have less hair.

Naturally, Curl’s hair is drier than straight hair, so you can leave it for a long time without washing it. You may have dirty hair, but it still looks good.

Every curly hair look is unique and stylish, so you do not need to brush your hair regularly.

Curly hair is never dull, and it is super versatile. You can apply any hairstyle you want.

Installing accessories like ribbons, scarves, headbands, hats, beanies, or caps still looks fantastic. It is straightforward to notice if you are at any party or cultural and social programs.

Why do Black People Have Curly Hair?

There is plenty of diversity in human hair shape and texture – straight strands, soft weaves, tight ringlets, and thick afros.

It happened to chemistry, physics, and genetics to become black people’s curly hair. The two main components of hair are fiber and follicles.

It makes oval fiber with keratin distribution unevenly. The edges with more keratin fibers become inside of the Curl.

It seems like our human ancestors in Africa probably had curly hair. African people form the gene EDAR, a cell-signaling receptor gene.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, whole discussions that black people are happy with their curly hair.

The diversity of curled hair is enormous. Curly hair support some iconic hairstyle like Box Braids, which is a unique part of black people’s culture.

Genetically, historically, and cause of varsity African culture, black guys like curly hair more.

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