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How to Tone Pre-lighten BlONDE/PLATINUM Hair with Wella T-18?

The Wella T-18 is a popular toner among women toning their pre-lighten hair.

This article will explore the pre-lightening of hair, how the Wella T-18 works, how to apply it and answer some common questions regarding toners and pre-lighteners.

What is the Pre-lightening of Hair?

Pre-lightening of hair is a fancy word for “bleaching” of hair. Stylists all over the world use the term pre-lightening instead of bleaching nowadays.

It removes all the natural colors from your hair to lighten up your blonde hair.

You know “Elsa” from the movie Frozen, right?

Did you notice her iced-white hair?

That is what you get when you bleach your hair with a pre-lightener.

If you are looking to change your hair color or change the tone of your hair, you will have to apply a pre-lightener, remove all the natural colors from your hair, and apply dye or toner.

Pre-lighteners are never used without a second step(Dye or Toner).

Because it leaves you a dull and pale yellow look on your hair, although it suits some people, in most cases, only pre-lightening your hair is a bad idea.

What is Wella T-18 Toner, and How does it Work?

It is a hair toner. Now, you might ask how it works. To answer that, you need to understand that your natural hair is not very light blonde.

It has a lot of red and orange pigments, which do not make your hair look natural. That is why people bleach their hair to get rid of these pigments.

Well, bleach does remove all the natural pigments from your hair, but still, it cannot remove all the undertones from your hair. That is where a toner does the job.

Toner doesn’t remove the natural color from the hair, but it removes your hair’s undertones. That is why after applying the toner, you get natural light, ashy, platinum blonde.

The Wella T-18 toner is excellent. It gives you light, platinum natural blonde hair. It has received many good reviews from several customers, and it is highly recommended if you are looking for a light blonde color.

Can you use toner on pre bleached hair

Why should you Use the Wella T-18 Toner?

Nobody is born with the perfect blonde hair. Several problems include having red and orange pigments of hair that give you very ugly-looking undertones.

Also, some people have pale and bright yellow or golden blonde. The Wella T-18 gives you the perfect platinum blonde if you use it on pre-lighten hair.

Moreover, it is a lifesaver if your bleaching goes terribly. The Wella T-18 is a highly-rated product on Amazon with thousands of positive reviews.

Also, it gives you an incredible light blonde if you use it without bleaching your hair first.

How to Apply the Wella T-18 Toner?

You can apply the Wella T-18 toner with or without a pre-lightener on your hair. It is made to give an outstanding result with or without using a pre-lightener.

But I recommend using a pre-lightener before toning with the Wella T-18 toner.

The essentials you need to have for toning are-

  • Gloves.
  • A mixing bowl.
  • A grown.
  • Brushes.
  • Combs.
  • Hair clippers.
  • A pre-lightener.
  • Wella T-18 toner.
  • 20-volume developer.
  • Shampoo and conditioner.

After you have gathered all the essentials, now, let’s get in the process of applying your pre-lightener and the Wella T-18 toner.

Here are the following steps-

01. Pre-lighten Your Hair:

  • Mix your pre-lightener with a developer in a mixing bowl.
  • Use combs and brushes to apply it to your hair and distribute it eventually. Start with the apex of your hair. While applying at the roots, be careful of the product touching your scalp.
  • Cover it up and let it rest, depending on the instructions of the pre-lightening product.
  • Use a shampoo to wash it up and apply conditioner.

02. Apply the Wella T-18 Toner with a Developer:

  • Mix up the Wella T-18 toner with a developer in the mixing bowl.
  • Wear gloves and a gown.
  • Apply the mixture to your hair with a brush and comb.
  • Leave it for 20-30 minutes.
  • Rinse the hair with warm water and use a shampoo and conditioner.

Follow these steps to tone your hair with the Wella T-18 developer and get incredible results.

How To Get White Blonde Hair With Wella T18 Toner

Frequently asked questions

Q. What are the results of Wella T-18 toner without pre-lighting?

A. The results without pre-lighting are very light blonde.

Q. What are the results of Wella T-18 toner with pre-lighting?

A. The results with pre-lighting are platinum blonde.

Q. Is it necessary to use a pre-lightener before toning?

A. YES, if you need a super-rich blonde, you must bleach your hair first.

Q. How long should you leave the Wella T-18 toner?

A. About 25-30 minutes. But not more than recommended.

Q. Is it okay to mix the Wella T-18 with other toners?

A. YES, you can mix it up with the Wella T-11 toner.

Q. What is the best developer for the Wella T-18?

A. The developer most stylists recommend is the 20 Volume Developer.

Q. What is the best place to buy the Wella T-18 toner?

A. Amazon has the best deal for the Wella T-18 with a developer for USD 15.

Q. Is pre-lightening safe for your hair?

A. YES, it is safe. But make sure it doesn’t come in contact with your scalp.

Q. What type of toner is the best?

A. Every toner is good. It’s all about your preference. If you want a light blonde, use the Wella T-18 toner; for a dark blonde, use the Wella T-35 toner; for an ashy blonde, use the Wella T-11 toner.

Q. Why is a toner needed?

A. Toner is used to removing the unwanted under-tones from your hair.

Q. Is Ammonia-based toner safe?

A. YES, it is. It changes the color of the unwanted pigments of your hair. Choose the right toner according to your color preference.

Go Gentle with Your Hair

Toners are an excellent product for eliminating unwanted undertones from your hair, giving a natural rich blonde. But there are some precautions we need to take while applying it.

After applying your Wella T-18 toner with a pre-lightener, don’t use any product in your hair, including shampoos and conditioners.

Choose your toner according to your preference. It doesn’t have to be the Wella T-18 toner if it doesn’t fit your style. Different toners give your different results.

Experiment with other toners and see what you like the most.

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