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How to Make Hair Curl Inwards Naturally? (Proven Method)

Do you know Bollywood celebrities Meghan Trainor, Elsa Hosk, Kat Von D, Zendaya, and Lorde have curly hair?

You will wonder to see that they all have curly hair inwards. British author and the pioneer of “The Curly Girl Movement” give her opinion about curly hair:

Curly girl: it’s more than just hair, it’s an attitude

Lorraine Massey

According to a study, more than 65% of people have curly or wavy hair.

Naturally, there are two curly hair types: the first one is curling inwards, and the other hand is bent backward. Having curly hair, boys or girls look more sexy, vibrant, and shiny.

The shape of the hair follicle controls the hair’s nature of being curly or straight. Round shape follicles cause straight and over-shaped hair follicles, which cause curly hair.

Curly hair curls in two ways:

  • Inward Curl Hair.
  • Outward Curl Hair.

Do You want Naturally Inward Curly Hair Like Pop Singer Taylor Swift?

To spice your personality and look at your curled hair significantly. If you do not have curly hair, you can convert your hair to curl inward using some natural process.

You do not need a heat-styling tool to curl your hair. Using heat iron, most people struggle with sweat, arm aches, and hair fall.

So there is some way to curl your hair inward naturally.

Make Curl Inwards Naturally by Using Brush.

Before going to the primary process, you should wash your hair correctly using shampoo and conditioner after wash dries your hair perfectly.

Remember to use a towel to dry your hair, which is a great natural way to curl hair. Curly hair is naturally a bit dryer, utterly straight hair.

Firstly, divide your hair up and down four or more sections. Select the left-most section, and you can pin up other selections separately.

Now Take a round-shaped brush using the brush to blow-dry over the Brush your hair. Following this process, you will get nice inward curl hair.

Secondly, you should have continuously applied the process to train up your hair inward towards to face.

Before going to the next section, blow dry the unit. After finishing one area, select the next one and report the previous process.

Finally, you have got beautiful, stylish inward curl hair naturally.

I have short hair to my neck and it always turns outwards.

Make Curl Hair Naturally by Using Satin Scarf

You should apply this process before going to your bed at night. Brush your hair correctly. It is an important step that lots of people skip.

Make sure you brush all parts of your hair and untangle it before curling.

Now try to part your hair and keep it at about two sections; this ratio looks good on most people. Give it more volume and avoid parting right in the middle. Now apply some oil or essence to your hair to reduce the damage.

I took the satin scarf (if you do not have a satin scarf, you can use any scarf, but it must be silk); it keeps your hair soft and shiny.

You are now splitting your hair on one side into two sections to twist the first section around the scarf.

Then add the second section into the twist and together everything around the scarf down. One, the first twist is complete. Then secure it with an elastic.

Once complete, coiling secures it with an elastic or hair clip and clips it with your head.

After completing the first repeat, the twist on the other side split into two section twists. Complete this section also by following the first section.

Now to coil both sections toward your face or inward, twist it around itself clockwise and secure it with a soft fabric scrunchie.

You have completed all processes now; go to bed for sleep. When you wake up in the morning, gently remove the scarf and elastics.

The result comes out, and enjoys your beautiful, stylish inward curly hair. You can now brush them and add hair oil to seal the deal.

In essence, The inwards curl looks natural and attractive. It is better to curl all sections in the same direction to look tight and glamorous.

Final Word

Curling your hair inwards can give you a natural and polished look. While there are many methods to achieve this style, there are a few proven methods that are effective and easy to do at home.

One of the most effective ways to curl your hair inwards is using a round brush and a blow dryer. Start by dividing your hair into sections and using the round brush to curl each section inward towards your face while blow-drying it. This will create a natural inward curl that will last all day.

Another method is to use hot rollers. This involves rolling your hair onto the hot rollers, leaving them in for a few minutes, and then removing them to reveal a natural inward curl.

Additionally, you can also use a curling iron to create inward curls. Use a medium-sized curling iron and curl your hair inwards towards your face, holding the curl for a few seconds before releasing it.

Regardless of your chosen method, use a heat protectant spray and do not apply too much heat to your hair. Overuse of heat can damage your hair, so take care of your locks.

Overall, curling your hair inwards naturally is a great way to switch up your hairstyle and give yourself a polished, put-together look. By following these proven methods and caring for your hair, you can achieve beautiful, inward curls that will last all day.

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