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How to Mix Dark Red Mahogany Brown Hair Color- Easily

Dark red mahogany brown hair is a mix of dark brown and red colors. The Dark Brown color will make your face shine bright. It provides a natural look to your personality.

Red color has always been considered a symbol of power and courage, adding many colors to your personality.

Mixing those two colors makes dark red mahogany brown hair color, which enhances your character positively. The following article will help you achieve the best result.

Why Choose Dark Red Mahogany Brown Hair Mix

01. Dark red mahogany brown gives a trendy impression because it has mixed colors currently in fashion, i.e., black and orange-brown shades, beige base tones, and warm natural undertones.

This helps overcome common bad-looking aspects, especially on black hair.

02. You use the color on any hair type: thick, thin, long, or short. But when using this color with black hair, especially when you want to go blonde, it will look more natural than dark red mahogany brown with other colors except black.

03. Dark red mahogany brown mixed with different orange-brown shades give a specific impression because the shades are so sophisticated and stylish that people notice your hair in admiration.

04. The benefit of choosing this color is that it becomes easier to manage your hair. It doesn’t matter if you have straight or wavy hair because there is less work in styling them.

05. The Dark Red Mahogany Brown hair color can affect your face. Especially for people with dark skin tones, brown hair gives innocence, purity, soft expression, and romanticism. You get an angelic look without losing masculinity.

06. Black hairs get a bold and high-fashion style when dyed with mahogany brown hair. You can go for a straight or wavy hairstyle and make your appearance more interesting by adding highlights, ombre, or other techniques used to alter the natural shades of your hair.

Dark red mahogany brown is a dark shade type that gives a lot of depth and shine but is still subtle, suitable for the office workplace.

Steps on How to Mix Dark Red Mahogany Brown Hair

Step 1: Prepare to Apply the Dye

Before you start, wash your hair using shampoo to create a clean, dry surface for dyeing. Gather all the equipment and materials you’ll need to dye your hair. These include; gloves, towels, old clothes, plastic, dye brush, or tint applicator. You will also need shampoo and conditioner to wash out the color after application, plus aluminum foil and plastic bags.
In addition, work in a well-ventilated area, so you don’t suffer from fumes.

Step 2: Prepare the Color Blend

Mix a small amount of color with a dollop of cream developer in a non-metallic bowl until you get a smooth consistency. You can also use aluminum foil to wrap up your mixture for 15 minutes. This will give the dyeing time to release from the aluminum before applying it. Doing this will make application easier and decrease the chances of staining your skin.

Step 2: Apply the Mixture to Your Hair

Dip the brush into the dye solution. Part your hair and rub a nickel-sized dollop of color onto your roots, massaging it with the tips of your fingers to lift them. Or squeeze some into a tint brush and sweep it underneath sections to create a smooth base. If you want a deeper tone, pour half the tube into another tint bowl and mix as you apply to your whole head.

Apply the dye evenly across your hair from the back until you cover the entire length from root to end. Make sure to cover every strand. Do this step slowly and carefully to avoid messing the dye all over yourself or the floor!

Step 4: Wait for the Processing

Cover your hair using aluminum foil or plastic paper and sit for 30 to 45 minutes until the dye is semi-dry on your scalp. Then wrap your hair in a shower cap. This is done so that the iron from your scalp will not mix with the dye solution.

Step 5: Rinse your Hair with Warm Water

Wet your hair with lukewarm water and massage the mixture onto them so that it flows throughout all of them equally. Your head will start to turn vibrant color dark red here because the dye has not completely dried yet, so stay there for 10 or 20 minutes until you see that the dye is dried on the scalp.

Step 6: Rinse It Off and Wash Your Hair with Water and Shampoo

Wash the entire dyed area using shampoo to remove all dye from your hair. Use lukewarm water to rinse dye residue off your hair thoroughly until no visible dye is left on it. After that, use sulfate-free shampoo again to remove any chemicals that may still be in your hair after rinsing.

Step 7: Apply Conditioner and Style Your Hair

After saturation of shampoo and rinsing, apply conditioner on your wet hair and rinse well. Towel dry it, then comb through the strands using a wide-toothed comb for better results. You can now style or brush your hair as usual before thoroughly drying it under natural airflow conditions only. I hope you will enjoy the color.

Additionally, if you want to go darker, wait for your hair to be fully dry, then apply more dark red mahogany brown dye without using conditioner this time. Just shampoo and rinse your hair, as usual, to remove any chemical residue before drying it again under natural airflow conditions only.

But if you want to become lighter, use lemon juice or lighten the color by applying hydrogen peroxide instead at the last step.

How to Maintain the Hair After Dyeing

01. Avoid staying under direct sunlight for a prolonged period because the color will fade much faster when exposed to sun rays, especially when swimming in the pool or seawater.

The salt in the pool or seawater reacts with minerals in hard water to create chlorine gas, damaging hair cuticles.

02. Use sulfate-free or clarifying shampoo to cleanse your scalp ten days after applying chemical dyes. It will help reduce the chances of staining your hair follicles, especially when trying to go lighter with the red mahogany brown hair color.

Sulfate-free shampoo is to maintain a shiny and smooth look.

03. Do not apply conditioner-less shampoo on dyed hair because it can lighten up the color intensity, which is not what you intended to achieve.

Use regular shampoo, followed by conditioner if possible, or any silicone-based treatment that will return moisture into dyed strands only after rinsing off the first cleansing product used earlier.

04. If dying, apply light olive oil on the hair before bed. This can help keep dyed strands from drying out at night when you sleep and make them feel soft and smooth again.

05. Do not use hot water when shampooing or during the shower because it opens cuticles wide open, allowing dyes to soak deep inside the inner layers of your hair shaft.

This can be more difficult to remove later if exposed to only hot water for too long, like 20 minutes minimum during a shower session, especially when using hard water.

06. Avoid using boiling water when rinsing your hair because it can cause excess dryness even if you have extremely thick curly hair, which is less likely to burn from hot water exposure.

07. Use silicone-based treatment or deep conditioning products after dyeing with red mahogany brown color.

The chemical dye used earlier will need a barrier of protection on your hair before going out in harsh conditions.

Hygiene Tips

-Always wear gloves before starting the entire process.

-Prepare a clean towel just for this purpose, don’t use it with other aspects of your life, or you will transfer germs from one part of your body to another, which is very harmful, especially on the scalp area where most germs are found.

-Don’t forget to use a disposable stir stick, bowl, and tint brush so you won’t need any cleaning up afterward. It is perilous if your tint brush still contains some mixture after the process and you use it to style your hair all over again.

-Don’t forget to wear old clothes for this process since it can be very messy, especially on the hair or scalp area.

Common Mistakes That People Make When Dyeing Their Hair.

01. Using a dye or tint brush before cleaning it thoroughly after usage can transfer dye between your hair and scalp.

02. Not shaking the can enough before spraying it onto your hair can cause uneven distribution of color on the entire part of your head.

03. High heat settings can release fumes into your eyes or respiratory tract if you have asthma or any breathing disorder. High heat settings can also cause more damage and split ends on the hair strand.

04. Too much heat exposure from curling iron, and hot tools such as straighteners, tongs, etc., can damage your hair.

05. Skipping Shine serum application at the end, even though it is essential to protect against further environmental damage, especially for people who love swimming in pools or the beach often.

06. Using cheap shampoo or not taking good care of your hair after dyeing will cause dullness, dryness, and breakage sooner than expected.

This is due to the lack of moisture balance on the scalp, which is very harmful, especially if you don’t like dying your hair often.

Precautionary measures

01. You should shower using shampoo and conditioner first before applying the mixture to the hair so you can easily clean your hair and remove any excess product left behind.

02. some people might be allergic to certain ingredients used in their particular brand of tint or dye. It is advisable to do a patch test first to avoid unwanted side effects, especially when mixing two colors.

03. Don’t forget to wear old clothes for this process since it can be very messy, especially on the hair or scalp area.

04. If you have sensitive skin, ask your dermatologist whether you are allergic to iodine. If yes, then mix iodine-free dark red mahogany hair dye mixture instead.

05. Use a tint brush or cotton ball to apply the dye mixture carefully and well blended on the hair. Avoid overlapping near the scalp since it can be susceptible, causing irritation and itchiness if not correctly used.

06. Never forget to use protection like a shower cap or cling film while waiting to prevent stains on the scalp.

07. You should always use gloves when applying the mixture to your hair or scalp since it is made from chemicals that can irritate your skin.

08. Remember to wash the tint brush after use. Store the brushes in a dry place until you need them again for your subsequent use. They can get spoiled due to bacteria growth if not handled properly.

09. Finally, remember that these procedures are just suggested for home treatment. It all depends on your discretion whether you want to follow this simple instruction or go straight to a professional salon instead. Many people opt for this method as well, depending on their situation and preference.

  • A mix of dark red and mahogany brown can create a unique and vibrant hair color that stands out.
  • Mahogany brown can add warmth to the hair, while dark red can add depth and richness.
  • The color can look great on various skin tones, especially those with warm or neutral undertones.
  • Combining the two colors can help create a multidimensional look to the hair.
  • Depending on the starting hair color, achieving this mix of colors may require bleaching or other harsh chemical treatments, which can damage the hair.
  • The color may fade quickly, especially if the hair is washed frequently or exposed to sunlight.
  • Maintaining the color may require more frequent salon visits or touch-ups at home, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

Summing Up

Hair color is essential. The hair color determines how attractive you look. Changing your hair color often can help change your appearance and make you more confident and beautiful. There are different ways to get your desired hair color. The above color is one of them. Using the DIY (do it yourself) method takes only 5% cost instead of visiting the salon regularly for expensive charges.

You need to buy cosmetic colors available at any pharmacy store or beauty supply store in the form of creams, gels, sprays, and other conditions. But be careful on choosing shade because the incorrect choice will leave you bad looking than before applying. Now that you know the complete process, head to your local beauty supply store, purchase these products, and do it yourself!

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